Canon patents granted on 07 July 2009

54 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,559,024 Document processing apparatus and method
2 7,559,014 Display and control of permitted data processing based on control information extracted from the data
3 7,558,689 Information processing method and system
4 7,558,519 Endless metallic belt and fixing belt and heat fixing assembly making use of the same
5 7,558,517 Image forming apparatus featuring alleviation of toner image deformation resulting from a rotational speed change of an image bearing member
6 7,558,516 Image forming apparatus wherein a carrier weight ratio in a first supply container and carrier weight ratio in a second supply container are substantially equal to each other
7 7,558,502 Image forming apparatus
8 7,558,501 Image forming apparatus and power supply
9 7,558,492 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
10 7,558,466 Moving image playback apparatus and its control method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
11 7,558,441 Resolution conversion upon hierarchical coding and decoding
12 7,558,440 Image processing apparatus and method, photographing system, controlling method for the system, and computer-readable memory
13 7,558,434 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
14 7,558,430 Apparatus method and computer-readable medium for processing hierarchical encoded image data
15 7,558,403 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
16 7,558,181 Optical information recording/reproduction apparatus
17 7,557,974 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same including relationship between interval between deflector and scanned surface and a natural convergent point
18 7,557,972 Oscillator device, optical deflector and optical instrument using the same
19 7,557,968 Document feeder and image forming apparatus
20 7,557,967 Image reading apparatus
21 7,557,959 Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and program
22 7,557,957 Image processing method and apparatus, and profile management method
23 7,557,940 Image capture apparatus
24 7,557,938 Printing control device and method, printing apparatus and method, storage medium storing computer-readable program therein, and computer-readable program
25 7,557,857 Quantity-of-light adjusting apparatus
26 7,557,855 Focus position detection apparatus and method
27 7,557,847 Image pickup apparatus and system with low parasitic capacitance between floating diffusion area of a pixel and output line of an adjacent pixel
28 7,557,837 Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
29 7,557,831 Optical apparatus provided with image-shake correction function
30 7,557,825 Camera system, camera, and camera control method
31 7,557,816 Image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium for generating and presenting an image of virtual objects including the operation panel viewed from the position and orientation of the viewpoint of the observer
32 7,557,814 Construction and use of a multi-shelled gamut boundary descriptor
33 7,557,588 Method and apparatus for inspecting an object using terahertz electromagnetic wave
34 7,557,488 Power supply apparatus, and image forming apparatus having the same
35 7,557,469 Positioning system and linear motor
36 7,557,355 Image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup apparatus
37 7,557,318 Light transmitting operating member
38 7,557,176 Polyhydroxyalkanoic acid having vinyl, ester, carboxyl or sulfonic acid group and producing method therefor
39 7,557,150 Method for manufacturing dispersion and ink using dispersion obtained thereby
40 7,556,913 Metal or metal compound pattern and forming method of pattern, and electron emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus using the pattern
41 7,556,901 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
42 7,556,379 Ophthalmologic apparatus
43 7,556,366 Ink cartridge
44 7,556,363 Ink remainder detecting module for ink jet apparatus, ink container with same and ink jet apparatus
45 7,556,345 Image recording apparatus and method for recording an image on a recording medium
46 7,556,343 Ink-jet printing method, printing system, ink-jet printing apparatus, print data generating method, program and printer driver
47 7,556,342 Ink jet printing apparatus
48 7,556,339 Ink jet printing apparatus
49 7,556,332 Recording head and recording apparatus
50 7,556,330 Recording apparatus and recording method
51 7,556,256 Sheet feeding apparatus
52 7,556,255 Image processing apparatus
53 7,556,254 Image forming system and paper feeder thereof
54 7,556,251 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus