Canon patents granted on 04 December 2007

45 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,305,619 Image processing method, device and storage medium therefor
2 7,305,556 Secure printing with authenticated printer key
3 7,305,496 Control apparatus and method thereof
4 7,305,382 Information searching apparatus and method, information searching program, and storage medium storing the information searching program
5 7,305,208 Image heating apparatus with discharge occurring between a charge eliminating member and a pressure roller
6 7,305,151 Image processing apparatus and method therefor
7 7,305,150 Image processing apparatus, for limiting access to stored information to a system administrator, and method thereof
8 7,305,137 Image compression method and apparatus
9 7,305,102 Information processing apparatus capable of displaying maps and position displaying method
10 7,305,089 Picture taking apparatus and method of controlling same
11 7,304,919 Optical information reproducing apparatus having a servo control circuit
12 7,304,805 Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
13 7,304,778 Optical scanning system and image forming apparatus using the same
14 7,304,777 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
15 7,304,765 Transmitter apparatus and method for selectively converting and transmitting still image files in requested format
16 7,304,764 Information processing apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium product
17 7,304,763 Image processing apparatus and method
18 7,304,762 Secured printing system
19 7,304,759 Document registration system, method thereof, program thereof and storage medium thereof
20 7,304,752 Job processing system, network system, control method, and storage medium
21 7,304,749 Point diffraction interferometer and exposure apparatus and method using the same
22 7,304,665 Image transfer system and display method in which a stored image is transferred to an image display device
23 7,304,664 Digital camera having a display unit to display the print status of a connected printer
24 7,304,648 Generating one or more linear blends
25 7,304,647 Generating texture maps for use in 3D computer graphics
26 7,304,640 Method of measuring luminance of image display apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, method and apparatus for adjusting characteristics of the same
27 7,304,629 Video information display system and display apparatus applicable to the same
28 7,304,429 Image display apparatus with first and second substrates in a hermetic container sealed by a conductive bonding member therebetween
29 7,304,409 Driving device and light amount controller
30 7,304,408 Driving apparatus and light amount adjustment apparatus
31 7,304,291 Information detecting device, sheet material processing apparatus equipped with information detecting device, and signal output device
32 7,303,859 Photoresist, photolithography method using the same, and method for producing photoresist
33 7,303,818 Electrophoretic particles, electrophoretic dispersion liquid, and electrophoretic display device
34 7,303,788 Method for manufacturing solar cell module having a sealing resin layer formed on a metal oxide layer
35 7,303,696 Light-emitting material and light-emitting element
36 7,303,653 Sizing agent and recording sheet having the same
37 7,303,620 Water-based ink, and image formation method and recorded image using the ink
38 7,303,615 Colorant material, and water dispersion, ink, ink tank, recording unit, recording apparatus and recording method using the same
39 7,303,289 Projection type display apparatus
40 7,303,260 Liquid ejection recording head
41 7,303,247 Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing system
42 7,303,245 Printing apparatus, printing system and control method for printing apparatus
43 7,303,191 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
44 7,303,090 Liquid container sealing jacket, and method for unsealing liquid container fitted with liquid container jacket
45 7,302,970 Liquid delivery device