Canon patents granted on 06 November 2007

42 US patents granted on 06 November 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,293,187 Image sensing apparatus and power managing method
2 7,293,067 System for searching device on network
3 7,292,811 Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus
4 7,292,799 Image forming apparatus using detection of toner image on image bearing member
5 7,292,795 Image forming apparatus with carbon based fixing material
6 7,292,783 Lens drive mechanism and image-taking apparatus
7 7,292,744 Optical connection device and optoelectronic hybrid apparatus including the same
8 7,292,426 Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
9 7,292,398 Optical system and optical apparatus including optical system
10 7,292,377 Image processing apparatus capable of reducing power consumption while connected to an external device
11 7,292,367 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
12 7,292,364 Printing apparatus and print control method
13 7,292,360 Print system, information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, printing method, and program
14 7,292,359 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
15 7,292,358 Image forming apparatus
16 7,292,357 Printing apparatus and method of controlling same
17 7,292,348 Stage apparatus including a correction unit to correct a wavelength variation of measurement light based on measured displacement of a stage
18 7,292,316 Illumination optical system and exposure apparatus having the same
19 7,292,311 Scanning exposure technique
20 7,292,309 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
21 7,292,307 Cooling apparatus, optical element having the same, and exposure apparatus
22 7,292,264 Multiple image processing and synthesis using background image extraction
23 7,292,256 Optimising compositing calculations for a run of pixels
24 7,292,255 Image data acquisition optimisation
25 7,292,240 Virtual reality presentation device and information processing method
26 7,292,236 Display driving method and display apparatus utilizing the same
27 7,291,962 Electron-emitting device, electron source using the electron-emitting devices, and image-forming apparatus using the electron source
28 7,291,679 Recyclable polymer and process for production thereof
29 7,291,668 Composition containing polymer having ionic functional group, ink composition, and image-forming method and image-forming apparatus employing the ink composition
30 7,291,361 Image forming process, image-recorded article, liquid composition and ink-jet recording apparatus
31 7,291,214 Ink, ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
32 7,291,211 Aqueous ink, ink tank, ink jet recording apparatus, ink jet recording method, and ink jet recorded image
33 7,290,952 Recording apparatus with a slidably accommodated discharge tray
34 7,290,881 Opthalmologic apparatus
35 7,290,861 Ink tank, printing head and inkjet printing apparatus
36 7,290,858 Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
37 7,290,855 Printing apparatus and printing method
38 7,290,854 Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
39 7,290,851 Ink-jet recording apparatus
40 7,290,848 Printhead and printhead driving method
41 7,290,843 Recording apparatus having a device for detecting the presence or absence of a liquid
42 7,290,763 Sheet feeding apparatus and image reading and recording apparatus provided with the same