Canon patents granted on 04 September 2007

37 US patents granted on 04 September 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,266,618 Host system that provides device driver for connected external peripheral if device driver type is available or device driver is downloaded from memory of external peripheral to host system
2 7,266,601 Method and apparatus for managing network devices
3 7,266,337 Fixing roller, and method of producing the same, fixing device and image forming device
4 7,266,330 Developer supply container with shutter movement prevention feature
5 7,266,329 Toner image carrying member and manufacturing method thereof, and electrophotographic apparatus
6 7,266,326 Process cartridge remanufacturing method
7 7,266,315 Image forming apparatus and image stabilization processing method
8 7,266,314 Image forming apparatus and fixing device used therein
9 7,266,254 Data processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method therefor
10 7,266,239 Method and apparatus for processing image data, storage medium and program
11 7,266,238 Color management architecture using phantom profiles to transfer data between transform modules
12 7,265,914 Lens device and photographing apparatus including the same
13 7,265,874 Image processing apparatus and method
14 7,265,868 Controlled print size for image data
15 7,265,863 Image forming system, image forming device, function setting method and storage medium
16 7,265,862 Information processing apparatus for color printer and method of controlling same
17 7,265,859 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
18 7,265,841 Position detecting method
19 7,265,816 Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method with modified illumination generator
20 7,265,814 Mirror holding method and optical apparatus
21 7,265,812 Cooling apparatus
22 7,265,788 Lens apparatus with changeable image-capturing function setting
23 7,265,554 Electric potential measuring device and image forming apparatus
24 7,265,483 Dielectric member, piezoelectric member, ink jet head, ink jet recording apparatus and producing method for ink jet recording apparatus
25 7,265,479 Power supply apparatus, and image forming apparatus having the same
26 7,265,377 Organic semiconductor device
27 7,264,910 Cyan toner and method of producing cyan toner
28 7,264,842 Method of manufacturing a wiring substrate for a display panel
29 7,264,530 Method of driving electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
30 7,264,360 Scan type display optical system
31 7,264,358 Illumination optical system and projection display optical system
32 7,264,353 Ophthalmologic image-taking apparatus
33 7,264,342 Liquid container and printing apparatus using the same
34 7,264,325 Printing apparatus and printing method
35 7,264,237 Sheet stacking-aligning apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
36 7,264,236 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus having such sheet processing apparatus
37 7,264,235 Active damping apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method