Canon patents granted on 09 July 2013

95 US patents granted on 09 July 2013 and assigned to Canon

1 D685,841 Toner supplying cartridge
2 8,484,708 Delegating authentication using a challenge/response protocol
3 8,484,579 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
4 8,484,558 Document generation method and document generation apparatus
5 8,484,555 Electronic document control apparatus, method, program and system
6 8,484,540 Data transmitting device, control method therefor, and program
7 8,484,330 Information processing system and control method thereof
8 8,484,261 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and storage medium
9 8,484,223 Image searching apparatus and image searching method
10 8,483,972 System and method for genotype analysis and enhanced monte carlo simulation method to estimate misclassification rate in automated genotyping
11 8,483,603 Image heating apparatus and heating belt for use in the image heating apparatus
12 8,483,594 Image forming apparatus with cartridge supporting member and members for preventing movement of cartridge supporting member
13 8,483,589 Developing device, developing cartridge, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
14 8,483,587 Apparatus and method for image forming including density correction according to a phase based on correction information
15 8,483,558 Image pickup apparatus capable of efficiently dissipating heat
16 8,483,543 Recording and reproducing apparatus using random access recording medium
17 8,483,509 Image processing method and apparatus, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
18 8,483,507 Image sensing apparatus and image processing method
19 8,483,505 Rendering piece-wise smooth image from colour values along paths
20 8,483,424 Information processing apparatus, processing method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
21 8,483,115 Control station apparatus and control method thereof, communication apparatus and control method thereof, and wireless communication system
22 8,482,910 Display module
23 8,482,861 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with zoom lens
24 8,482,826 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus and image processing method
25 8,482,825 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
26 8,482,818 Image reading apparatus, control method therefor, and program
27 8,482,817 Image reading apparatus and method for controlling the same
28 8,482,812 Image processing apparatus for detecting object from image and method thereof
29 8,482,811 Recording apparatus
30 8,482,809 Image reading apparatus with function of correcting for variation of light distribution
31 8,482,806 Device for forming a connected document by inserting a head page having embedded certification information, and method of forming a connected document
32 8,482,805 Embedding data in a print image
33 8,482,804 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
34 8,482,800 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
35 8,482,799 Color processing using temperature and light source
36 8,482,798 Image processing apparatus and image processing method to suppress color nonuniformity
37 8,482,796 Color processing apparatus and color processing method
38 8,482,794 Image processing apparatus, spatial frequency conversion method for image processing apparatus and recording medium
39 8,482,792 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
40 8,482,790 Image forming apparatus and image processing method
41 8,482,787 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
42 8,482,785 Image reading apparatus and control method of image reading apparatus of automatic sheet discriminate cropping
43 8,482,784 Retrieving substitute image data from a file when image data from the file cannot be processed
44 8,482,783 Network scanning system
45 8,482,782 Image output system and control method thereof, image input apparatus and control method thereof, and image output apparatus and control method thereof
46 8,482,779 Reducing redundancy of processing by acquiring image correction or a parameter that has been already performed at another apparatus
47 8,482,778 Print intermediary server and print intermediary method
48 8,482,775 Handover technique of set values of printer drivers
49 8,482,773 Image reading apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus, and storage medium
50 8,482,770 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium storing computer program that executes processing based on a control request received from an external apparatus
51 8,482,769 Communication apparatus and method
52 8,482,768 Print job management using memory boxes
53 8,482,764 Information processing system, image input/output apparatus, and data processing method
54 8,482,763 Method and apparatus for generating a file using address and information tags
55 8,482,759 Printing apparatus, information processing device, and printing method
56 8,482,758 Method and device for processing a sequence of digital images with a scalable format
57 8,482,757 Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, image forming system, and program
58 8,482,756 Information processing apparatus and printing control apparatus storing recording material information corresponding to a shipping destination of the printer for respective shipping destination areas
59 8,482,754 Providing a plurality of processing units for an image forming apparatus
60 8,482,750 Processing apparatus and control method for the processing apparatus
61 8,482,746 Multifunction image processing apparatus and method of controlling the multifunction image processing apparatus
62 8,482,659 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
63 8,482,650 Image pickup apparatus, display control apparatus, and display control method
64 8,482,648 Image pickup apparatus that facilitates checking of tilt thereof, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
65 8,482,646 Image sensing device and camera
66 8,482,627 Information processing apparatus and method
67 8,482,591 Image forming apparatus for forming latent image on a photosensitive member
68 8,482,580 Display control apparatus
69 8,482,515 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
70 8,482,242 Rotary drive device
71 8,482,195 Display apparatus
72 8,482,194 Display apparatus having a circular polarizer
73 8,481,973 Fluorescent estimating apparatus, fluorescent estimating method, and fluorescent measuring apparatus
74 8,481,945 Optical frequency converter
75 8,481,939 Photoconductive device, and terahertz wave generation and detection apparatuses each using the photoconductive device
76 8,481,909 Detection apparatus and radiation detection system
77 8,481,382 Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
78 8,481,254 Substrate probe for use in measuring enzyme activity
79 8,481,249 Method for manufacturing recording head
80 8,481,236 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
81 8,481,175 Oligofluorene compound and organic EL element using same
82 8,481,167 Charging member
83 8,480,918 Piezoelectric material
84 8,480,318 Driving force transmitting device and camera platform device using the same
85 8,480,240 Image capturing apparatus
86 8,480,238 Projector array for multiple images
87 8,480,235 Illumination optical system and image display apparatus making use thereof
88 8,480,232 Ophthalmologic apparatus
89 8,480,212 Printing apparatus
90 8,480,197 Printing apparatus and printing method
91 8,480,083 Managing apparatus, image forming apparatus, method of controlling the managing apparatus, and storage medium
92 8,480,082 Image forming apparatus
93 8,480,081 Sheet conveying apparatus, image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
94 8,480,074 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
95 8,480,070 Scrap stacking apparatus and sheet processing apparatus