Canon patents granted on 05 October 2010

68 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 D624,960 Ink cartridge for printer
2 7,810,130 Method and apparatus of power management for moving image-streaming content
3 7,810,040 Document processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
4 7,810,039 Image displaying method, image displaying program, and display
5 7,809,966 Information processing apparatus having a low power consumption state and releasing the low power consumption state to perform communication, and power control method therefor
6 7,809,845 Apparatus and method for transmitting command
7 7,809,830 Optimization of quality of service in the distribution of bitstreams
8 7,809,814 Method and device for managing requests in an architecture of the client-server type
9 7,809,807 Image forming system, image forming method, and server
10 7,809,787 Service providing apparatus, service providing method, and control program
11 7,809,742 Content management method, apparatus, and system
12 7,809,732 Method, apparatus, and storage media for image processing
13 7,809,728 Recording/playback apparatus and method
14 7,809,706 Information display apparatus and meta-information display method
15 7,809,609 System, method, and computer readable storage medium for the processing of print orders
16 7,809,571 Speech output of setting information according to determined priority
17 7,809,308 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
18 7,809,304 Duct for image forming apparatus
19 7,809,299 Image forming apparatus for forming color images and monochrome images
20 7,809,298 Image forming apparatus having display unit for displaying an executable program and control method therefor
21 7,809,273 Transmission technique in system including chamber
22 7,809,261 Image sensing apparatus and control method
23 7,809,260 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling same
24 7,809,251 Information recording/reproduction apparatus
25 7,809,187 Color processing method and apparatus
26 7,809,186 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program thereof, and recording medium
27 7,809,137 Job allocation control apparatus and job allocation control method
28 7,809,040 Red surface emitting laser element, image forming device, and image display apparatus
29 7,809,032 Control method of distributed Bragg reflection semiconductor laser, and image projecting apparatus
30 7,808,874 Optical information reproducing method
31 7,808,873 Optical information reproducing method
32 7,808,728 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
33 7,808,679 Printing system for operating marginless printing on roll paper
34 7,808,666 Data processing device, print setting processing method, storage device for storing computer-readable program and program
35 7,808,661 Print controlling program, process method, recording medium, information processor and printing system
36 7,808,555 Image display method and image display apparatus with zoom-in to face area of still image
37 7,808,547 Lens apparatus and image-taking apparatus including drive range limiting function having valid and invalid states
38 7,808,545 Image-pickup device, color chart, image adjusting method, and image adjusting system
39 7,808,537 Photoelectric conversion apparatus with fully differential amplifier
40 7,808,516 Image forming apparatus
41 7,808,461 Image display apparatus
42 7,808,450 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
43 7,808,209 Remaining battery charge calculation system in electronic device
44 7,808,175 Light emitting material and light emitting device
45 7,808,171 Image display device having resistance layer configuration
46 7,808,168 Spacer, manufacturing method thereof, image display apparatus using the spacer, and manufacturing method thereof
47 7,808,162 Stacked piezoelectric element and vibration wave driving apparatus
48 7,807,940 Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method
49 7,807,585 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
50 7,807,553 Substrate heating apparatus and semiconductor fabrication method
51 7,807,485 Process for producing surface emitting laser, process for producing surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array produced by the process
52 7,807,391 Gold-binding protein and use thereof
53 7,807,334 Substrate having fine line, electron source and image display apparatus
54 7,807,277 Amine compound and organic light-emitting device
55 7,807,123 Method of manufacturing silicon carbide
56 7,807,065 Processing method
57 7,806,970 Ink jet ink, method of producing ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, and cyan ink
58 7,806,520 Ink supply apparatus and ink jet recording apparatus
59 7,806,518 Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording apparatus
60 7,806,517 Liquid-jet recording head
61 7,806,512 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
62 7,806,503 Printing apparatus and ink discharge failure detection method
63 7,806,496 Printhead substrate, inkjet printhead, and inkjet printing apparatus
64 7,806,495 Head substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
65 7,806,492 Printhead and printing apparatus
66 7,806,403 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
67 7,806,400 Image forming apparatus
68 7,806,315 Device and method for controlling copying operation of document with use of barcode