Canon patents granted on 09 June 2009

39 US patents granted on 09 June 2009 and assigned to Canon

1 7,546,464 Network access terminal, network system, method of network system, storage medium, and program code
2 7,546,388 Output device using email to communicate and resolve conflict between multiple functions available for output process
3 7,546,365 Network device management system and method of controlling same
4 7,546,358 Network device control apparatus, network device control method, network device control program, and computer-readable recording medium storing network device control program therein
5 7,546,244 Image processing system and information processing method
6 7,546,241 Speech synthesis method and apparatus, and dictionary generation method and apparatus
7 7,546,078 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus with displacing members for displacing other members of the apparatuses
8 7,546,075 Image forming apparatus featuring a multilayer member with a roughened layer surface to irregularly reflect incident light and method for making the multilayer member
9 7,546,056 Printing apparatus and method performing either automatic or manual duplex printing based on copy media attributes
10 7,546,045 Image forming apparatus having image placement control and method of controlling same
11 7,546,044 Management apparatus, management method, and computer-readable medium storing a computer program for acquiring maintenance information from plurality of image forming apparatuses
12 7,546,033 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
13 7,545,992 Image processing system and image processing method
14 7,545,968 Image processing apparatus
15 7,545,822 Information communication system, information communication method, information signal processing device and information signal processing method, and storage medium
16 7,545,652 Printed circuit board and differential signaling structure
17 7,545,580 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
18 7,545,578 Image projection optical system and image projection apparatus
19 7,545,577 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
20 7,545,526 Printer command control apparatus, method and system, printer to be connected to the same apparatus, and program and storage medium
21 7,545,521 Image processing apparatus and method utilized to generate cover image
22 7,545,433 Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
23 7,545,427 Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof
24 7,545,426 Image pickup apparatus
25 7,545,420 Image sensing apparatus, image sensing method, and program
26 7,545,393 Display device, method of manufacturing display device, information processing apparatus, correction value determining method, and correction value determining device
27 7,545,384 Image generation method and apparatus
28 7,545,010 Catalytic sensor structure
29 7,544,960 Evaluation method and fabrication method of optical element having multilayer film, exposure apparatus having the multilayer film, and device fabrication method
30 7,544,457 Color toner and two-component developer
31 7,544,455 Magnetic toner
32 7,544,426 Luminescence device and display apparatus
33 7,544,237 Ink-jet recording ink, ink-jet recording process, and ink-jet recording apparatus
34 7,544,158 Electroconductive rubber roller
35 7,544,000 Camera and control method therefor, and camera cradle system
36 7,543,948 Multilayer mirror manufacturing method, optical system manufacturing method, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
37 7,543,813 Sheet feeding apparatus with sheet lifting member and image forming apparatus
38 7,543,811 Sheet feeding apparatus and image processing apparatus with interconnected feeding unit and sheet regulating member
39 7,543,806 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with same