Canon patents granted on 06 November 2012

69 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,307,449 Image processing apparatus, document connecting method, and storage medium storing control program for executing the method
2 8,307,305 Scrolling interface
3 8,307,264 Detection apparatus
4 8,307,002 Image forming apparatus, data processing method, computer-readable storage medium on which a program is stored, and program
5 8,306,773 Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including systems and methods for controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes
6 8,306,460 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus including drum and shaft coupling members transmitting driving forces to a photosensitive drum and a developing roller, respectively
7 8,306,451 Developer supply container featuring two developer accommodating chambers
8 8,306,447 Potential sensor, electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the potential sensor, and manufacturing method of potential sensor
9 8,306,446 Image forming apparatus for cooling a pressing member pressing against an image heating member and forming a nip therebetween
10 8,306,442 Image forming apparatus with control for setting image forming condition based on executed mode
11 8,306,378 Optical pulse compressor
12 8,306,357 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
13 8,306,324 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
14 8,306,294 Systems and methods for monitoring the amplification and dissociation behavior of DNA molecules
15 8,306,277 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and computer program for causing computer to execute control method of image processing apparatus
16 8,306,196 Communication terminal, control method for communication terminal and control program for communication terminal
17 8,306,110 Moving image coding apparatus and method using copy pictures depending on virtual buffer verifier occupancy
18 8,305,686 Method for producing optical element and the optical element
19 8,305,683 Polarizer
20 8,305,674 Method of manufacturing oscillator device, and optical deflector and optical instrument with oscillator device based on it
21 8,305,656 Image reading apparatus, image forming apparatus incorporating the same, image reading control method therefor, and program implementing the method
22 8,305,644 Image forming device, image forming method, and recording medium
23 8,305,635 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer-readable storage medium
24 8,305,628 Printing merged data using an invalidation process
25 8,305,621 Printing using multiple paper sources
26 8,305,616 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
27 8,305,615 Job processing method for restarting jobs after an interrupt
28 8,305,614 Information processing system and method of controlling same
29 8,305,611 Multifunction system and its manufacturing method
30 8,305,610 Method for changing printer drivers in information processing apparatus
31 8,305,608 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program for inputting insertion data to a data area of document data and sending output data processible by each of printing apparatuses
32 8,305,603 Job processing apparatus coordinating update of software used in job execution and control method thereof
33 8,305,600 Information processing apparatus and its control method
34 8,305,596 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
35 8,305,595 Print control with interfaces provided in correspondence with printing methods to show status of member printers
36 8,305,594 Print control apparatus and method for managing print settings
37 8,305,560 Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and aperture stop manufacturing method
38 8,305,555 Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
39 8,305,477 Image pickup apparatus, control method thereof, and program
40 8,305,473 Driving method of solid-state imaging apparatus, solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging system
41 8,305,472 Image capturing system
42 8,305,469 Image pickup apparatus having a dummy signal readout circuit
43 8,305,458 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and storage medium for correcting chromatic aberration
44 8,305,455 Image stabilization control apparatus and imaging apparatus
45 8,305,454 Image-blur correction device and corresponding method for controlling compensation within an octogon region
46 8,305,451 Adapter apparatus and control method thereof, and computer program
47 8,305,440 Stationary object detection using multi-mode background modelling
48 8,305,325 Color display apparatus and active matrix apparatus
49 8,305,029 Fan drive apparatus and image forming apparatus having fan drive apparatus
50 8,304,975 Electron beam apparatus and image display apparatus using the same
51 8,304,796 Light-emitting apparatus
52 8,304,788 Display apparatus and method of producing same
53 8,304,773 Oxide semiconductor thin-film transistor
54 8,304,767 Semiconductor device and production method thereof
55 8,304,735 Radiation detecting apparatus and radiation detecting system
56 8,304,298 Inverter manufacturing method and inverter
57 8,304,278 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
58 8,304,185 Methods and systems for DNA isolation on a microfluidic device
59 8,304,177 Process for producing ink jet head
60 8,304,176 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
61 8,304,096 Fused polycyclic aromatic compound and organic light emitting device using the compound
62 8,303,785 Plasma processing apparatus and electronic device manufacturing method
63 8,303,229 Bookbinding apparatus, image forming apparatus, and control method
64 8,303,075 Apparatus and method of controlling same
65 8,303,070 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
66 8,303,069 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
67 8,302,964 Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 8,302,956 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus with separation claw and intermittent drive
69 8,302,951 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system