Canon patents granted on 06 October 2009

46 US patents granted on 06 October 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,600,244 Method for extracting program and apparatus for extracting program
2 7,600,226 Device driver updating method and program, information processing apparatus and server apparatus using the same, and storage for storing device driver updating program
3 7,600,191 Image display method, program, and image display apparatus
4 7,600,158 Electronic apparatus for which program is rewritable and program rewriting method
5 7,600,107 Device driver, program for customizing the driver, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
6 7,600,052 Peripheral device control method, control program, and apparatus therefor
7 7,600,050 Information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus control method, information processing program, and network system
8 7,600,018 Method and apparatus for managing network devices
9 7,599,960 Metadata processing method, metadata storing method, metadata adding apparatus, control program and recording medium, and contents displaying apparatus and contents imaging apparatus
10 7,599,644 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus that eliminates charge from the surface of a photosensitive member upstream of a sealing member contact portion
11 7,599,642 Image forming apparatus including a heater positioned between a photosensitive member and a corona charger
12 7,599,639 Sheet post-processing apparatus, image forming system and power saving control method
13 7,599,637 Image fixing apparatus
14 7,599,636 Fixing apparatus with current control to heater
15 7,599,632 Image forming apparatus and method for forming images for carrying out development using a light toner and a dark toner having substantially the same hue
16 7,599,574 Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, correction value generation apparatus, correction value generation method, and display apparatus manufacturing method
17 7,599,553 Image processing apparatus and method that perform color matching using detected uniformity
18 7,599,552 Image processing apparatus, and color correction method and lookup table
19 7,599,541 Radiographic apparatus and radiographic method
20 7,599,272 Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing multi-level information
21 7,599,099 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
22 7,599,086 Print control method and apparatus
23 7,599,084 Image processing apparatus and control method of image processing apparatus
24 7,599,079 Image processing using processing by bands and fixed-size work buffer
25 7,599,078 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
26 7,599,066 Localized plasmon resonance sensor
27 7,599,040 Color liquid crystal display device
28 7,599,007 Noise detection method, noise reduction method, noise detection device, and noise reduction device
29 7,599,001 Image capture apparatus and electronic apparatus
30 7,598,999 Electronic device powered by fuel cell and power supply system using fuel cell
31 7,598,982 Imaging apparatus having a detector for detecting spatial frequency characteristics, control method, and a computer program product having computer program code therefor
32 7,598,978 Imaging apparatus
33 7,598,974 Multi-beam optical scanning device
34 7,598,971 Color image forming apparatus
35 7,598,332 Polymerizable compound, polymer compound, composition using the same, image-forming method, and image-forming apparatus
36 7,598,172 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device by using dual damascene process and method for manufacturing article having communicating hole
37 7,598,012 Coloring compound and recording material using the same
38 7,597,955 Light-emitting device, organic compound and display
39 7,597,822 Blue phosphor and display panel using the same
40 7,597,446 Illumination optical system and image projection apparatus
41 7,597,424 Printhead substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
42 7,597,324 Sheet-stacking apparatus and image-forming apparatus
43 7,597,322 Conveyance apparatus, control method therefor, and printing apparatus
44 7,597,311 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided therewith and sheet processing method
45 7,597,006 Method of evaluating adhesiveness of member
46 7,597,001 Humidity measuring apparatus and image forming apparatus