Canon patents granted on 05 August 2008

39 US patents granted on 05 August 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,409,629 Methods and devices for decoding one-point algebraic geometric codes
2 7,409,431 Server apparatus, communications method, program for making computer execute the communications method, and computer-readable storage medium containing the program
3 7,409,399 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
4 7,409,326 Design support method and design support program
5 7,409,181 Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
6 7,409,174 Image forming apparatus featuring a toner supply opening positioned to avoid contamination of an exposure slit
7 7,409,172 Image forming apparatus
8 7,409,161 Free space optics communication apparatus and free space optics communication system
9 7,409,111 Image synthesizing system for automatically retrieving and synthesizing images to be synthesized
10 7,409,083 Image processing method and apparatus
11 7,408,760 Charged particle beam application system
12 7,408,720 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having same
13 7,408,715 Image display apparatus and image display system
14 7,408,692 Process for producing three-dimensional structure
15 7,408,685 Image reading apparatus and method of controlling same
16 7,408,680 Image processing apparatus and method
17 7,408,676 Ink jet printing with switched use of particular color ink depending on number of print head passes corresponding to print quality and speed
18 7,408,674 Printing control apparatus and method for changing a setting based on a change in another setting
19 7,408,671 Information processing apparatus, distributed printing controlling method, storing medium and program
20 7,408,669 Image forming system, image forming apparatus, control method thereof, image forming method, and storage medium
21 7,408,666 Image processing apparatus, method, and control program
22 7,408,662 Print system and method of controlling its user interface
23 7,408,661 Control apparatus and its method, and control program and storage medium holding it, with access designating second address being performed based on link to the second address included in display information
24 7,408,620 Exposure apparatus
25 7,408,581 Image processing apparatus
26 7,408,580 Image display apparatus, image display method and computer program
27 7,408,561 Marker layout method, mixed reality apparatus, and mixed reality space image generation method
28 7,408,438 Communication apparatus having wired communication function and wireless communication function, and control method therefor
29 7,408,276 Plane motor device with surrounding member surrounding coil unit and with cooling channel provided within surrounding member
30 7,408,210 Solid state image pickup device and camera
31 7,408,209 Semiconductor device with noise control
32 7,408,169 Image sensing apparatus and method using radiation
33 7,408,167 Imaging apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, and radiation imaging system
34 7,408,017 Polyhydroxyalkanoate containing unit with phenylsulfanyl structure in the side chain, process for its production, charge control agent, toner binder and toner which contain novel polyhydroxyalkanoate, and image forming method and image-forming apparatus which make use of the toner
35 7,407,547 Liquid-phase growth apparatus and method
36 7,407,540 Coloring liquid, ink tank, recording unit, recording apparatus and recording method
37 7,407,275 Ink container for ink jet printer, holder for the container, carriage for the holder and ink jet printer
38 7,407,274 Ink container for ink jet printer, holder for the container carriage for the holder and ink jet printer
39 7,407,258 Ink jet recording method, recording apparatus, and recorded object