Canon patents granted on 03 April 2012

100 US patents granted on 03 April 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,151,316 Synchronizing visual cues to multimedia presentation
2 8,151,307 Operation reproducing method, operation reproducing apparatus and system
3 8,150,980 Communication apparatus and method thereof that determine communication partner for performing automatic setting process of communication parameter
4 8,150,799 Document management apparatus, document management method and computer readable storage medium
5 8,150,449 Wireless communication device
6 8,150,310 Setting method of communication parameters, communicating apparatus, control method of communicating apparatus, and program
7 8,150,307 Cleaning apparatus having a feeding member and a driving mechanism and image forming apparatus using same
8 8,150,301 Developing apparatus
9 8,150,300 Method for manufacturing mold and blade for electrophotographic apparatus, and developer amount controlling blade
10 8,150,296 Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus with manually-operated unit
11 8,150,293 Image forming apparatus
12 8,150,284 Image forming apparatus and method for controlling image forming apparatus
13 8,150,282 Toner adhesion amount measuring apparatus, and toner adhesion amount measuring method
14 8,150,281 Image forming apparatus
15 8,150,280 Image forming system
16 8,150,254 Image pickup system having ranging function
17 8,150,252 Imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus control method
18 8,150,250 Camera body and camera system including the same
19 8,150,243 Heating process apparatus
20 8,150,193 Generating an erosion image utilizing parallel pixel processing
21 8,150,185 Image processing for generating a thin line binary image and extracting vectors
22 8,150,147 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program, and storage medium
23 8,149,987 Radiation imaging apparatus and control method for the same
24 8,149,892 Structure having photonic crystal and surface-emitting laser
25 8,149,800 Communication method, control station, and communication apparatus
26 8,149,524 Optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
27 8,149,521 Lens apparatus and imaging apparatus
28 8,149,518 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
29 8,149,516 Zoom lens with high optical performance throughout entire zoom range and image pickup apparatus having the same
30 8,149,515 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus with the same
31 8,149,480 Image forming apparatus and method for calibration scheduling based on hour-by-hour and day-of-week use frequency
32 8,149,478 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling same
33 8,149,477 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
34 8,149,473 Image reading apparatus
35 8,149,472 Image-scanning system, method of controlling image-scanning system, and computer readable medium therefor
36 8,149,470 Image processing apparatus adapted to determine a number of computing units to be allocated to image processing, and corresponding control method, program, and storage medium
37 8,149,469 Image reading apparatus and image reading method
38 8,149,463 Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus and method thereof, which create and use a halftone screen
39 8,149,456 Color processing method and image forming apparatus for creating a color separation table
40 8,149,450 Document management system, document management method, and storage medium
41 8,149,443 Image forming apparatus and analysis method
42 8,149,440 Information processing method and system
43 8,149,435 Information processing apparatus, printing system, and control method therefor
44 8,149,433 Image forming apparatus and control method for image forming apparatus
45 8,149,432 Information processing apparatus, method, and recording medium storing program for modifying print instructions
46 8,149,430 Dual-head or hybrid print driver supporting XPS and GDI print paths without performing data conversion between XPS to EMF or vice versa
47 8,149,423 Position detection apparatus, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
48 8,149,410 Detecting device, detecting unit substrate, detecting unit, detecting unit kit and detecting method
49 8,149,386 Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus using the same and device manufacturing method
50 8,149,385 Alignment unit and exposure apparatus
51 8,149,380 Exposure apparatus and correction apparatus
52 8,149,378 Cleaning apparatus for exposure apparatus and exposure apparatus
53 8,149,360 Projection image display apparatus
54 8,149,324 Phase difference detection device, imaging apparatus, phase difference detection method
55 8,149,320 Shooting optical system
56 8,149,318 Reproducing apparatus, image data reproducing method, program, and storage medium
57 8,149,314 Image capturing apparatus having display control of information and frames on displayed images and display control method
58 8,149,291 Image capture apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
59 8,149,286 Image sensing apparatus and control method for same, and information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and print data generation method, using correlation information recorded as attribute information of image data of frame
60 8,149,258 Image forming apparatus and control method
61 8,149,246 Digital document editing method, digital document editing program and digital document editing apparatus
62 8,148,945 Device provided with power supply circuit
63 8,148,893 Substrate for organic electroluminescence device and method of producing the same
64 8,148,888 Electron emitting device, and electron beam device and image display apparatus including the same
65 8,148,721 Bottom gate type thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus
66 8,148,543 Organic semiconductor material and organic thin-film transistor
67 8,148,275 Method for forming dielectric films
68 8,148,153 Substrate for cell culture, producing method thereof and screening method for cell culture conditions utilizing the same
69 8,148,140 Target substance detecting element, target substance detecting apparatus, and target substance detecting method
70 8,148,073 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
71 8,148,063 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
72 8,148,049 Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method of the same
73 8,147,988 Platinum complex and organic light-emitting element using same
74 8,147,924 Apparatus for manufacturing magnetic recording disk, and in-line type substrate processing apparatus
75 8,147,903 Circuit pattern forming method, circuit pattern forming device and printed circuit board
76 8,147,664 Sputtering apparatus
77 8,147,242 Substrate supporting/transferring tray
78 8,147,157 Recording apparatus
79 8,147,152 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
80 8,147,148 Lens-interchangeable camera body and camera system capable of changing communication method with selected shooting mode
81 8,147,132 Freezing detection method for fuel cell
82 8,147,078 Illumination apparatus and image pickup apparatus
83 8,147,064 Fundus camera
84 8,147,060 Ink jet printing apparatus and method
85 8,147,058 Inkjet recording apparatus
86 8,147,056 Ink-jet recording apparatus preventing recording surface of recording medium and paper discharge roller from contamination
87 8,147,048 Ink jet recording cartridge
88 8,147,045 Liquid applicator and liquid supply method to be used in liquid applicator
89 8,147,039 Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
90 8,147,036 Polyfunctional epoxy compound, epoxy resin, cationic photopolymerizable epoxy resin composition, micro structured member, producing method therefor and liquid discharge head
91 8,147,034 Liquid discharge recording head and recording apparatus
92 8,147,027 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
93 8,147,019 Adjustment method of printing positions, a printing apparatus and a printing system
94 8,146,917 Conveying device with roller separating unit
95 8,146,916 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
96 8,146,907 Sheet processing apparatus with improved productivity, image forming system and image forming apparatus
97 8,146,904 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
98 8,146,815 Bar code generator
99 8,146,586 Liquid ejection cartridge and liquid ejection device
100 8,146,529 Liquid application apparatus and printing apparatus