Canon patents granted on 05 February 2013

103 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,370,954 Content management systems and methods including content usage restrictions
2 8,370,891 Communication apparatus and control method
3 8,370,738 Information processing apparatus, control method, and computer-readable medium
4 8,370,733 Information processing apparatus, its control method, and program
5 8,370,723 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
6 8,370,694 Method and device for transmitting data, in particular video
7 8,370,538 Communication system, information processing apparatus, peripheral apparatus, and method and medium therefor
8 8,370,403 File management apparatus and its control method
9 8,370,384 Information processing apparatus, file management method, program, and storage medium
10 8,370,373 Document processing system and control method thereof, program, and storage medium
11 8,370,308 Document management system, document management method, and computer program for forming proxy data for deleted documents
12 8,370,174 Medical image processing apparatus, medical image processing method, and program
13 8,369,783 Communication apparatus and method for controlling the communication apparatus
14 8,369,765 Rotational heating member, and image heating apparatus having rotational heating member
15 8,369,763 Image heating apparatus and pressure roller used for image heating apparatus
16 8,369,757 Image forming apparatus
17 8,369,753 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
18 8,369,748 Image forming apparatus with developing cartridge having engaging portion
19 8,369,744 Process cartridge including a photosensitive drum for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
20 8,369,743 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
21 8,369,729 Image forming apparatus with varying transfer bias
22 8,369,726 Image forming apparatus
23 8,369,723 Printing apparatus and control method thereof
24 8,369,722 Image forming apparatus
25 8,369,718 Image forming apparatus
26 8,369,699 Focus detection apparatus
27 8,369,697 Optical device
28 8,369,647 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
29 8,369,637 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
30 8,369,636 Resolution conversion upon hierarchical coding and decoding
31 8,369,631 Methods and devices for coding and decoding, a telecommunication system and computer program implementing them
32 8,369,618 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for reducing color blur
33 8,369,615 Image processing apparatus and method for efficiently reducing the amount of image data
34 8,369,604 Position detector, position detection method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
35 8,369,576 Image processing apparatus
36 8,369,573 Image processing apparatus and method
37 8,369,402 Apparatus and method for prediction modes selection based on image formation
38 8,369,354 Method for synchronizing a transmission of applications data frames, corresponding sender and receiver devices and storage means
39 8,369,349 Network streaming over multiple physical interfaces using feedback information
40 8,369,245 Communication apparatus having network interfaces and responding to device search, communication method, and storage medium
41 8,369,231 Communication device, communication method, control method for communication device, and communication system
42 8,369,096 Electronic apparatus
43 8,369,025 Lens barrel
44 8,369,020 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
45 8,369,015 Optical element and optical apparatus
46 8,368,982 Scanning optical apparatus
47 8,368,980 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
48 8,368,973 Image forming apparatus
49 8,368,971 Light scanning apparatus and scanning display apparatus
50 8,368,966 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and memory medium
51 8,368,958 Apparatus, method, and program product for processing color and transparent images according to the same layout setting or not based the determined image type to output as one image
52 8,368,951 Image processing system and method
53 8,368,948 Image forming apparatus, method, and program for executing super-resolution processing by deleting selected image data based on a spatial frequency characteristic or color
54 8,368,945 Priority based printer setting
55 8,368,942 Image processing apparatus and its program and control method
56 8,368,939 Decoding image data for printing
57 8,368,938 Registering a plurality of tasks with respect to a document for processing
58 8,368,937 Print data processing apparatus, print data processing method, and storage medium
59 8,368,934 Image processing including registering image data
60 8,368,932 User interface and method of controlling the same, storage medium, and image processing apparatus
61 8,368,931 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, and storage medium
62 8,368,927 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
63 8,368,926 Reuse of document print attributes
64 8,368,922 Job processing system and method thereof and storage medium, and program
65 8,368,916 Data distribution processing system, data distribution processing method, and program for secure data transfer by splitting data, generating dummy data, and reconstructing data
66 8,368,913 Image processing system, image forming apparatus, control method of the same, program, and storage medium
67 8,368,911 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same, and information processing apparatus and method
68 8,368,910 Printing apparatus and method
69 8,368,908 Restriction of print job execution
70 8,368,907 Image forming apparatus and image forming system
71 8,368,906 Performing a virtual job using a plurality of mixed image processing apparatuses that can communicate each other
72 8,368,898 Optical apparatus, optical detector, optical modulator, imaging apparatus, and camera
73 8,368,804 Imaging control apparatus, imaging control method, and computer-readable storage medium
74 8,368,791 Imaging apparatus
75 8,368,790 Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
76 8,368,785 Image sensing device and imaging system
77 8,368,776 Image recording apparatus, image reproducing apparatus, method of controlling image recording apparatus, method of controlling image reproducing apparatus, computer program, and recording medium
78 8,368,751 Measure display SFR using a camera and phase shifting
79 8,368,718 Display device, image forming apparatus, display method, and storage medium storing program therefor
80 8,368,708 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium storing control program therefor
81 8,368,521 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
82 8,368,431 Pulse edge selection circuit, and pulse generation circuit, sample-hold circuit, and solid-state image sensor using the same
83 8,368,396 Magnetic sensor element having multi-magnetic domain structure, and detection apparatus equipped with same
84 8,368,027 Radiation detection apparatus and radiographic imaging system
85 8,367,750 Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
86 8,367,324 Method for judging change in probe-bearing substrate, probe-bearing substrate and detecting apparatus
87 8,367,289 Toner
88 8,367,288 Yellow toner
89 8,367,156 Method of manufacturing magnetoresistive device and apparatus for manufacturing the same
90 8,366,951 Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing a substrate for the liquid discharge head
91 8,366,950 Liquid-ejection head and method for manufacturing liquid-ejection head substrate
92 8,366,862 Method for forming structure and method for manufacturing liquid ejecting head
93 8,366,333 Printing apparatus, conveyance apparatus, and feed-conveyance control method
94 8,366,330 Optical device
95 8,366,279 Image display apparatus
96 8,366,258 Inkjet printer
97 8,366,253 Printer
98 8,366,247 Liquid ejection head
99 8,366,230 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
100 8,366,226 Data generation apparatus, inkjet recording apparatus, and data generation method
101 8,366,104 Sheet conveying device and recording apparatus
102 8,366,095 Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
103 8,365,615 Piezoelectric vibration type force sensor