Canon patents granted on 08 July 2008

51 US patents granted on 08 July 2008 and assigned to Canon

1 7,398,456 Information encoding by shortened Reed-Solomon codes
2 7,398,425 Information processing apparatus including NAND flash memory, and information processing method for the same
3 7,398,331 Peripheral apparatus, firmware updating method thereof for determining whether an error has occurred during the installation of a rewrite operation
4 7,398,135 Method for simulating conveyance of medium
5 7,398,043 Image forming apparatus free of defect due to substances bleeding from transferring member
6 7,398,040 Developing apparatus, cartridge and image forming apparatus
7 7,398,032 Image forming apparatus featuring first and second cleaners operable on the basis of an interval of an image forming process during a continuous image forming process
8 7,398,031 Image forming apparatus with heat control of image bearing member
9 7,398,030 Image forming apparatus and output control method of the same
10 7,398,028 Image heating apparatus including a cooling unit adapted to cool a heating member
11 7,398,027 Image forming apparatus with conveyance speed control based in part on loop detection
12 7,397,958 Method and device for selecting data in a communication network
13 7,397,930 Position and orientation estimating method and apparatus
14 7,397,928 Insertion and extraction of a message in an image
15 7,397,747 Recording medium type discrimination apparatus, recording apparatus, and discrimination method
16 7,397,620 Image reading apparatus using image reading lens
17 7,397,610 Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
18 7,397,590 Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus employing this apparatus
19 7,397,588 Generation of hue slice table for gamut mapping
20 7,397,585 Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus including four, free-form shaped, resin off-axis reflective elements
21 7,397,582 Color characterization with enhanced purity
22 7,397,575 Communication apparatus and method having electronic mail communication function, and program
23 7,397,574 Image processing controlling distribution of work among apparatuses based on apparatus performance
24 7,397,510 Automatic focus adjustment apparatus and method
25 7,397,488 Image forming apparatus
26 7,397,483 Image data conversion using interpolation
27 7,397,481 Image display method and image display system
28 7,397,465 Coordinate input control method
29 7,397,459 Image display apparatus and image display method
30 7,397,211 Motor control apparatus
31 7,397,174 Image displaying apparatus
32 7,397,037 Radiation image photographing apparatus
33 7,397,017 Image heating apparatus
34 7,396,734 Substrate manufacturing method
35 7,396,629 Image forming method and image forming apparatus
36 7,396,626 Toner
37 7,396,622 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
38 7,396,620 Exposure method and exposure management system
39 7,396,427 Laminating method and laminating apparatus
40 7,396,123 Transport apparatus and recording apparatus
41 7,396,120 Inkjet recording method and recording product
42 7,396,118 Cartridge for ink jet recording and method for producing the same
43 7,396,117 Liquid container and liquid ejecting cartridge
44 7,396,110 Ink container and mounting method of the ink container
45 7,396,105 Ink jet recording apparatus
46 7,396,100 Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
47 7,396,099 Printing apparatus, method of setting print position adjustment value, and printing method
48 7,396,098 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
49 7,396,095 Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ink ejection method
50 7,395,957 Image processing apparatus
51 7,395,778 Liquid applying apparatus and ink jet printing apparatus