Canon patents granted on 05 January 2016

107 US patents granted on 05 January 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,232,634 Flexible circuit board for mounting light emitting element, illumination apparatus, and vehicle lighting apparatus
2 9,232,194 Imaging apparatus, display method, and storage medium for presenting a candidate object information to a photographer
3 9,232,166 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, method for driving the same, and photoelectric conversion system using first and second analog-to-digital converters to convert analog signal from respective plural electrical signal supply units based on signal change
4 9,232,165 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for driving solid-state imaging apparatus
5 9,232,164 Solid-state image sensor, camera, and method of driving solid-state image sensor
6 9,232,152 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof for correcting exposure unevenness caused by an external light change
7 9,232,148 Image capture apparatus and zooming method
8 9,232,133 Image capturing apparatus for prioritizing shooting parameter settings and control method thereof
9 9,232,131 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
10 9,232,109 Image processing apparatus and image processing method specifying a type of original based on whether a high frequency component is included in an acquired spatial frequency feature including a feature of fiber of an original
11 9,232,107 Image processing apparatus that prevents erroneous transmission, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
12 9,232,106 Apparatus and method for controlling the apparatus
13 9,232,105 Image forming apparatus configured for consumable replacement in power saving mode
14 9,232,101 Data processing apparatus and control method for shifting between standby, suspended, and power-off states
15 9,232,100 Information processing system, control method thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable medium with generating authorization information to use a function of the first service and link information to call an input window
16 9,232,089 Display processing apparatus, control method, and computer program
17 9,232,082 Remote support apparatus, electronic apparatus, remote support method, and storage medium
18 9,232,080 Image forming apparatus, control method for the same and storage medium
19 9,231,825 Network management apparatus, management server, client terminal, and control method thereof
20 9,231,791 Differential transmission circuit
21 9,231,521 Oscillator
22 9,231,497 Optical member driving apparatus and lens apparatus having the same
23 9,231,189 Sodium niobate powder, method for producing the same, method for producing ceramic, and piezoelectric element
24 9,231,188 Piezoelectric ceramics, manufacturing method therefor, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removal device
25 9,231,022 Imaging device and imaging system
26 9,231,021 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup system, and image pickup apparatus manufacturing method
27 9,231,019 Solid-state image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
28 9,231,010 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system having impurity concentration profile in a depth direction of the plural semiconductor regions
29 9,231,009 Image sensor and imaging device
30 9,230,787 Ionization apparatus, mass spectrometer including ionization apparatus, and image forming system
31 9,230,774 X-ray generating tube, X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray imaging system using the same
32 9,230,491 Image display apparatus and control method therefor
33 9,230,319 Method of reconstructing a biological tissue image, and method and apparatus for acquiring a biological tissue image
34 9,230,252 System including a communication terminal, and a processing apparatus configured to execute a job received from the communication terminal
35 9,230,210 Information processing apparatus and method for obtaining a knowledge item based on relation information and an attribute of the relation
36 9,230,203 Control apparatus, control method, and storage medium
37 9,230,202 Image processing apparatus, method, and program product perfoming color convertion depending on input image data modification in accordance with display device
38 9,230,200 Method of processing graphics with limited memory
39 9,230,155 Extraction of keyframes at regular intervals by finding nearby high-quality frames
40 9,230,138 Information processing method and apparatus for securely sharing personalized information
41 9,230,125 Image forming apparatus, printing method, and storage medium
42 9,230,078 Authentication system, control method thereof, service provision device, and storage medium
43 9,230,073 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing program
44 9,229,815 Information processing apparatus, program update method, and program
45 9,229,678 Image display system, image processing apparatus and control method thereof
46 9,229,673 Printing apparatus which prints on a sheet conveyed from one of sheet storage units
47 9,229,672 Auditing system and method for controlling the same
48 9,229,586 Touch system and method for determining the distance between a pointer and a surface
49 9,229,508 Image processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
50 9,229,429 Image forming apparatus including an air-blowing portion configured to blow air guided to a recording material
51 9,229,428 Image forming apparatus capable of receiving different cartridges
52 9,229,423 Image forming apparatus equipped with toner container
53 9,229,422 Developer supplying apparatus
54 9,229,405 Image forming apparatus
55 9,229,404 Image forming apparatus
56 9,229,403 Recording material image capture device and image forming apparatus
57 9,229,401 Image forming apparatus
58 9,229,400 Image forming apparatus having a power supply common to primary transfer and secondary transfer
59 9,229,398 Image forming apparatus
60 9,229,395 Metal substrate, fixing member, and heat-fixing device
61 9,229,388 Fixing device
62 9,229,386 Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and program
63 9,229,384 Image forming apparatus and safety circuit mounted on the same apparatus
64 9,229,383 Image forming apparatus, control apparatus, and control methods thereof
65 9,229,376 High voltage power supply and image forming apparatus
66 9,229,374 Image forming apparatus
67 9,229,371 Developer container, developing cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
68 9,229,368 Developer supply container and developer supplying system having pump operated developer discharge
69 9,229,364 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
70 9,229,358 Developing apparatus, process cartridge, and interval guarantee member
71 9,229,355 Image forming apparatus that identifies a reflection surface of a rotating polygon mirror on which a light beam is incident
72 9,229,353 Image forming apparatus
73 9,229,352 Image forming apparatus that controls correction of image forming positions and method of controlling the same
74 9,229,351 Image forming apparatus
75 9,229,349 Image forming apparatus which corrects for color misregistration
76 9,229,345 Toner
77 9,229,342 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
78 9,229,313 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
79 9,229,312 Exposure apparatus, measurement method, stabilization method, and device fabrication method
80 9,229,205 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
81 9,229,188 Imaging apparatus and control method for same
82 9,229,117 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
83 9,228,961 Method for producing structure
84 9,228,952 Hematopoietic stem cell identification probe
85 9,228,921 Aberration estimating method, program, and image-pickup apparatus
86 9,228,857 Position detection apparatus having a determining unit to determine the reliability of calculated position of a movable member
87 9,228,720 Illumination apparatus, light source apparatus using illumination apparatus, and image display apparatus
88 9,228,676 Electroosmotic movable device
89 9,227,897 Coating liquid, method for manufacturing optical component, and photographic optical system
90 9,227,892 Organic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
91 9,227,809 Conveyance apparatus and recording apparatus
92 9,227,807 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
93 9,227,806 Image forming apparatus
94 9,227,805 Printing apparatus, control method thereof and storage medium storing program
95 9,227,452 Recording medium
96 9,227,442 Printing apparatus and registration adjustment method
97 9,227,427 Image forming apparatus
98 9,227,423 Image processing apparatus, inkjet printing apparatus, and inkjet printing method
99 9,227,406 Method of manufacturing an ejection orifice member
100 9,227,404 Liquid ejection head and method for fabricating the same
101 9,227,401 Printing element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
102 9,227,399 Control method, printing sheet used therefor, and printing apparatus
103 9,227,398 Printing apparatus and printing control method thereof
104 9,227,361 Imprint lithography template
105 9,226,662 Photoacoustic apparatus
106 9,226,659 Fundus camera
107 9,226,655 Image processing apparatus and image processing method