Canon patents granted on 09 April 2013

85 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 D679,827 Pipettor head assembly
2 8,418,224 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
3 8,418,169 Management method for managing software module and information processor
4 8,418,059 Editing apparatus and editing method
5 8,418,038 Error correcting method and device
6 8,418,017 Adaptive acknowledgment mechanism for network communication
7 8,417,976 Image processing apparatus, communication system, control method thereof, and storage medium
8 8,417,835 Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
9 8,417,815 Management server, client terminal, terminal management system, terminal management method, program, and recording medium
10 8,417,742 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
11 8,417,293 Electronic device, method of controlling the same, and program
12 8,417,175 Unit for cleaning edge portion of recording material or image forming apparatus
13 8,417,165 Image forming apparatus
14 8,417,162 Image forming apparatus for setting a velocity difference between a photosensitive drum and an intermediate transfer belt
15 8,417,152 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
16 8,417,150 Fixing apparatus having an external heating belt not in contact with a fixing member when an external heating mechanism is retracted from the fixing member
17 8,417,149 Image forming apparatus with guiding portion for transfer unit
18 8,417,144 Image forming apparatus
19 8,417,143 Image forming apparatus with charging device of corona type
20 8,417,138 Fixing device using electromagnetic induction heating method
21 8,417,134 Electrophotographic color image forming apparatus
22 8,417,129 Method of reading individual information of a detachable unit, individual information reading device, apparatus having the individual information reading device, and a detachable unit
23 8,417,128 Monitoring apparatus and method for monitoring an image forming apparatus
24 8,417,110 Image pickup apparatus capable of displaying a image representing an object brightness that can be set as a target exposure by exposure control, and method of controlling the same
25 8,417,108 Lens apparatus including focus operation device and focus operation device
26 8,417,103 Image stabilization apparatus, image sensing apparatus and image stabilization method
27 8,417,094 Apparatus for recording signals on disk recording medium
28 8,417,089 Recording apparatus
29 8,417,068 Image processing apparatus
30 8,417,056 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
31 8,417,042 Image processing apparatus, control method and computer-readable medium
32 8,417,041 Resolution independent image degradation
33 8,417,040 Image coding apparatus and image coding method
34 8,417,038 Image processing apparatus, processing method therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
35 8,417,032 Adjustment of image luminance values using combined histogram
36 8,417,029 Image processing apparatus and method, including fill-up processing
37 8,417,028 Apparatus for automatically determining color/monochrome of document image, method of controlling same, program of same and image processing apparatus with same
38 8,416,987 Subject tracking apparatus and control method therefor, image capturing apparatus, and display apparatus
39 8,416,982 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program
40 8,416,826 Photonic crystal surface emitting laser
41 8,416,824 Surface emitting laser with current constriction layer and multiple active regions
42 8,416,752 Communication system, communication terminal, and method therefor
43 8,416,722 Wireless communication apparatus, method of controlling same and storage medium
44 8,416,502 Zoom lens
45 8,416,501 Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same
46 8,416,478 Image reading and transmitting apparatus and method that generates image checking data for a read image, and computer-readable medium storing a computer program therefor
47 8,416,473 Solid-state imaging device
48 8,416,469 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer program
49 8,416,464 Document processing apparatus and document processing method
50 8,416,460 Image processing apparatus and control method of image forming apparatus with exclusive or relative control over the trapping and edge smoothing processing
51 8,416,449 Form creation method and print control apparatus
52 8,416,440 Facsimile apparatus, and control method and storage medium therefor
53 8,416,437 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and program
54 8,416,436 Apparatus, method, and program for performing voice and facsimile communication in parallel
55 8,416,422 Lightwave interference measurement apparatus used to measure optical path length or distance
56 8,416,389 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
57 8,416,387 Wavelength shift measuring apparatus, optical source apparatus, interference measuring apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
58 8,416,382 Processing apparatus and device manufacturing method
59 8,416,335 Image processing apparatus that corrects deterioration of image, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and program
60 8,416,329 Image pickup device and image pickup system
61 8,416,321 Folder creation image processing apparatus and related control method for recording an image
62 8,416,315 Imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus control method
63 8,416,271 Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
64 8,416,174 Display apparatus
65 8,415,871 Image display apparatus
66 8,415,753 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,415,724 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system using photoelectric conversion apparatus
68 8,415,649 Radiation imaging apparatus
69 8,415,615 Information acquisition method
70 8,415,230 Method for transferring functional regions, LED array, LED printer head, and LED printer
71 8,415,198 Production method of thin film transistor using amorphous oxide semiconductor film
72 8,415,178 Process of producing liquid discharge head base material
73 8,415,116 Method for pre-treating specimen and method for analyzing specimen
74 8,415,078 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process electrophotographic apparatus
75 8,414,279 Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
76 8,414,205 Intermediate accessory for camera system, and camera system using the same
77 8,414,203 Barrier device and image pickup apparatus having the same
78 8,414,122 Medical imaging apparatus
79 8,414,113 Discharging device and printing apparatus
80 8,414,111 Deflecting electrode, droplet ejection head, and droplet ejection apparatus
81 8,413,985 Image forming system, image forming apparatus, and sheet feeding apparatus with signal line for transmitting handover signal output
82 8,413,978 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
83 8,413,650 Inhaler
84 8,413,480 Method and apparatus for bending a metal member
85 8,413,327 Method of manufacturing print head and print head