Canon patents granted on 05 July 2011

38 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 7,975,054 Network device and control method of the same
2 7,974,795 Electronic apparatus
3 7,974,563 Image heating apparatus and pressure roller therein having metal core and two elastic layers with different thermal conductivities
4 7,974,553 Image forming apparatus with opening and closing assembly and gears movable therewith
5 7,974,511 Image recording apparatus capable of recording information associated with location upon image sensing together with sensed image data, and control method thereof
6 7,974,497 Method of modifying the region displayed within a digital image, method of displaying an image at plural resolutions, and associated device
7 7,974,482 Image distribution apparatus, communication terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
8 7,974,462 Image capture environment calibration method and information processing apparatus
9 7,974,087 Cartridge type hard disk drive and image forming apparatus
10 7,974,083 Displaying apparatus
11 7,974,082 Display apparatus
12 7,974,059 Power supply apparatus, power supply apparatus control method
13 7,973,991 Oscillator device, optical deflector and driving signal generating method
14 7,973,988 Color image forming apparatus and control method thereof
15 7,973,967 Pseudo-multithread framework for XPSDrv filter pipeline
16 7,973,963 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and memory medium for storing computer program for executing method, with function program providing API
17 7,973,951 Image-forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
18 7,973,868 Active matrix substrate, reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal projector system
19 7,973,854 Image pickup apparatus having mechanisms for holding an image pickup element
20 7,973,839 Solid image pickup device, image pickup system and method of driving solid image pickup device
21 7,973,835 Solid-state image pickup apparatus
22 7,973,829 Image sensing apparatus, image sensing method, recording medium, and program for controlling exposure by correcting a brightness value when an optical filter is manually inserted
23 7,973,756 Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display
24 7,973,463 Electron-emitting device, electron source, image display apparatus and method of fabricating electron-emitting device
25 7,973,197 Colorant compound and blue resist composition for use in color filter containing the same
26 7,973,144 Method for refolding protein
27 7,973,097 Ink jet pigment ink and ink set
28 7,972,735 Fuel cell system and activation method for fuel cell
29 7,972,551 Method of producing solid body having depressed portions on its surface and method of producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
30 7,972,461 Hermetically sealed container and manufacturing method of image forming apparatus using the same
31 7,972,191 Manufacturing method of image display apparatus
32 7,972,018 Image projection system with auto-focus
33 7,971,966 Ink jet recording head
34 7,971,964 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
35 7,971,963 Liquid discharge method and liquid discharge head
36 7,971,951 Inkjet printing apparatus and printing method therefor
37 7,971,868 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus with lifter mechanism
38 7,971,358 Tank unit, ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing tank unit and ink jet recording head