Canon patents granted on 03 July 2012

64 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,214,824 Device management apparatus, device management method, and storage medium
2 8,214,758 Information processing apparatus, method of control for same, and program
3 8,214,755 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
4 8,214,708 Video transmitting apparatus, video receiving apparatus, and video transmission system
5 8,214,695 Information processing apparatus and information notification method therefor, and control program
6 8,214,683 Image forming apparatus, control method, and storage medium
7 8,214,555 Communication control device and communication control method in audio visual device system, and television receiver
8 8,214,506 Providing content to client device
9 8,214,322 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
10 8,214,158 X-ray imaging apparatus, X-ray imaging method and method of controlling X-ray imaging apparatus
11 8,213,852 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor that circulate sheets for duplex printing
12 8,213,846 Image forming apparatus with belt adjustment
13 8,213,832 Image forming apparatus with opening and closing assembly and gears movable therewith
14 8,213,831 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
15 8,213,828 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge mounted thereto having contacts electrically connecting with an electrical contact
16 8,213,823 High-voltage power supply device and image forming apparatus including the same
17 8,213,820 Measuring apparatus, measuring method and image forming apparatus
18 8,213,784 Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
19 8,213,733 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program and storage medium
20 8,213,729 Multidimensional data encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus, and control method thereof
21 8,213,727 Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus, and control method thereof
22 8,213,701 Apparatus and method for image processing and storage medium
23 8,213,415 Communication apparatus, method of controlling the communication apparatus, and communication system
24 8,213,349 Method and device for antenna tracking
25 8,213,092 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
26 8,213,068 Scanning optical apparatus
27 8,213,060 Image reading apparatus
28 8,213,059 Original reader
29 8,213,057 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
30 8,213,049 Image forming apparatus
31 8,213,045 Correction of image data scaling in screen area
32 8,213,035 Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method thereof, printing system and program for direct-printing application data using a temporary licensing key
33 8,213,032 Information processing apparatus and method and computer-readable storage medium thereof
34 8,213,030 Image-forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
35 8,212,990 Exposure apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
36 8,212,917 Imaging apparatus
37 8,212,916 Image display device, image pickup apparatus, and image display method that allow focus assistant display
38 8,212,910 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
39 8,212,905 Photoelectric conversion device, imaging system, and photoelectric conversion device driving method
40 8,212,902 Image pickup apparatus
41 8,212,896 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
42 8,212,888 Image pickup apparatus with white balance extraction
43 8,212,743 Image display apparatus, image signal processing method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
44 8,212,252 Light-emitting device
45 8,212,248 Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
46 8,211,719 Method of processing substrate and method of manufacturing substrate for use in liquid ejection head
47 8,211,647 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
48 8,211,606 Coloring compound, yellow toner, sheet for heat-sensitive transfer recording, and ink
49 8,211,586 Combustible gas detector, process for producing combustible gas detector, and fuel cell system equipped with combustible gas detector
50 8,211,221 Colorant compound and ink including the colorant compound
51 8,210,667 Liquid application mechanism and inkjet recording apparatus
52 8,210,655 Liquid ejection head and manufacturing method of liquid ejection head
53 8,210,653 Manufacturing method of print head and print head
54 8,210,652 Printing head and method of manufacturing printing head
55 8,210,650 Liquid discharge head
56 8,210,647 Inkjet printing head
57 8,210,640 Recording head and recording apparatus, and inspection apparatus of recording head and method thereof
58 8,210,638 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet priting method
59 8,210,637 Liquid application device and ink jet recording apparatus
60 8,210,632 Printing apparatus and control method of the printing apparatus
61 8,210,528 Image forming apparatus with sheet discharge tray
62 8,210,524 Image forming apparatus
63 8,210,519 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
64 8,210,514 Sheet processing apparatus with improved productivity, image forming system and image forming apparatus