Canon patents granted on 03 February 2015

110 US patents granted on 03 February 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 RE45,358 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, mask generation method, and mask pattern
2 8,949,816 Firmware updating method, image forming apparatus, and storage medium
3 8,949,748 Recording medium recording program for generating mask data, method for manufacturing mask, and exposure method
4 8,949,641 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling information processing apparatus restoration order of images that reduces the waiting time when restoration from a hibernation state
5 8,949,479 Information processing apparatus, control method for the same, and storage medium
6 8,949,443 Communication apparatus, control method, and computer-usable medium for selecting a network for data transmission
7 8,949,386 Communication device, and control method therefor
8 8,949,372 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
9 8,949,306 Apparatus connected to network and method for requesting another apparatus to perform processing via network
10 8,949,274 Data migration apparatus for mitigating data between document management systems
11 8,949,207 Method and apparatus for decoding encoded structured data from a bit-stream
12 8,949,171 Medical diagnostic supporting apparatus
13 8,948,688 Method and system for managing communications in a wireless communication network
14 8,948,682 Image forming apparatus
15 8,948,668 Belt member feeding device and image forming apparatus provided with the same
16 8,948,665 Regulating member, developing device and process cartridge
17 8,948,657 Charging device and image forming apparatus
18 8,948,645 Optical scanning apparatus
19 8,948,636 Image forming apparatus comprising a plurality of charging rollers
20 8,948,634 Image forming apparatus
21 8,948,630 Method for detecting surface potential of image bearing member and image forming apparatus
22 8,948,619 Image forming apparatus which measures time during which an image carrier contacts a toner carrier
23 8,948,618 Jam detection and removal in an image forming apparatus system
24 8,948,584 Photoelectric conversion device and camera system
25 8,948,583 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same and camera
26 8,948,573 Image processing apparatus
27 8,948,570 Video display system, video display method, and computer-readable medium
28 8,948,542 Image processing apparatus
29 8,948,473 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 8,948,452 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
31 8,948,380 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
32 8,948,349 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
33 8,948,342 X-ray imaging apparatus and measurement method
34 8,948,244 Image-processing apparatus and method
35 8,947,795 Plastic optical element and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,947,775 Catadioptric optical system with total internal reflection for high numerical aperture imaging
37 8,947,774 Catadioptric optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
38 8,947,773 Catadioptric optical element and optical system including same
39 8,947,749 Image reading apparatus, control method of image reading apparatus, and storage medium
40 8,947,738 Image processing apparatus and method for reducing coloring between color ink and clear ink on a pixel region
41 8,947,735 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for performing error diffusion processing for each region of an image
42 8,947,730 Colorimetric apparatus and colorimetric method
43 8,947,729 Color processing apparatus, color processing method and storage medium
44 8,947,728 Image forming apparatus which performs calibration for maintaining image quality
45 8,947,727 Image processing system, image processing method therefor, and storage medium
46 8,947,726 Method for image-display
47 8,947,723 Output control apparatus, its control method, and computer-readable storage medium for determining an output layout of data to be output
48 8,947,717 Print data processing apparatus
49 8,947,714 Service providing device, printing system control method, and storage medium
50 8,947,710 Image processing apparatus that performs reproduction synchronization of moving image between the same and mobile information terminal, method of controlling image processing apparatus, storage medium, and image processing system
51 8,947,704 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium to selectively acquire and transmit registered information
52 8,947,701 Server apparatus, terminal apparatus, and printing system and data conversion method thereof
53 8,947,700 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium to provide a screen
54 8,947,699 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
55 8,947,694 Peripheral device control system, printing device, peripheral device control method, and program
56 8,947,693 Server system, method for printing system, and storage medium
57 8,947,691 Printing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
58 8,947,689 Information processing apparatus having reliable display screen control within printer driver, storage medium, and control method thereof
59 8,947,688 Print control with interfaces provided in correspondence with printing methods to show status of member printers
60 8,947,684 Printing apparatus and processing method therefor
61 8,947,683 Printing apparatus and method for controlling printing apparatus
62 8,947,676 Aspheric surface measuring method, aspheric surface measuring apparatus, optical element producing apparatus and optical element
63 8,947,675 Aspheric surface measuring method, aspheric surface measuring apparatus, optical element producing apparatus and optical element
64 8,947,667 Spectrophotometer
65 8,947,583 Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
66 8,947,580 Auto focusing apparatus and control method
67 8,947,576 Optical viewfinder having self-luminous and non-self-luminous display portions and optical apparatus using same
68 8,947,566 Solid-state imaging apparatus and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging apparatus
69 8,947,556 Image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
70 8,947,554 Method for processing image, image processing apparatus, and imaging apparatus
71 8,947,550 Image processing apparatus with frame conversion, and method of controlling same
72 8,947,541 Lens apparatus controllable via multiple control sources and image pickup system including the lens apparatus
73 8,947,519 Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, and image processing program
74 8,947,478 Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
75 8,947,464 Display control apparatus, display control method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
76 8,947,426 Display control apparatus and display control method
77 8,947,352 Image processing apparatus capable of displaying operation item, method of controlling the same, image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
78 8,946,971 Actuator
79 8,946,843 Solid-state image sensing device
80 8,946,354 Method for producing polymer particles
81 8,945,957 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
82 8,945,946 Sensor element and detection method of magnetic particles using this element, and detection method of target substance
83 8,945,818 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
84 8,945,817 Process for producing chip
85 8,945,805 Magnetic carrier and two-components developer
86 8,945,801 Method for creating mask data, program, information processing apparatus, and method for manufacturing mask
87 8,945,750 Electronic apparatus, control method and program thereof, and battery for operating electronic apparatus
88 8,945,444 High throughput imprint based on contact line motion tracking control
89 8,945,439 Method for manufacturing lens, apparatus for manufacturing lens, and method for manufacturing optical apparatus
90 8,944,616 Display device and image-information processing apparatus equipped with the same
91 8,944,611 Projector, projector control method, and projection system
92 8,944,603 Ophthalmologic apparatus
93 8,944,599 Ophthalmologic apparatus, and ophthalmologic control method and program
94 8,944,598 Electrostatic comb actuator, deformable mirror using the electrostatic comb actuator, adaptive optics system using the deformable mirror, and scanning laser ophthalmoscope using the adaptive optics system
95 8,944,595 Ophthalmologic apparatus
96 8,944,585 Printing apparatus
97 8,944,584 Ink jet recording apparatus having charged conveying belt
98 8,944,582 Sheet processing apparatus and printing apparatus
99 8,944,580 Photosensitive resin composition, method for manufacturing structural body, and liquid discharge head
100 8,944,576 Inkjet recording apparatus
101 8,944,569 Liquid discharge head and recording apparatus using the same
102 8,944,562 Printing apparatus and control method therefor
103 8,944,558 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
104 8,944,557 Recording apparatus and control method of recording apparatus having a conveyance roller pair upstream of a recording unit
105 8,944,552 Inkjet printing apparatus and determination method of driving pulse applied to inkjet printing apparatus
106 8,944,550 Element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
107 8,944,547 Recording apparatus
108 8,944,544 Printing apparatus and printing method
109 8,944,429 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
110 8,943,690 Method for manufacturing substrate for liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head