Canon patents granted on 06 December 2011

56 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 8,074,249 Content storage control apparatus and control method therefor
2 8,074,244 Receiving apparatus and method
3 8,074,216 Device management apparatus, client apparatus, and device management method
4 8,073,827 Processing device and processing method
5 8,073,377 Cleaning device, developing device, cartridge, cleaning blade securing method, and developing blade securing method
6 8,073,370 Image forming apparatus having a mechanism for detecting a mark on a belt
7 8,073,360 Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
8 8,073,349 Image forming apparatus
9 8,073,281 Generating a dilation image utilizing parallel pixel processing
10 8,073,257 Information processing system, information processing method, image processing apparatus, program, and recording medium
11 8,073,256 Image processing apparatus and method therefor
12 8,073,255 Keyword generation process
13 8,073,201 Position/orientation measurement method and apparatus
14 8,073,035 Surface emitting laser, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser, surface emitting laser array, manufacturing method of surface emitting laser array, and optical apparatus including surface emitting laser array
15 8,073,032 Surface emitting laser and manufacturing method therefor
16 8,073,023 Surface emitting laser
17 8,072,964 Communication apparatus for connecting to another apparatus in accordance with occupancy of beacon slots and communication method for the same
18 8,072,898 Method for managing a transmission of data streams on a transport channel of a tunnel, corresponding tunnel end-point and computer-readable storage medium
19 8,072,851 Position control apparatus and optical apparatus
20 8,072,698 Lens barrel support apparatus
21 8,072,661 Computer generated hologram, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
22 8,072,658 Image processing apparatus and its method
23 8,072,653 Image reading and recording apparatus
24 8,072,640 Recording system and controlling method therefor
25 8,072,636 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and print control system
26 8,072,632 Network compliant output device, information processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program on computer-readable storage medium, and network system which determine alternative network compliant output device
27 8,072,628 Printing apparatus, network device, printing control method, and printing control program capable of transmitting print image data to printing hardware prior to registration of print job
28 8,072,624 Image processing device, method, and program with editing, range setting, and printing screen conditionally displayed when application is started
29 8,072,621 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
30 8,072,612 Method and apparatus for detecting a feature of an input pattern using a plurality of feature detectors, each of which corresponds to a respective specific variation type and outputs a higher value when variation received by the input pattern roughly matches the respective specific variation type
31 8,072,579 Measuring method, adjustment method for stage movement characteristics, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
32 8,072,550 Remote control unit
33 8,072,544 Video output apparatus and control method thereof
34 8,072,542 Sampling device, display device using sampling device, and camera
35 8,072,526 Image sensor, imaging system, and image sensor control method
36 8,072,519 Solid-state imaging apparatus, imaging system, and drive method of solid-state imaging apparatus
37 8,072,514 Imaging system and method for error reduction processing
38 8,072,513 Image capturing system, signal processing circuit, and signal processing method
39 8,072,176 Displacement sensing method and motor control apparatus
40 8,072,137 Fused heterocyclic compound and organic light emitting device
41 8,072,136 Compound and organic light emitting device using the compound
42 8,072,133 Light emitter substrate and image displaying apparatus using the same
43 8,072,040 Image pickup apparatus, radiation image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup system
44 8,071,993 Organic electroluminescence element, image display device, and imaging apparatus
45 8,071,257 Fuel cartridge and fuel cell
46 8,071,250 Fuel cell stack
47 8,071,057 Microfluidic device
48 8,070,871 Ink jet ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
49 8,070,852 Oxygen partial-pressure control unit and method of gas supply
50 8,070,547 Method for manufacturing image display apparatus
51 8,070,291 Fundus camera
52 8,070,276 Ink jet recording cartridge
53 8,070,267 Ink jet recording head and production process thereof
54 8,070,263 Printing head substrate, ink jet printing head and ink jet printing apparatus with substrate temperature detecting element
55 8,070,262 Print element substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
56 8,070,249 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method