Canon patents granted on 02 May 2006

54 US patents granted on 02 May 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,039,876 User interface for image acquisition devices
2 7,039,675 Data communication control apparatus and method adapted to control distribution of data corresponding to various types of a plurality of terminals
3 7,039,588 Synthesis unit selection apparatus and method, and storage medium
4 7,039,558 Charge process upon effecting predetermined process by using plural data processing apparatus, and data processing apparatus used therefor
5 7,039,351 Transfer member and image forming apparatus using the same
6 7,039,347 Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
7 7,039,344 Developing apparatus including first and second developer chambers and feeding member disposed in the second developer chamber for regulating a developer level
8 7,039,339 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
9 7,039,338 Sealing member for sealing magnetic particles and developing apparatus using the sealing member
10 7,039,337 Image forming apparatus
11 7,039,336 Fixing device and image forming apparatus
12 7,039,310 Viewfinder display apparatus
13 7,039,303 Heating method, heating apparatus, and production method of image display apparatus
14 7,039,287 Display element, image observation system having display element, and image projection system
15 7,039,257 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
16 7,039,233 Pattern recognition apparatus for detecting predetermined pattern contained in input signal
17 7,039,151 Radiographic image processing method and radiation imaging device
18 7,039,120 Device and method for the dynamic allocation of frequencies for multicarrier modulation systems
19 7,039,077 Optical wavelength converting apparatus, and optical wavelength converting method
20 7,038,859 Lens barrel and imaging device
21 7,038,834 Optical deflector and method of producing same
22 7,038,826 Movable micro-body
23 7,038,815 Image processing apparatus and its method, and image processing system and its control method
24 7,038,813 Image communication apparatus
25 7,038,811 Standardized device characterization
26 7,038,810 Image processing method and apparatus, image processing system, and storage medium
27 7,038,795 Image input/output apparatus, method of controlling image input/output apparatus, image input/output system, and storage media
28 7,038,759 Exposure apparatus
29 7,038,736 Moving image processing apparatus and method, and computer readable memory
30 7,038,724 Image pickup apparatus, method, and storage medium for displaying, compressing, and encoding image data
31 7,038,722 Optical imaging system for suppressing the generation of red-toned ghosting particularly when there is background light
32 7,038,719 Image sensing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium, and program
33 7,038,718 Image pickup apparatus having controlled start-up
34 7,038,707 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
35 7,038,699 Image processing apparatus and method with setting of prohibited region and generation of computer graphics data based on prohibited region and first or second position/orientation
36 7,038,555 Printed wiring board for controlling signal transmission using paired inductance and capacitance
37 7,038,404 Image forming apparatus
38 7,038,371 Image forming apparatus
39 7,038,226 Electrooptic system array, charged-particle beam exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
40 7,038,215 Photoelectric conversion device, radiation detection apparatus, image processing system and driving method thereof
41 7,038,178 Image heating apparatus of electromagnetic induction heating type
42 7,037,996 Composition containing polymer having ionic functional group, ink composition, and image-forming method and image-forming apparatus employing the ink composition
43 7,037,312 Insertion device for deformable intraocular lens
44 7,037,158 Method for manufacturing an electron source substrate
45 7,037,008 Printing apparatus, printing control method, and program for implementing the method
46 7,036,921 Sheet conveying method, sheet attracting conveying apparatus and recording apparatus
47 7,036,915 Composition for forming piezoelectric film, producing method for piezoelectric film, piezoelectric element and ink jet recording head
48 7,036,910 Liquid ejection head, recording apparatus having same and manufacturing method therefor
49 7,036,909 Liquid ejection head
50 7,036,902 Printing apparatus
51 7,036,899 Printing apparatus and printhead control method
52 7,036,815 Sheet material conveying apparatus, recording apparatus and recording system
53 7,036,737 Image forming apparatus
54 D520,042 Binoculars