Canon patents granted on 07 March 2006

37 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,010,483 Speech processing system
2 7,010,380 Management system, management method and apparatus, and management apparatus control method
3 7,010,256 Image heating apparatus having recording medium conveying nip nonuniform in pressure distribution
4 7,010,254 Imaging forming apparatus
5 7,010,253 Developing apparatus featuring first and second developing members provided in first and second toner container chambers, respectively
6 7,010,250 Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
7 7,010,237 Image forming apparatus with residual toner replenishing feature based on two detection results
8 7,010,152 Radiographic image composition and use
9 7,010,091 Photodetecting means, X-ray sensing method, X-ray sensing apparatus, and photoelectric conversion element
10 7,009,776 Projection optical system and projection apparatus using the same
11 7,009,768 Optical component and method of manufacturing same
12 7,009,756 Electrophoretic display device
13 7,009,746 Polygon mirror and method of manufacturing the same, optical scanner and electrophotograph
14 7,009,740 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and recording medium
15 7,009,734 Method and apparatus for forming color transform lookup table, and image processing method
16 7,009,730 Image forming apparatus
17 7,009,686 Exposure method
18 7,009,684 Exposure apparatus and exposure method
19 7,009,683 Exposure apparatus
20 7,009,681 Exposure apparatus and method, and device fabricating method using the same
21 7,009,643 Automatic determination of image storage location
22 7,009,627 Display apparatus, and image signal processing apparatus and drive control apparatus for the same
23 7,009,164 Photoelectric converter method for driving photoelectric converter and system having photoelectric converter for image formation converted from radiation
24 7,009,158 Image forming apparatus
25 7,009,080 Process for producing halogenated aromatic amine compound
26 7,009,007 Recyclable polymer, process for production thereof, and recycling treatment thereof
27 7,008,977 Colored fine resin particles and production process thereof, aqueous dispersion of colored fine resin particles and production process of aqueous dispersion of colored fine resin particles, ink , ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording apparatus, and ink-jet recording process
28 7,008,860 Substrate manufacturing method
29 7,008,701 Semiconductor member manufacturing method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
30 7,008,671 Recorded matter, method of producing recorded matter, method for improving image fastness, image fastness-improving agent, image fastness improving kit, dispenser, and applicator
31 7,008,552 Method for making through-hole and ink-jet printer head fabricated using the method
32 7,008,285 Method and apparatus for manufacturing image display device
33 7,008,059 Color combining optical system and image projection apparatus
34 7,008,035 Printing apparatus
35 7,007,948 Sheet stacking/aligning apparatus, sheet handling apparatus, and image forming apparatus
36 7,007,943 Absorption belt, image forming apparatus with absorption belt and method for producing absorption belt
37 7,007,577 Sheet processing apparatus, control method therefor, sheet processing method, and storage media