Canon patents granted on 08 March 2011

68 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 7,904,944 Image forming apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium therefor
2 7,904,837 Information processing apparatus and GUI component display method for performing display operation on document data
3 7,904,816 Information processing apparatus, method of controlling same, program and storage medium
4 7,904,621 Data reproducing apparatus, content management method, program, and storage medium
5 7,904,613 Network device, network device management method, network device management system
6 7,904,572 Method, apparatus, and medium for controlling access to and setting for features of an imaging processing device
7 7,904,463 Information display apparatus and method
8 7,903,999 Image forming apparatus
9 7,903,994 Image forming apparatus
10 7,903,990 Image forming apparatus having a controller that controls a potential
11 7,903,989 Developing apparatus with deformation detection and voltage correction
12 7,903,966 Accessory device
13 7,903,888 Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
14 7,903,872 Image-processing apparatus and method, computer program, and storage medium
15 7,903,741 Context-adaptive variable length coder with simultaneous storage of incoming data and generation of syntax elements
16 7,903,734 Moving image decoding apparatus, moving image decoding method, image decoding method, and image decoding apparatus
17 7,903,646 Wireless communication system allowing group identification information to be publicly available and to be hidden, wireless access point device, and communication method and program for wireless access point device
18 7,903,356 Image pickup apparatus having lens barrel
19 7,903,347 Lens apparatus and optical apparatus
20 7,903,346 Lens apparatus and image pickup apparatus
21 7,903,345 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
22 7,903,307 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
23 7,903,304 Print control apparatus, print control method, program, and storage medium
24 7,903,301 Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus using the same
25 7,903,297 Document reading apparatus and related data transfer method
26 7,903,296 Image scanner and control method thereof
27 7,903,293 Data communication system
28 7,903,288 Image processing apparatus capable of identifying large dot region and small dot region
29 7,903,287 Image forming apparatus, image forming method
30 7,903,280 Ink jet printing apparatus and printing method
31 7,903,279 Image forming apparatus including adjustment processing and control method therefor
32 7,903,278 Capability negotiation between printer and target device
33 7,903,277 Efficient printing of frames pages
34 7,903,276 Communicating apparatus and program
35 7,903,273 Image processing apparatus, image processing method applied to the same, image processing program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
36 7,903,272 Data processing apparatus, print setting adjusting method, recording medium storing computer-readable program therein, and program
37 7,903,271 Printing system, progress display processing method, computer readable program storage medium and program
38 7,903,270 Image processing apparatus for detecting whether a scanned document is an original paper, and control method and program for such an apparatus
39 7,903,161 Image sensing apparatus and imaging system
40 7,903,158 Image capturing apparatus with adhesion suppressing capabilities
41 7,903,154 Optical apparatus having control unit configured to reduce noise in captured image
42 7,903,153 Image pickup apparatus and method of controlling same
43 7,903,150 Differential amplifier circuit used in solid-state image pickup apparatus, and arrangement that avoids influence of variations of integrated circuits in manufacture and the like
44 7,903,146 Image capturing apparatus with image signal and object luminance detection for exposure control
45 7,903,136 Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus
46 7,903,056 Voltage-current converting method, voltage-current converting circuit and active matrix type display apparatus
47 7,903,053 Current programming apparatus, matrix display apparatus and current programming method
48 7,902,906 Driving circuit of driving light-emitting device
49 7,902,739 Organic light emitting device with prism
50 7,902,658 Integrated circuit having wide power lines
51 7,902,637 Nano structure and method of manufacturing nano structure
52 7,901,866 Pattern forming method
53 7,901,855 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
54 7,901,737 Process for producing magnetic recording medium
55 7,901,732 Production process of light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment member, light amount adjustment device and photographing apparatus
56 7,901,500 Ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet recording apparatus, and image forming method
57 7,901,098 Illuminating apparatus and image sensing system including illuminating apparatus
58 7,901,064 Ink jet recording head with ink filter formed of a plurality of stacked films
59 7,901,045 Ink jet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
60 7,901,027 Image forming apparatus, component, component checking method, control program, and storage medium
61 7,901,025 Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink-jet printing method
62 7,901,022 Printing apparatus, printing method and data processing method for compensating for abnormal nozzles in accordance with priorities
63 7,900,918 Sheet conveying system, as well as image forming apparatus and sheet conveying apparatus thereof
64 7,900,914 Sheet conveyance apparatus having skew conveyance mechanism with sheet deforming unit and image forming apparatus including the same
65 7,900,912 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
66 7,900,911 Image forming apparatus with width regulating member
67 7,900,909 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
68 7,900,838 Form editing apparatus, control method, and storage medium