Canon patents granted on 04 October 2011

45 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 RE42,797 Developer replenishment apparatus
2 RE42,793 Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and storage medium
3 8,032,464 Server printing apparatus and its control method, and computer program
4 8,032,382 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
5 8,032,058 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with developer cartridge lock member
6 8,032,048 Image forming apparatus with standby and power saving modes
7 8,032,044 Image forming apparatus
8 8,032,015 Heating apparatus, heating method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
9 8,032,005 Information processing apparatus and method of reproducing content provided by said apparatus
10 8,031,979 Method and device for verifying multimedia entities and in particular for verifying digital images
11 8,031,954 Image encoding apparatus and control method thereof using prediction encoding and pixel classification
12 8,031,944 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
13 8,031,939 Color processing method and apparatus
14 8,031,753 Red surface emitting laser element, image forming device, and image display apparatus
15 8,031,386 Galvano motor and galvano motor system
16 8,031,381 Image reading apparatus for show-through and foundation color reduction
17 8,031,379 Data communication system
18 8,031,378 Device for controlling image processing based on paper fingerprint
19 8,031,371 Image processing apparatus and method controlling the amount of transparent ink for recording
20 8,031,366 Control apparatus, controlling method, program and recording medium
21 8,031,365 Image processor and image processing method for reducing consumption amount of recording material
22 8,031,359 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and program
23 8,031,354 Image communication apparatus for determining a correct destination location of image data
24 8,031,352 Apparatus and method for processing received data
25 8,031,350 Data processing apparatus, system control method and system
26 8,031,328 Positioning apparatus
27 8,031,263 Image input apparatus, a method of controlling thereof and a computer-readable storage medium
28 8,031,257 Zoom lens control apparatus and optical instrument
29 8,031,254 Optical device, imaging device, control method for optical device, and program
30 8,031,239 Image sensing apparatus for generating image data authentication data of the image data
31 8,031,231 Video system
32 8,031,221 Image forming apparatus
33 8,031,220 Image forming apparatus
34 8,031,219 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
35 8,031,179 Control apparatus for operation panel and electronic apparatus
36 8,030,939 Electronic apparatus and controlling method for the same
37 8,030,865 Brushless DC motor and image pickup apparatus
38 8,030,694 Dielectric film and semiconductor device using dielectric film including hafnium, aluminum or silicon, nitrogen, and oxygen
39 8,030,402 Polylactic acid resin composition
40 8,030,001 Probe, probe set, probe carrier, and testing method
41 8,029,954 Exposure method and memory medium storing computer program
42 8,029,685 Liquid ejection head and its method of manufacture
43 8,029,612 Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
44 8,029,609 Ejection liquid, ejection device, ejection cartridge, and method of making droplets from liquid
45 8,029,084 Image forming apparatus