Canon patents granted on 09 August 2016

91 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,414,488 Circuit board for mounting electronic components
2 9,414,185 Information-processing apparatus, control method of information-processing apparatus, program, recording medium, portable terminal, and information-processing system
3 9,414,035 Image capturing apparatus provided with a function of combining a plurality of captured images
4 9,414,033 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
5 9,414,029 Video control apparatus and video control method
6 9,413,996 Image pickup apparatus, and control method thereof
7 9,413,995 Radiographic apparatus and method for controlling radiographic apparatus
8 9,413,979 Imaging apparatus and method for recapturing an image captured in a multiple exposure shooting mode
9 9,413,975 Image capturing apparatus and control method
10 9,413,974 Information processing apparatus, image sensing apparatus, control method, and recording medium for conversion processing
11 9,413,964 Imaging apparatus, method for driving imaging apparatus, imaging system, and driving method for imaging system
12 9,413,962 Image capture apparatus and control method therefor
13 9,413,953 Image capturing apparatus and method for controlling the same
14 9,413,952 Image processing apparatus, distance measuring apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method
15 9,413,946 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
16 9,413,945 External apparatus and imaging apparatus for correcting a shift in a focus position caused by inserting or removing an optical filter
17 9,413,943 Information registration system, information registration method, registration apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
18 9,413,938 Image capturing apparatus
19 9,413,928 Dust removal apparatus and image pickup apparatus
20 9,413,925 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
21 9,413,921 Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
22 9,413,916 Image forming apparatus
23 9,413,915 Monitoring apparatus, monitoring system, log management method, and computer program
24 9,413,914 Image reading control apparatus, image reading apparatus, and image reading control method
25 9,413,910 Apparatus and method for reading and recording image
26 9,413,905 Mobile terminal capable of instructing transmission of fax, image forming apparatus, methods of controlling mobile terminal and image forming apparatus, communication system, and storage medium
27 9,413,901 Image communicating apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium storing program
28 9,413,841 Image processing system, image processing method, and medium
29 9,413,751 Cooperation system, cooperation method thereof, information processing system, and storage medium
30 9,413,355 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
31 9,412,931 Piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric element, liquid ejection head, ultrasonic motor, and dust removing device
32 9,412,785 Method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
33 9,412,778 Semiconductor device, solid-state image sensor, methods of manufacturing the same, and camera
34 9,412,777 Image sensor and image capturing apparatus for satisfactory pupil division by a focus detection pixel in which a light guide is formed
35 9,412,773 Photoelectric conversion apparatus, image pickup system, and method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion apparatus
36 9,412,552 Multi-source radiation generating apparatus and radiographic imaging system
37 9,412,214 Illumination apparatus, image sensor unit, and paper sheet distinguishing apparatus
38 9,412,151 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
39 9,412,055 Image forming apparatus that selectively stores print data in a cache memory to a secondary memory device
40 9,412,033 Image processing apparatus capable of preventing page missing, control method therefor, and storage medium
41 9,411,945 Image processing apparatus that performs user authentication, authentication method therefor, and storage medium
42 9,411,826 Image processing apparatus control method and program
43 9,411,720 Information processing apparatus equipped with overwrite deletion function, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
44 9,411,631 Apparatus, and control method for image processing deletion of a common definition file used for generation of a template file
45 9,411,548 Print processing method and printing system
46 9,411,546 Information processing apparatus, control method for controlling the same, and storage medium
47 9,411,544 Printing apparatus and print control method controlling printing based on acquired information relating to conveyance of a print medium
48 9,411,401 Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and storage medium
49 9,411,307 Process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
50 9,411,301 Frame for image forming apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
51 9,411,300 Image forming apparatus and cleaning blade
52 9,411,295 Recording medium determination apparatus and image forming apparatus
53 9,411,293 Image forming apparatus with automatic document feeder
54 9,411,290 Image forming apparatus configured to set an initial value of an amount of recording material remaining in a containing unit, associated control method, and storage medium
55 9,411,287 Technique for reducing power consumed by electric equipment
56 9,411,285 Drive transmission device and image forming apparatus
57 9,411,283 Fixing device and control device
58 9,411,282 Film and image heating device using film
59 9,411,279 Image forming and fixing apparatuses having fixing and pressing rotating member and rectification element
60 9,411,275 Image forming apparatus having partition configured to separate air flow and sheet feeding paths
61 9,411,274 Image forming apparatus switching between first and second air feeding operations with different opening amounts of an opening through which air fed from a fan passes according to the detected temperature
62 9,411,271 Image forming apparatus to set target currents
63 9,411,262 Developer quantity control blade having blade member composed of a thermoplastic elastomer composition and image forming apparatus
64 9,411,260 Image forming apparatus having developing bias and supply bias application units
65 9,411,259 Image forming apparatus
66 9,411,252 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, method of producing the same, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
67 9,411,243 Image forming apparatus having detachably mountable image forming unit
68 9,411,212 Illumination apparatus which is arrangeable so as to surround an image capturing lens
69 9,411,211 Image capturing apparatus and imaging method
70 9,411,162 Mixed reality presenting system, virtual reality presenting system, display apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method, and program
71 9,411,157 Optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
72 9,411,128 Automatic focusing apparatus with cyclic pattern determination
73 9,411,126 Lens barrel having retractable lens, and image pickup apparatus
74 9,411,124 Imaging apparatus and controlling method therefor, and lens unit and controlling method therefor, and imaging system
75 9,411,123 Optical apparatus and image pickup apparatus
76 9,410,678 Illumination apparatus light source apparatus using illumination apparatus and image display apparatus
77 9,410,038 Compound, ink, ink cartridge and ink jet recording method
78 9,409,740 Sheet bundle binding processing apparatus and image forming system having the same
79 9,409,738 Printing apparatus and control method
80 9,409,735 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
81 9,409,431 Recording medium and method for manufacturing recording medium
82 9,409,429 Belt unit, image forming apparatus and belt member exchanging method
83 9,409,413 Recording apparatus and recording method for improving the clarity of an image
84 9,409,406 Recording apparatus with mounting-removing mechanism for ink cartridge
85 9,409,404 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
86 9,409,397 Process for producing a liquid ejection head
87 9,409,390 Printing apparatus and control method therefor
88 9,409,388 Apparatus and method of ink-jet recording and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
89 9,409,168 Microfluidic device
90 9,408,577 Multiradiation generation apparatus and radiation imaging system utilizing dual-purpose radiation sources
91 9,408,532 Image processing apparatus and image processing method