Canon patents granted on 03 March 2015

115 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 8,973,024 Video control apparatus and control method for video control apparatus
2 8,973,003 Workflow management server and method
3 8,972,851 Method of coding or decoding a structured document by means of an XML schema, and the associated device and data structure
4 8,972,769 Data processing apparatus and control method for controlling clock frequency based on calculated frequency-to-response-time ratios
5 8,972,552 Management apparatus, communication apparatus, computer-readable storage medium, method, and communication system
6 8,972,492 Image processing apparatus, control method for image processing apparatus, and program
7 8,972,367 Information processing system, server apparatus, control method of server apparatus, program and storage medium
8 8,971,987 Subject information acquiring apparatus
9 8,971,799 Communication apparatus and method for data communication and power transmission
10 8,971,784 Water addition apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 8,971,766 Electrophotographic member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
12 8,971,763 Image heating apparatus and belt exchanging method
13 8,971,762 Image forming apparatus
14 8,971,761 Image forming apparatus
15 8,971,760 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
16 8,971,756 Image forming apparatus and connecting method
17 8,971,753 Process cartridge
18 8,971,750 Image forming apparatus for discharging electric charge charged to a capacitor and discharge device for discharging electric charge charged to a capacitor
19 8,971,746 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
20 8,971,744 Image heating apparatus
21 8,971,739 Color misalignment correction pattern detection method in image forming apparatus
22 8,971,738 Recording medium imaging device and image forming apparatus
23 8,971,735 Image heating apparatus configured to detect breakages of lateral end portions of an endless belt
24 8,971,734 Image forming apparatus
25 8,971,732 Image forming apparatus with a sheet detection unit that detects a sheet in the conveyance path and in the storage unit
26 8,971,730 Image forming apparatus and cartridge
27 8,971,729 Image forming apparatus
28 8,971,697 Focus detection apparatus and focus detection method
29 8,971,696 Shake compensation control apparatus, optical device, image capturing apparatus, and control method of shake compensation
30 8,971,688 Information recording apparatus
31 8,971,664 Method and device for generating a super-resolution image portion
32 8,971,647 Image compression apparatus, image compression method, and storage medium
33 8,971,622 Image processing apparatus, image capture apparatus, and image processing method
34 8,971,589 Feature point location determination method and apparatus
35 8,971,585 Image processing apparatus for retrieving object from moving image and method thereof
36 8,971,576 Information processing apparatus and processing method thereof
37 8,971,552 Electronic device
38 8,971,496 X-ray waveguide
39 8,971,367 Surface-emitting laser, surface-emitting laser array, method of manufacturing surface-emitting laser, method of manufacturing surface-emitting laser array and optical apparatus equipped with surface-emitting laser array
40 8,970,967 Zoom lens, image-pickup apparatus having the same, and image projection apparatus having the same
41 8,970,966 Optical system and optical apparatus having the same
42 8,970,928 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof and storage medium
43 8,970,920 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
44 8,970,912 Image forming apparatus which performs tone correction
45 8,970,909 Image forming apparatus
46 8,970,906 Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method
47 8,970,904 Printing apparatus, method and computer program forming an engraved image on a recording medium
48 8,970,901 Image processing apparatus, image data transmission method, program, and storage medium
49 8,970,897 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program performing color material reduction processing on objects
50 8,970,894 Print processing apparatus for printing a print job having a paper type not included in a paper information database
51 8,970,889 Information processing apparatus, print system control method, and storage medium receiving a setting screen for setting positional information from an image forming apparatus
52 8,970,882 Image processing apparatus which updates the print jobs retrieved from a server and displayed on the image processing apparatus in response to job list display changing operations prior to printing
53 8,970,879 Printing system, printing method, and computer-readable medium for designating and executing printing via the internet
54 8,970,876 Printing system, cloud computing system, printing system control method, and storage medium
55 8,970,874 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
56 8,970,870 Delivery of scan services over a device service port
57 8,970,866 Image processing apparatus having user login function, control method therefor, and storage medium
58 8,970,865 Printing control device, storage medium storing printing control program, and printing control method
59 8,970,857 System, image forming apparatus, and method for extracting data from a set of electronic data based on a predetermined condition
60 8,970,853 Three-dimensional measurement apparatus, three-dimensional measurement method, and storage medium
61 8,970,849 Tomography apparatus and tomogram correction processing method
62 8,970,821 Positioning apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
63 8,970,789 Receiving apparatus and control method thereof
64 8,970,785 Display apparatus capable of discriminating the type of video signal input from a common terminal
65 8,970,783 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
66 8,970,773 Image capture apparatus with first and second pixel groups
67 8,970,769 Solid-state imaging apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and camera
68 8,970,763 Image pickup apparatus having electronic compass function, control method therefor, and storage medium
69 8,970,758 Image pickup device and signal processing method thereof
70 8,970,757 Solid-state image pickup element, driving method thereof, and control program
71 8,970,756 Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
72 8,970,754 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the image capturing apparatus
73 8,970,742 Image processing apparatus and method capable of performing correction process speedily and easily
74 8,970,732 Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same
75 8,970,729 Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
76 8,970,728 Image pickup apparatus and image processing method
77 8,970,722 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
78 8,970,716 Image-capturing apparatus and control method of the image-capturing apparatus
79 8,970,714 Image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method thereof
80 8,970,712 Image sensing apparatus for correcting image distortion caused by hand shake, and control method thereof
81 8,970,711 Imaging apparatus for correcting distortion in image captured using rolling shutter method and distortion correction method
82 8,970,674 Three-dimensional measurement apparatus, three-dimensional measurement method and storage medium
83 8,970,650 Image forming apparatus with beam splitter and aperture positioned for compactness
84 8,970,621 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and recording medium for changing overlap order of objects
85 8,970,542 Operation device and control method thereof
86 8,970,470 Display apparatus and control method thereof
87 8,970,469 Image display apparatus with a plurality of divided light-emitting regions and method for controlling thereof
88 8,970,247 Semiconductor integrated circuit device with protection against tampering
89 8,970,213 Method for manufacturing magnetoresistance effect element
90 8,970,091 Vibration-type driving apparatus
91 8,970,087 Ion conducting actuator
92 8,969,861 Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display device
93 8,969,820 Radiographic apparatus
94 8,969,818 Radiation imaging apparatus
95 8,969,771 Imaging system and imaging device
96 8,969,499 Method for producing polymer particles
97 8,969,058 Method for releasing genetic material from solid phase
98 8,968,952 Electronic equipment provided with battery check device
99 8,968,890 Organic compound and organic light-emitting device having the same
100 8,968,889 Organic compound and organic light-emitting device
101 8,968,844 Recording medium and image recording process
102 8,968,620 Safe separation for nano imprinting
103 8,968,584 Method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
104 8,968,538 Sputtering device and sputtering method
105 8,967,992 Optically absorptive material for alignment marks
106 8,967,890 Continuous sheet recording apparatus and method of controlling sorter in response to conveyance failure
107 8,967,804 Ophthalmic apparatus, ophthalmic apparatus control method and storage medium
108 8,967,802 Ophthalmic apparatus
109 8,967,773 Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
110 8,967,768 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
111 8,967,758 Ink-jet recording device and ink-jet recording control method
112 8,967,754 Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
113 8,967,751 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
114 8,967,617 Printing apparatus and method for detecting origin of conveying roller
115 8,966,704 Dust removing device and dust removing method