Canon patents granted on 06 December 2016

56 US patents granted on 06 December 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 RE46,232 Image processing method and apparatus for processing an image by using a face detection result
2 9,516,596 Apparatus and method
3 9,516,517 Communication device, control method of communication device, and program
4 9,516,502 Communication apparatus, method for controlling the same, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
5 9,516,458 Image forming apparatus equipped with NFC tag, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
6 9,516,342 Method and apparatus for transition encoding in video coding and decoding
7 9,516,324 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
8 9,516,289 Video image projection apparatus, video image projection method, and storage medium
9 9,516,240 Imaging apparatus, client device, imaging system, control method of imaging apparatus, control method of client device, and control method of imaging system
10 9,516,236 Image processing method and device system
11 9,516,216 Display processing apparatus and method
12 9,516,213 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and control method thereof
13 9,516,196 Image forming apparatus that performs calibration for maintaining image quality
14 9,516,191 Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
15 9,516,186 Image sensor unit, paper sheet distinguishing apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
16 9,516,185 Information processing apparatus enabling cooperation with a network service and control method therefor
17 9,516,042 Apparatus for switching between multiple servers in a web-based system
18 9,516,013 Communication apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium for transmitting image file to a network address
19 9,515,270 Indolophenoxazine compound and organic light emitting device using the same
20 9,515,249 Piezoelectric material
21 9,515,027 Printed circuit board
22 9,514,950 Methods for uniform imprint pattern transfer of sub-20 nm features
23 9,514,910 Radiation tube, radiation generating apparatus, and radiation imaging system
24 9,514,572 Mixed reality space image providing apparatus
25 9,514,555 Method of rendering an overlapping region
26 9,514,541 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 9,514,532 Image processing apparatus ophthalmologic imaging system and image processing method
28 9,514,396 Printing apparatus, method of controlling the same and storage medium
29 9,514,106 Embedded device, control method therefor, program for implementing the control method, and storage medium storing the program
30 9,513,860 Display apparatus, print control method, and program
31 9,513,853 Data processing apparatus capable of controlling power supply, control method therefor, and storage medium
32 9,513,846 Image forming apparatus, method and storage medium controlling the insertion of index sheets in a print job
33 9,513,715 Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
34 9,513,592 Heater, image heating apparatus including the heater and manufacturing method of the heater
35 9,513,588 Image forming apparatus for forming an image on a recording material
36 9,513,587 Image forming apparatus and image forming system including a detection unit that detects information about a used amount of unit
37 9,513,586 Image heating apparatus having film, back-up member forming a nip with the film, a heater, and heat conductive members configured to be brought into contact with heater surface opposite to the surface of the heater brought into contact with the film
38 9,513,583 Fixing device for suppressing reduced durability of a flexible rotary member
39 9,513,578 Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
40 9,513,571 Magnetic carrier, two-component developer, developer for replenishment, and image forming method
41 9,513,564 Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
42 9,513,492 Shake correction apparatus and control method
43 9,513,478 Mirror system and control method therefor
44 9,513,462 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
45 9,513,417 Optical filter and optical apparatus
46 9,513,262 Object information acquiring apparatus and control method for the object information acquiring apparatus
47 9,513,196 Methods and systems for microfluidic DNA sample preparation
48 9,513,170 Spectral color sensor and image forming apparatus
49 9,513,106 Wavelength tunable light source
50 9,511,973 Sheet stacking apparatus having tray that is lifted and lowered and image forming apparatus
51 9,511,612 Recording medium
52 9,511,588 Method for processing silicon substrate
53 9,511,493 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
54 9,511,386 Coating system and coating method
55 9,510,751 Ocular characteristic device to eliminate ghosting from an IOL during corneal curvature measurement
56 9,510,750 Fundus imaging apparatus, method of controlling fundus imaging apparatus, and storage medium