Canon patents granted on 02 June 2015

70 US patents granted on 02 June 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,049,599 Information processing apparatus equipped with wireless communication function, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
2 9,049,587 Communication apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium
3 9,049,495 Information processing system, information processing apparatus, control method of these, and storage medium
4 9,049,453 Image encoding apparatus and method based on intensity of edge information
5 9,049,442 Moving image encoding apparatus and method for controlling the same
6 9,049,404 Image processing apparatus and method that perform multiple image processes, and storage medium storing a program thereof, for decompressing a compressed image according to first and second information indicating image processing to be performed
7 9,049,400 Image processing apparatus, and image processing method and program
8 9,049,389 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
9 9,049,382 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
10 9,049,380 Image processing apparatus for generating an image having an expanded dynamic range and method thereof, and image capture apparatus
11 9,049,365 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
12 9,049,361 Illumination device capable of having optical accessory attached forward of light emission section thereof, image pickup system, film holder, light emission control device, and light emission control method
13 9,049,356 Image processing method, image processing apparatus and image processing program
14 9,049,350 Imaging apparatus that transmits media data to reception apparatus, method of processing information, and storage medium
15 9,049,332 Management apparatus, management method and network system
16 9,049,322 Information processing apparatus, control method, and information processing system for performing wireless communication
17 9,049,321 Image forming apparatus in which time taken to return from sleep state is reduced, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
18 9,049,319 Image communication apparatus wirelessly connectable to other apparatuses, system having the image communication apparatus, and method for controlling the same
19 9,049,313 Image forming apparatus that controls image formation condition
20 9,048,835 Power supply and image forming apparatus
21 9,048,760 Driving unit of vibration-type actuator
22 9,048,739 Power supply device and image forming apparatus
23 9,048,155 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using the same
24 9,048,154 Radiation imaging apparatus and imaging system
25 9,048,152 Image pickup apparatus and focus detection method
26 9,048,058 Radiation generating tube and radiation generating apparatus using the same
27 9,047,573 Apparatus, method, and medium for determining executability of process definition tickets in an image forming apparatus
28 9,047,555 Image processing apparatus and method
29 9,047,456 System and method for controlling access to a resource
30 9,047,036 Display apparatus, print control method, and program
31 9,047,032 Information processing apparatus and method, and control program
32 9,046,871 Process cartridge, main cartridge, sub cartridge, and image forming apparatus
33 9,046,861 Image-forming apparatus
34 9,046,860 Coupling part, photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
35 9,046,859 Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus
36 9,046,847 Recording material detection apparatus and image forming apparatus
37 9,046,840 Image heating apparatus having pressing mechanism configured to press a first unit toward a second unit
38 9,046,827 Belt driving apparatus and image forming apparatus
39 9,046,823 Developer accommodating container and process cartridge
40 9,046,820 Sealing member, toner accommodating container and image forming apparatus
41 9,046,814 Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
42 9,046,809 Image forming apparatus
43 9,046,807 Surface emitting laser
44 9,046,800 Magnetic carrier
45 9,046,797 Process for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
46 9,046,793 Light transmissive mold and apparatus for imprinting a pattern onto a material applied on a semiconductor workpiece and related methods
47 9,046,676 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
48 9,046,617 Radiation imaging apparatus
49 9,046,467 X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
50 9,046,466 X-ray imaging apparatus
51 9,046,355 Measuring apparatus, measuring method, and program
52 9,045,680 Iridium complex, organic light-emitting device, and image display apparatus
53 9,045,660 Ink set and ink jet recording method
54 9,045,510 Iridium complex, organic light-emitting device, and image display apparatus
55 9,044,987 Recording medium
56 9,044,979 Inkjet recording apparatus
57 9,044,973 Sheet conveying apparatus and printing apparatus
58 9,044,952 Recording apparatus and recording system
59 9,044,948 Liquid discharge head substrate, liquid discharge head, and method of manufacturing liquid discharge head substrate
60 9,044,947 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
61 9,044,944 Liquid discharge head and method of making the same
62 9,044,935 Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
63 9,044,932 Image recording method
64 9,044,860 Control method of robot apparatus and robot apparatus
65 9,044,858 Target object gripping apparatus, method for controlling the same and storage medium
66 9,044,748 Cartridge
67 9,044,174 Adaptive optics apparatus, adaptive optics method, and imaging apparatus
68 9,044,168 Ophthalmologic apparatus
69 9,044,167 Image processing device, imaging system, image processing method, and program for causing computer to perform image processing
70 9,044,165 Optical tomographic imaging method and optical tomographic imaging apparatus