Canon patents granted on 03 January 2006

31 US patents granted on 03 January 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 6,983,419 Communication apparatus, its control method, and storage medium
2 6,983,373 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and storage medium therefor
3 6,983,120 Cleaning blade, cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus using them
4 6,983,119 Image heating apparatus with glass selector
5 6,983,116 Image forming apparatus having a horizontal optical path
6 6,983,115 Developing cartridge and process cartridge having first and second projected portions and image forming apparatus mounting such a developing cartridge
7 6,983,114 Process cartridge whose drum-shutter supporting portions are outside the optical path of light exposing a photosensitive drum, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus detachably attaching such a process cartridge
8 6,983,113 Recycling method using a modified part and image forming apparatus manufactured using the recycling method
9 6,983,112 Rotation control and heating control for a fixing rotatable member in rotational induction-heating type apparatus
10 6,983,107 Optical device having image blur prevention function
11 6,982,841 Mirror holding mechanism in exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
12 6,982,811 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
13 6,982,806 Facsimile apparatus, control method for facsimile apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium storing control program for facsimile apparatus
14 6,982,805 Facsimile apparatus, method for controlling facsimile apparatus and computer-readable storing medium storing control program for facsimile apparatus
15 6,982,796 Wavefront splitting element for EUV light and phase measuring apparatus using the same
16 6,982,786 Reticle and optical characteristic measuring method
17 6,982,784 Substrate holding device, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and device manufacturing method
18 6,982,782 Processing apparatus for processing object in vessel
19 6,982,757 Image sensing apparatus
20 6,982,755 Image sensing apparatus having variable noise reduction control based on zoom operation mode
21 6,982,753 Image pickup apparatus
22 6,982,747 Notification of operating status in image sensing system
23 6,982,746 Apparatus and method for correcting shake by controlling sampling timing of shake signal
24 6,982,726 Non-Cartesian representation
25 6,982,422 Photoelectric converter, its driving method, and system including the photoelectric converter
26 6,982,419 Probe with hollow waveguide and method for producing the same
27 6,982,217 Nano-structure and method of manufacturing nano-structure
28 6,982,104 Single-crystalline film and process for production thereof
29 6,981,905 Method of manufacturing image display device
30 6,981,775 Illumination apparatus and camera
31 6,981,697 Sheet processing apparatus having different discharge control for stapling operation