Canon patents granted on 08 June 2010

61 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,735,133 Authentication system, control method and program thereof, and storage medium
2 7,735,004 Layout control method, layout control apparatus, and layout control program
3 7,734,940 Data communication device has data signal generation circuit and transmission circuit on basis of reference voltage and received signal
4 7,734,851 Information processing apparatus, management apparatus, and communication method
5 7,734,751 Method of allocating a service by a first peer to a second peer in a communication network
6 7,734,655 Method of managing data on recording medium
7 7,734,599 Information processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, information processing method, control method for image processing apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
8 7,734,445 Shape measuring device and method
9 7,734,241 Image heating apparatus and rotatable heating member used for the same
10 7,734,206 Image forming apparatus
11 7,734,205 Image forming apparatus
12 7,734,201 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
13 7,734,167 Focus controller, optical apparatus using the same, and control method
14 7,734,164 Focus state detection apparatus and optical instrument
15 7,734,152 Recording apparatus for recording motion and still images
16 7,734,098 Face detecting apparatus and method
17 7,734,095 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
18 7,734,016 Radiographic imaging apparatus and method
19 7,733,936 Surface emitting laser
20 7,733,865 Communication apparatus and method
21 7,733,625 Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
22 7,733,577 Lens barrel
23 7,733,548 Image reading apparatus
24 7,733,518 Image processing apparatus with resolution determined by pixel count and used for print image, method, program, and recording
25 7,733,517 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
26 7,733,512 Data processing device, information processing device, and data processing system
27 7,733,498 Exposure apparatus, method of controlling the same, and manufacturing method
28 7,733,491 Sensor device and testing method utilizing localized plasmon resonance
29 7,733,471 Foreign substance inspection apparatus
30 7,733,462 Exposure apparatus and exposure method
31 7,733,461 Exposure apparatus
32 7,733,415 Illumination apparatus for image-taking
33 7,733,412 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
34 7,733,401 Image capturing apparatus
35 7,733,399 Image sensing apparatus and method of acquiring traveling characteristics of light-shielding member
36 7,733,348 Image processing apparatus, its control method and data management method
37 7,733,325 Electrophoretic display apparatus
38 7,733,323 Display apparatus
39 7,733,069 Power converting apparatus and power generating apparatus
40 7,733,015 Organic electroluminescent display device having a planarizing layer and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,733,013 Display apparatus
42 7,733,006 Electron-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
43 7,733,003 Image forming apparatus with reduced loss of electron source caused by the inert gas
44 7,732,997 Piezoelectric element and manufacturing method thereof, electronic device, ink jet device
45 7,732,884 Photoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the same
46 7,732,778 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
47 7,732,776 Radiation imaging apparatus, drive method and program of the radiation imaging apparatus
48 7,732,757 Origin detection method for optical encoder
49 7,732,739 Substrate heat treatment apparatus and substrate transfer tray used in substrate heat treatment
50 7,732,238 Method of manufacturing an image sensing apparatus in which two members are bonded together
51 7,732,228 Method for manufacturing printing head
52 7,732,121 Near-field exposure method
53 7,732,113 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus, and process for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
54 7,731,905 Process for producing probe carrier and apparatus thereof
55 7,731,904 Method for making probe support and apparatus used for the method
56 7,731,902 Photonic crystal and waveguide sensor device
57 7,731,825 Manufacturing apparatus of magnetoresistance elements
58 7,731,346 Ink-jet recording method, ink-jet ink, ink-jet recording unit, ink cartridge for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording apparatus
59 7,731,323 Image forming apparatus, component, component checking method, control program, and storage medium
60 7,731,320 Ink jet recording apparatus and recording method therefor
61 7,731,093 Image reading/forming apparatus and method