Canon patents granted on 02 November 2010

40 US patents granted on 02 November 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,827,575 TV apparatus, its control method, network TV system and computer program
2 7,827,553 Registering processing flow in accordance with user parameter
3 7,827,493 Data processing apparatus, data processing method of data processing apparatus, and computer-readable memory medium storing program therein
4 7,827,482 Data-edit apparatus for editing data by using data transmitted from server and transmitting edited data via network, program used therefor, and data-edit method
5 7,827,235 Service providing system, service providing method, and program of the same
6 7,827,220 Image log recording system, control method therefor, and storage medium storing a control program therefor, that store image logs and control transfer settings for transmitting image logs to an image processing server
7 7,827,158 Information processing apparatus, content processing method, storage medium, and program
8 7,826,773 Image forming apparatus performing selective driving force transmission to mounted process cartridges
9 7,826,772 Image forming apparatus using color toner and transparent toner
10 7,826,762 Image forming apparatus with toner fusion preventing feature for preventing toner fusion between recording sheets
11 7,826,761 Image forming system and maintenance execution program
12 7,826,758 Image forming apparatus
13 7,826,757 Image forming apparatus
14 7,826,659 Image processing apparatus and method, computer program, and storage medium dividing an input image into band images
15 7,826,639 Method for displaying an identified region together with an image, program executable in a computer apparatus, and imaging apparatus
16 7,826,591 X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
17 7,826,147 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus
18 7,826,103 Printing system, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, control methods thereof, and program
19 7,826,084 Output control apparatus, output control system, output control method, computer-readable recording medium and computer program for communicating with a plurality of printing apparatuses
20 7,826,083 Management of multiple page description languages
21 7,826,080 Print system, print method, information processing apparatus and method of controlling the information processing apparatus
22 7,826,044 Measurement method and apparatus, and exposure apparatus
23 7,826,042 Recognition chip for target substance, and detection method and device for the same
24 7,826,036 Scanning exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
25 7,825,987 Information processor, TV system, control method and program
26 7,825,983 Image pickup apparatus having a frame
27 7,825,979 Display control apparatus and display control method
28 7,825,974 Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
29 7,825,961 Recording apparatus and method for recording image data on a removable recording medium having plural partitions
30 7,825,947 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
31 7,825,939 Image reproducing method and image reproducing apparatus
32 7,825,357 Power supply, image forming apparatus, and electric current supply method
33 7,824,560 Manufacturing method for ink jet recording head chip, and manufacturing method for ink jet recording head
34 7,824,497 Apparatus for manufacturing magnetic recording disk, and in-line type substrate processing apparatus
35 7,824,018 Image forming apparatus, market support system, control method and program
36 7,824,014 Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
37 7,824,009 Liquid ejection head
38 7,823,999 Recording apparatus and method for controlling the recording apparatus
39 7,823,875 Sheet feeding device, and image forming device
40 7,823,867 Sheet conveying apparatus and book binding apparatus