Canon patents granted on 06 October 2015

83 US patents granted on 06 October 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,155,212 Electronic component, mounting member, electronic apparatus, and their manufacturing methods
2 9,155,160 Method of manufacturing organic electroluminescence display device and electronic equipment including organic electroluminescence display device manufactured by the manufacturing method
3 9,154,760 Apparatus for recording signals on disk recording medium
4 9,154,752 Image display device and image display method
5 9,154,719 Image sensor, imaging system, sensor, and operation method for image sensor
6 9,154,706 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
7 9,154,693 Photographing control apparatus and photographing control method
8 9,154,689 Focus detector, and lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus including the same
9 9,154,685 Driving technology of an image sensor in an image capture apparatus
10 9,154,683 Image sensing apparatus and method for controlling the same
11 9,154,682 Method of detecting predetermined object from image and apparatus therefor
12 9,154,681 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
13 9,154,665 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
14 9,154,664 Receiver image processing apparatus, capable of post-processing, and control method and storage medium therefor
15 9,154,661 Image processing apparatus, image processing setting method and storage medium for changing a default value based on a frequency with which a setting value has been changed by a user
16 9,154,651 Configuring apparatus, image output apparatus, methods of controlling the same, and program
17 9,154,603 Communication apparatus utilizing a plurality of transmission applications based on a communication partner
18 9,154,504 Device apparatus, control method, and relating storage medium
19 9,154,470 System and method for processing transactions
20 9,154,066 Drive control apparatus and drive control method
21 9,154,057 Electromechanical transducer device and analyte information acquiring apparatus
22 9,154,056 Rotary type vibration wave driving apparatus
23 9,154,054 Vibrating body for vibration wave drive device and method of producing vibrating body for vibration wave drive device
24 9,154,043 Power source device and image forming apparatus
25 9,153,931 Laser apparatus and control method therefor
26 9,153,703 Thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing same
27 9,153,635 Light emitting display apparatus
28 9,153,617 Imaging apparatus, and imaging system
29 9,153,610 Solid-state image sensor
30 9,153,127 Video transmitting apparatus, video receiving apparatus, and video transmission system
31 9,153,030 Position and orientation estimation method and apparatus therefor
32 9,153,029 Block patterns as two-dimensional ruler
33 9,152,898 Image forming apparatus, information processing method in image forming apparatus, and storage medium storing program
34 9,152,895 Image processing apparatus, method thereof, and storage medium
35 9,152,894 GPU-based RIP architecture
36 9,152,878 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
37 9,152,848 Information processing apparatus including a face dictionary, control method therefor, and storage medium
38 9,152,846 Authentication apparatus that authenticates object, authentication method, and storage medium
39 9,152,631 Document management system, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
40 9,152,605 Apparatus, method, and computer-readable storage medium for data processing in a ring bus
41 9,152,367 Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
42 9,152,365 Image processing apparatus, network system, information processing method, program, and storage medium
43 9,152,363 Print control apparatus controlling deletion of print job history and job data based on a set retention period
44 9,152,361 Information processing apparatus and method therefor
45 9,152,217 Information processing apparatus configured to shift between plurality of power modes and reduce the time taken to return to a standby state
46 9,152,127 Image forming apparatus
47 9,152,122 Static-electricity-blocking mounting unit and electronic apparatus
48 9,152,115 Image forming apparatus that employs electrophotographic method
49 9,152,114 Image forming apparatus
50 9,152,110 Pressure rotating member, method for manufacturing the same, and heating device
51 9,152,097 Fixing apparatus
52 9,152,092 Image forming apparatus
53 9,152,088 Developer replenishing cartridge and developer replenishing method
54 9,152,081 Developer accommodating container, process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus
55 9,152,079 Image forming apparatus having developer amount determination
56 9,152,078 Developing apparatus
57 9,152,076 Developing apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
58 9,152,065 Magnetic toner
59 9,152,059 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
60 9,152,037 Pattern correction method, storage medium, information processing apparatus, method of manufacturing mask, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
61 9,152,034 Image display apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image and having a phase difference plate
62 9,152,018 Image pickup lens, image pickup apparatus, and control method of the image pickup apparatus
63 9,152,013 Light-quantity control apparatus and optical apparatus
64 9,152,009 Terahertz-wave generating element, terahertz-wave detecting element, and terahertz time-domain spectroscopy device
65 9,151,938 Zoom lens and image pickup device including the same
66 9,151,935 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
67 9,151,929 Image pickup apparatus and lens unit
68 9,151,927 Rack and optical apparatus using the same
69 9,151,601 Aspheric face form measuring method, form measuring program, and form measuring apparatus
70 9,151,594 Position detection apparatus and image forming apparatus
71 9,150,697 Ink jet recording head and manufacturing method therefor
72 9,150,376 Image forming apparatus capable of forming images in double-sided mode
73 9,150,371 Job processing method and printing system
74 9,150,039 Image forming apparatus including skew correction mechanism, control method therefor, and storage medium
75 9,150,036 Control method for printing and printing apparatus
76 9,150,022 Printing apparatus
77 9,150,019 Liquid ejection head body and method of manufacturing the same
78 9,150,016 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
79 9,150,012 Control device for printing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
80 9,150,009 Printing apparatus, printing method, and program
81 9,149,183 Image processing system, processing method, and storage medium
82 9,149,181 Tomographic imaging apparatus and photographing method
83 9,149,180 Optical tomographic imaging apparatus