Canon patents granted on 05 November 2013

76 US patents granted on 05 November 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 8,578,440 Video processing apparatus and method of controlling video processing apparatus
2 8,578,298 Display control apparatus and control method thereof
3 8,578,297 Method of browsing media items using thumbnails
4 8,578,269 Information processing apparatus for performing a layout processing of sub-templates, information processing method and computer-readable medium
5 8,578,071 Information processing apparatus and inter-processor communication control method
6 8,577,858 Data retrieval apparatus, data retrieval method, and program
7 8,577,278 Image forming apparatus to form images on sheets utilizing detected sheet slide positions
8 8,577,277 Image forming apparatus
9 8,577,273 Image forming apparatus having sheet cooling device
10 8,577,269 Image forming apparatus
11 8,577,268 Image forming apparatus
12 8,577,252 Process cartridge and disassembling method of the process cartridge
13 8,577,249 Image forming apparatus with self-cleaning
14 8,577,248 Image forming apparatus
15 8,577,243 Serial communication apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
16 8,577,241 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof that separate roller bodies after a predetermined time elapses after being in a power save mode
17 8,577,235 Image forming apparatus featuring control voltages applied to magnetic particle carrying members
18 8,577,215 Imaging apparatus, flash device, and control method thereof
19 8,577,214 Shake correction apparatus and control method thereof
20 8,577,176 Position and orientation calibration method and apparatus
21 8,577,161 Reproduction apparatus
22 8,577,157 Conditional replenishment for motion JPEG2000
23 8,577,098 Apparatus, method and program for designating an object image to be registered
24 8,577,096 Image encoding apparatus and control method thereof
25 8,576,999 Communication terminal apparatus and transmission history control method
26 8,576,925 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and program
27 8,576,813 Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method
28 8,576,734 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof and program
29 8,576,590 Power supply and image forming apparatus
30 8,576,504 Motor driving apparatus and optical apparatus
31 8,576,494 Zoom lens system
32 8,576,466 Image processing apparatus and image processing method that correct color conversion table used when reading document
33 8,576,454 Image forming device, image forming method and program
34 8,576,452 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
35 8,576,433 Choosing a printing device based on accumulated power consumption in a network
36 8,576,432 Print service system and print processing method
37 8,576,431 Device management using power supply status
38 8,576,427 Image forming apparatus implemented by a distributed control system
39 8,576,426 Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium to output an image selected from images contained in a file
40 8,576,422 Print system, print server, control method thereof, and program capable of registering printer configuration information in a service provider in an environment in which a service for providing the printing function is utilized
41 8,576,416 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof and storage medium that changes UI setting data to setting for substitutional execution of function by another apparatus
42 8,576,414 Bookbinding processing apparatus and control method thereof and program for setting recommended setting values as the setting values
43 8,576,404 Optical interferometer
44 8,576,378 Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
45 8,576,339 Image processing apparatus and control method therefor
46 8,576,337 Video image processing apparatus and video image processing method
47 8,576,335 Image display apparatus having flicker control and method of controlling the same
48 8,576,331 Image pickup apparatus that performs exposure control, method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
49 8,576,329 Focus detection apparatus and control method therefor
50 8,576,316 Image sensing apparatus including charge transfer operation and control method therefor
51 8,576,306 Image sensing apparatus, image processing apparatus, control method, and computer-readable medium
52 8,576,304 Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
53 8,576,303 Method of foreground/background separation
54 8,576,300 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
55 8,576,298 Image pickup apparatus
56 8,576,295 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
57 8,576,294 Readout apparatus and imaging apparatus
58 8,576,248 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
59 8,576,242 Image processing using meshes and gradient information
60 8,575,835 Organic luminescent device and method for manufacturing the same
61 8,575,827 Display apparatus
62 8,575,743 Printed board and semiconductor integrated circuit
63 8,574,955 Method for producing light-emitting film and light-emitting device
64 8,574,805 Toner
65 8,574,801 Toner
66 8,574,479 Imprinting method and imprinting apparatus
67 8,573,864 Image pickup apparatus having first and second timers
68 8,573,788 Image projecting apparatus having an optical element shiftable in a direction having a component perpendicular to an optical axis
69 8,573,780 Projection-type display apparatus and geometric distortion correcting method for correcting geometric distortion
70 8,573,768 Recording apparatus
71 8,573,764 Drying apparatus and printing apparatus
72 8,573,758 Liquid jet recording head and liquid supply method
73 8,573,748 Recording head
74 8,573,744 Continuous type liquid ejection head and liquid ejection device
75 8,573,727 Inkjet printing apparatus and carriage control method for controlling carriage speed
76 8,573,582 Sheet buffer apparatus, post-processing apparatus, control method, and image forming apparatus