Canon patents granted on 07 October 2014

75 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,856,951 License management system and method
2 8,856,915 Security communication apparatus and security communication method
3 8,856,684 Scrolling interface
4 8,856,465 Memory control apparatus and memory control method for controlling the priority of memory accesses
5 8,856,318 Network system, data processing method, and computer readable storage medium on which is stored a computer program
6 8,856,065 Information processing apparatus, document access method, and computer program
7 8,855,824 Dual arm robot
8 8,855,531 Image forming apparatus with removable cartridge supporting member
9 8,855,525 Developing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
10 8,855,522 Toner conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
11 8,855,516 Image forming apparatus including air blowing member configured to blow air toward a pressing member forming a nip portion with a fixing member
12 8,855,514 Image forming apparatus having stretching roller correction
13 8,855,509 Heating apparatus and voltage detection apparatus
14 8,855,482 Imaging apparatus and sound processing apparatus
15 8,855,479 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling same
16 8,855,477 Zoom lens barrel capable of changing photographing magnification and image pickup apparatus having the same
17 8,855,465 Moving image recording apparatus, moving image recording method, and program
18 8,855,463 Image storing apparatus, control method for image storing apparatus, and control program for image storing apparatus
19 8,855,461 Moving image shooting apparatus capable of changing frame rate during shooting, method of controlling the moving image shooting apparatus, and storage medium
20 8,855,438 Image processing apparatus, image processing method of image processing apparatus, and program
21 8,855,165 Laser apparatus
22 8,855,158 Two-dimensional photonic crystal surface emitting laser
23 8,855,021 Video delivery apparatus and method
24 8,854,747 Optical system and image pickup apparatus including the same
25 8,854,695 Image processing apparatus, method, and program
26 8,854,681 Image recording apparatus and control method for an image recording apparatus
27 8,854,674 Image forming apparatus equipped with real size preview function, method of displaying image, and storage medium
28 8,854,670 Printing system and print control method
29 8,854,659 Image processing apparatus controlling execution of a job without intervention of a web server, control method thereof, and storage medium storing a program therefore
30 8,854,658 Selectively displaying print job information based on image forming apparatus display capability
31 8,854,656 Management apparatus, system, and management method
32 8,854,654 Method and apparatus for controlling routing of print jobs
33 8,854,650 Network printing system executing printing by comparing certification information in a database
34 8,854,648 Printing system and printing control apparatus
35 8,854,642 Image forming apparatus and image forming method
36 8,854,605 Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
37 8,854,533 Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
38 8,854,530 Display apparatus of image pickup apparatus with function to correct phase difference AF
39 8,854,529 Image capturing apparatus and focus detection method
40 8,854,515 Efficient spectral imaging based on imaging systems with scene adaptation using tunable color pixels
41 8,854,510 Image pickup apparatus, focus detection method, image generation method, and storage medium
42 8,854,504 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
43 8,854,501 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for processing spectral image data
44 8,854,498 Image pick-up apparatus and control method thereof
45 8,854,488 Image capture apparatus and image capture method in which an image is processed by a plurality of image processing devices
46 8,854,487 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
47 8,854,484 Systems and methods for establishing communication between a plurality of imaging apparatuses
48 8,854,479 Information processing apparatus and method
49 8,854,448 Image processing apparatus, image display system, and image processing method and program
50 8,854,407 Image forming apparatus that forms image using multiple light emitting elements
51 8,854,388 Image processing apparatus and memory management method for image processing apparatus
52 8,854,280 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
53 8,854,256 Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same
54 8,853,866 Semiconductor device and stacked-type semiconductor device
55 8,853,715 Display apparatus and image pickup apparatus
56 8,853,607 Solid-state image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
57 8,852,987 Method of manufacturing image pickup device
58 8,852,957 Magnetic material sensor and detection method employing this sensor, and target material detection sensor and target material detection kit
59 8,852,830 Photomask and semiconductor apparatus manufacturing method
60 8,852,743 Electro-conductive member for electrophotography, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
61 8,852,527 Microfluidic chip features for optical and thermal isolation
62 8,851,770 Printing apparatus
63 8,851,767 Magnetic driver, method of manufacturing the same, light amount controller, and optical apparatus
64 8,851,751 X-ray imaging apparatus
65 8,851,685 Image display apparatus for displaying GUI image and method for controlling the same
66 8,851,674 Ophthalmologic apparatus, control method therefore, and recording medium storing method
67 8,851,673 Imaging apparatus
68 8,851,660 Method for manufacturing ink jet recording head
69 8,851,618 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
70 8,851,613 Printing apparatus and printing method
71 8,851,611 Correction information determination method and recording apparatus
72 8,851,469 Sheet conveying apparatus
73 8,851,468 Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus
74 8,850,980 Tessellated patterns in imprint lithography
75 8,850,700 Wiring board and method for making the same