Canon patents granted on 03 November 2015

49 US patents granted on 03 November 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,179,503 Method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
2 9,179,106 Measurement system, image correction method, and computer program
3 9,179,090 Moving image recording device, control method therefor, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
4 9,179,068 Imaging apparatus, optical apparatus, imaging system, and control method
5 9,179,041 Colour encoding clustering
6 9,179,040 Data processing apparatus, control method, and program
7 9,179,036 Image processing apparatus corresponding to a plurality of documents on a document plate, method for controlling the same, and program
8 9,179,023 Printing apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium for reservation printing
9 9,179,017 Image processing apparatus and method for processing an image which utilizes a first mode for instructions from the image processing apparatus and a second mode for instructions received from an external apparatus and for instructions from the image processing apparatus
10 9,179,014 Information processing apparatus, and method for controlling the same
11 9,178,360 Power supply apparatus, method, and storage medium to output wireless power, detect value relating to output power, and charge based on detected value
12 9,178,161 Benzo[c]phenanthrene compound and organic light-emitting device containing same
13 9,178,081 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
14 9,177,979 Solid-state image pickup device having reference voltage supply line on a first substrate and power supply lines to supply voltages to the reference voltage supply line on a second substrate
15 9,177,922 Electric device, method for manufacturing the same, and radiation inspection apparatus
16 9,177,753 Radiation generating tube and radiation generating apparatus using the same
17 9,177,524 Display apparatus and control method thereof
18 9,177,396 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
19 9,177,388 Method, system and apparatus for determining a hash code representing a portion of an image
20 9,177,231 Image recording apparatus, image recording method, and storage medium
21 9,176,745 Peripheral device used while being connected to information processing apparatus
22 9,176,697 Communication apparatus, control method therefor, and computer-readable storage medium
23 9,176,692 Job history management system and control method thereof
24 9,176,687 Image forming apparatus and communication method
25 9,176,686 Management system, management server, image forming apparatus, and management method
26 9,176,684 Peripheral apparatus control system, peripheral apparatus, information processing apparatus, peripheral apparatus control method, and program
27 9,176,468 Rotational force transmitting part
28 9,176,466 Image forming apparatus with removable cartridge and movable light emitting member
29 9,176,451 Image forming apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
30 9,176,442 Roller, heating member, and image heating apparatus equipped with roller and heating member
31 9,176,441 Image heating apparatus
32 9,176,436 Image forming apparatus with a brush member configured to charge untransferred developer material
33 9,176,435 Belt unit and image forming apparatus having the belt unit
34 9,176,418 Developer conveyance apparatus and process cartridge
35 9,176,414 Charging device and image forming apparatus
36 9,176,410 Toner
37 9,176,407 Toner and method for manufacturing toner particles
38 9,176,257 Conjugated aromatic compound, optical material, and optical element
39 9,176,054 System for tomographic imaging using coherent light that has a random phase distribution
40 9,175,953 Measurement apparatus to calculate wavefront aberration of optical system using shearing interference fringes, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
41 9,175,379 Sputter apparatus, control device for sputter apparatus and film formation method
42 9,175,377 Film forming apparatus and film forming method
43 9,174,819 Sheet stacking apparatus, control method of sheet stacking apparatus, and storage medium
44 9,174,454 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
45 9,174,448 Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
46 9,174,439 Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing liquid ejection head
47 9,174,436 Printing apparatus and method of processing printing data
48 9,173,968 Sterilization apparatus and sterilization method
49 9,173,633 Photoacoustic apparatus and method for controlling the same