Canon patents granted on 08 September 2015

80 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,131,615 Printed circuit board
2 9,131,593 Radiation imaging control apparatus, radiation imaging system, and storage medium
3 9,131,590 Radiation generating unit and radiography system
4 9,131,540 Image heating apparatus
5 9,131,197 Imaging apparatus capable of controlling exposure including flash amount control of flash apparatus, and control method thereof
6 9,131,185 Data communication apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
7 9,131,182 Image processing apparatus, method and storage medium
8 9,131,178 Solid-state imaging apparatus for selectively outputting signals from pixels therein
9 9,131,151 Image capturing apparatus performing development processing on composite image and control method thereof
10 9,131,145 Image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
11 9,131,140 Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
12 9,131,139 Image sensing apparatus, control method and recording medium
13 9,131,131 Electronic device having a main body and a moveable unit connected to the main body
14 9,131,130 Image pickup apparatus, and control method thereof
15 9,131,122 Apparatus, method, system, and storage medium causing a display to display a graph indicating a degree of change of part of a captured image
16 9,131,099 Image sensor unit and image reading apparatus
17 9,131,090 Information processing apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
18 9,131,086 Image forming apparatus
19 9,131,080 Image reading device and image processing method utilizing the same
20 9,130,346 Device, light source device, and imaging apparatus using the same
21 9,130,335 Light beam emission apparatus, optical scanning apparatus including the light beam emission apparatus, and image forming apparatus including the optical scanning apparatus
22 9,130,173 Quinolino[3,2,1-kl]phenoxazine compound and organic light emitting element using the same
23 9,130,168 Piezoelectric ceramic, method for making the same, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, and ultrasonic motor
24 9,130,071 Solid-state image sensor, method for manufacturing the same, and camera
25 9,130,049 Amorphous oxide and field effect transistor
26 9,129,877 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions
27 9,129,718 X-ray waveguide
28 9,129,405 Image processing apparatus and method
29 9,129,188 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
30 9,129,182 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
31 9,129,049 Medical imaging apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
32 9,128,657 Printing apparatus having wireless communication function, and control method for printing apparatus
33 9,128,655 Information processing apparatus, system and method for determining whether to display error information
34 9,128,651 Printing apparatus, method of controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
35 9,128,650 Data processing apparatus, information processing system, control method for the same, and storage medium storing a program
36 9,128,648 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
37 9,128,647 Print relay server system, method for controlling the same, and program therefor
38 9,128,642 System and control method
39 9,128,457 Image forming apparatus with movable conveying path
40 9,128,446 Printing apparatus and method for controlling the same
41 9,128,445 Printing apparatus, method for controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
42 9,128,435 Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
43 9,128,432 Fixing device for fixing toner on sheet by heating toner, and image forming apparatus including fixing device
44 9,128,430 Image forming apparatus using power control to select power levels based on temperature
45 9,128,427 Image heating apparatus
46 9,128,417 Unit and image forming apparatus
47 9,128,411 Developing device, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
48 9,128,405 Image forming apparatus controlling charging voltage based on image density information
49 9,128,403 Electrophotographic electrically conductive member
50 9,128,400 Toner
51 9,128,371 Imprint method, imprint apparatus, and article manufacturing method
52 9,128,360 Projection apparatus capable of changing projection lens and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium that stores program to be executed by projection apparatus
53 9,128,351 Shutter apparatus and image pickup apparatus
54 9,128,291 Optical scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and support member for an optical scanning apparatus
55 9,128,273 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with zoom lens
56 9,128,196 Radiation imaging apparatus and radiation imaging system
57 9,128,004 Measurement method, measurement apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and optical element fabrication method
58 9,127,967 Encoder having plural phase acquirers and a positional information acquirer for precisely obtaining a position of a scale
59 9,127,939 Shape measurement method for combining partial measurements
60 9,127,355 Substrate processing apparatus
61 9,127,353 Film-Forming apparatus and Film-Forming method
62 9,127,245 Living body holding method, living body test method, living body growing method, living body holding sheet, and living body processing device
63 9,126,860 Optical member and method for making the same
64 9,126,796 System for controlling sheet folding processing
65 9,126,794 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
66 9,126,790 Image forming apparatus that detects remaining sheet amount, information terminal, control method, and storage medium
67 9,126,789 Image forming apparatus
68 9,126,444 Reading apparatus and printing apparatus
69 9,126,441 Sheet conveyance apparatus, sheet cutting apparatus, and image forming apparatus
70 9,126,437 Ink jet recording apparatus
71 9,126,409 Liquid discharge head
72 9,126,404 Ink jet recording apparatus and method for detecting faulty discharge in ink jet recording apparatus
73 9,126,403 Inkjet printing apparatus
74 9,126,402 Ink jet apparatus and method for controlling ink jet apparatus
75 9,126,401 Recording apparatus and pattern forming method
76 9,125,623 Radiographic imaging apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium having stored program
77 9,125,598 Optical coherence tomography apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium
78 9,125,597 Ophthalmologic apparatus, and ophthalmologic method and program
79 9,125,591 Acoustic-wave measuring apparatus and method
80 9,125,561 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program