Canon patents granted on 03 June 2014

109 US patents granted on 03 June 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,745,756 Device management system, device management apparatus, device management method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
2 8,745,711 Access management system, access management method, access management server, cooperation server, and computer-readable medium
3 8,745,615 Information processing apparatus and installation method
4 8,745,564 Data processing apparatus and method for controlling the apparatus
5 8,745,428 Method for clock gating a DSP when not in use
6 8,745,289 Image processing apparatus, method for controlling the image processing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
7 8,745,286 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission method, reception method, and program
8 8,745,229 Communication system, communication apparatus, and display method for the same
9 8,745,186 Network streaming of a video media from a media server to a media client
10 8,744,625 Robot controlling device
11 8,744,613 Sheet processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium storing program
12 8,744,345 Communication apparatus and communication method therefor
13 8,744,335 Image forming apparatus improved in operability for print job involving single-sided printing and double-sided printing
14 8,744,325 Image forming apparatus for forming a detection toner pattern
15 8,744,313 Image forming apparatus
16 8,744,305 Image forming apparatus with latch for openable cover
17 8,744,304 Developing device
18 8,744,303 Developing device
19 8,744,299 Image forming apparatus, control method, and control program
20 8,744,297 Image forming apparatus
21 8,744,296 Image forming apparatus
22 8,744,295 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
23 8,744,294 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with image density control
24 8,744,289 Image forming apparatus
25 8,744,284 Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, and storage medium storing program
26 8,744,282 Image forming apparatus including toner container information sensing and positioning features
27 8,744,257 Lens apparatus including focus operation device and focus operation device
28 8,744,248 Moving picture playback device, control method for same, and storage medium
29 8,744,241 Recording apparatus
30 8,744,233 Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, and program
31 8,744,210 Information processing apparatus, line noise reduction processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
32 8,744,209 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for visually reducing noise components contained in a low frequency range of image data
33 8,744,158 Ophthalmologic image display apparatus, ophthalmologic image display method, program, and storage medium
34 8,744,156 Photographic information processing apparatus and photographic information processing method
35 8,744,044 X-ray imaging apparatus
36 8,743,961 Method and device for coding a video sequence including an improved motion vector calculation
37 8,743,737 Communication device and control method thereof
38 8,743,487 Lens barrel enabling lens inclination adjustment and imaging apparatus provided with same
39 8,743,469 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
40 8,743,460 Diffractive optical element and method for manufacturing same
41 8,743,438 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
42 8,743,427 Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and storage medium
43 8,743,420 Image processor and image processing method
44 8,743,419 Image processing apparatus and method converting low-resolution image to high-resolution using signal value patterns
45 8,743,418 Method for removing character-object overlap to increase render processing speed for an image
46 8,743,415 Image forming apparatus
47 8,743,405 Print relay device, print system, print relay device control method, and storage medium
48 8,743,404 Image forming apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
49 8,743,400 Print control apparatus and control method therefor
50 8,743,386 Executing a print job in accordance with input image data
51 8,743,383 Image processing apparatus storing destination information and information indicating whether a user is allowed to print image data and control method therefor
52 8,743,380 Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, printing system, control program, printing medium, and printing medium selection control method
53 8,743,277 Electronic apparatus
54 8,743,272 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus and program thereof
55 8,743,268 Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, and program for correcting shift based on shift amount in image plane
56 8,743,267 Optical apparatus for calculating an object distance
57 8,743,262 Image capturing apparatus and control program for the same
58 8,743,245 Image processing method, image pickup apparatus, image processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
59 8,743,239 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and image-capturing apparatus
60 8,743,236 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and imaging apparatus
61 8,743,233 Sensitivity-settable image capture apparatus
62 8,743,227 Imaging apparatus and control method for reducing a load of writing image data on a recording medium
63 8,743,225 Imaging control system, control apparatus and method for imaging apparatus, and storage medium
64 8,743,221 Image capture apparatus and control method thereof
65 8,743,216 Communication system, image output apparatus, communication processing method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
66 8,743,209 Image pickup apparatus and method for controlling the same
67 8,743,168 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 8,743,155 Circuit and driving method for correcting tone output of a pixel
69 8,743,136 Generating object representation from bitmap image
70 8,743,133 Image processing system, image processing method, and program
71 8,743,089 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
72 8,743,075 Information processing method and apparatus
73 8,743,031 Dibenzothiophene compound and organic light-emitting element based on the same
74 8,743,018 Metamaterial
75 8,742,412 Thin film transistor using an oxide semiconductor and display
76 8,742,359 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
77 8,742,322 Encoder and interferometer that generate M-phase signals by multiplying N-phase signals by M coefficient sets, where N is not less than 6 and M is not smaller than 2
78 8,741,984 Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
79 8,741,549 Method of manufacturing a liquid ejection head and liquid ejection head
80 8,741,519 Toner
81 8,741,518 Toner
82 8,741,514 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
83 8,741,510 Method of calculating amount of fluctuation of imaging characteristic of projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of fabricating device
84 8,741,401 Recording medium
85 8,741,391 Dip-coating process and method for making electrophotographic photosensitive member
86 8,741,383 Method of producing optical film and coating liquid for production of optical film
87 8,741,195 Method for manufacturing fiber absorber
88 8,741,110 Method of forming a film
89 8,740,604 Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
90 8,740,485 Printing apparatus including an open/close lid
91 8,740,370 Liquid composition, set, liquid cartridge, inkjet recording method, and inkjet recording apparatus
92 8,740,362 Ink tank
93 8,740,361 Liquid container, liquid supplying system and circuit board for liquid container
94 8,740,356 Ink-jet recording head, recording element substrate, method for manufacturing ink-jet recording head, and method for manufacturing recording element substrate
95 8,740,353 Liquid ejection head and flexible wiring substrate used in liquid ejection head
96 8,740,352 Inkjet printing apparatus
97 8,740,351 Ink jet printing system, ink jet printing method, and storage medium
98 8,740,350 Inkjet recording head substrate and drive control method, inkjet recording head, inkjet recording head cartridge and inkjet recording apparatus
99 8,740,345 Printing apparatus
100 8,740,343 Image correction system and image correction method
101 8,740,341 Inkjet printing apparatus
102 8,740,336 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
103 8,740,333 Printing apparatus and determination method thereof
104 8,740,329 Inkjet printing apparatus and method for controlling drive of nozzles in inkjet printing apparatus
105 8,740,327 Inkjet recording apparatus and method for cleaning carriage
106 8,740,215 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
107 8,740,214 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
108 8,740,213 Image forming apparatus, sheet feed control method, and storage medium
109 8,740,211 Sheet post-processing apparatus that carries out stapling process on sheet bundle and control method therefor