Canon patents granted on 09 March 2010

54 US patents granted on 09 March 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 D611,532 Ink tank for printer
2 D611,531 Ink tank for printer
3 7,676,824 Method for the processing of remote control signals within a home audiovisual network, corresponding signal, devices and computer program
4 7,676,764 Document management system and control method therefor
5 7,676,658 Data processing apparatus configured to load a program corresponding to each of a plurality of functions into a memory and execute the loaded program, and method for loading programs in the data processing apparatus
6 7,676,612 Video camera device and control method thereof
7 7,676,441 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, pattern recognition apparatus, and pattern recognition method
8 7,676,350 Optimum design method and apparatus, and program for the same
9 7,676,170 Toner density detection apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
10 7,676,166 Image forming apparatus
11 7,676,165 Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
12 7,676,147 Focus detection apparatus and optical apparatus
13 7,676,098 Information processing apparatus, system and method for compression of image data
14 7,676,093 Image reading and processing method and storage medium storing a computer program therefor that detects a contour of an image read at a higher resolution
15 7,676,080 Method of creating color chart for color evaluation, and information processing apparatus thereof
16 7,676,079 Index identification method and apparatus
17 7,676,021 Radiation imaging apparatus
18 7,675,971 Moving picture encoding apparatus and method, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
19 7,675,921 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and system
20 7,675,896 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
21 7,675,696 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus including the same
22 7,675,695 Optical element holding apparatus
23 7,675,693 Optical accessory arranged to change optical characteristic of shooting lens
24 7,675,685 Image display apparatus
25 7,675,654 Image reading apparatus and image processing method
26 7,675,643 Print controller, control method therefor and program
27 7,675,639 Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
28 7,675,636 Document processing apparatus and document processing method
29 7,675,632 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
30 7,675,629 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using a common path interferometer to form an interference pattern and a processor to calculate optical characteristics of projection optics using the interference pattern
31 7,675,570 Device mounting apparatus, adjustment jig, and image pickup apparatus with adjustment mechanism
32 7,675,569 Image sensing apparatus having an image sensor
33 7,675,568 Apparatus and method for controlling diaphragm of imaging apparatus
34 7,675,567 Camera, camera system, and lens apparatus
35 7,675,559 Image sensing apparatus having a two step transfer operation and method of controlling same
36 7,675,558 Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
37 7,675,557 External storage device for image pickup apparatus, control method therefor, image pickup apparatus and control method therefor
38 7,675,553 Image transfer apparatus, control method, program, and storage medium
39 7,675,548 Shake correcting device, shake correcting method and control program for implementing the method
40 7,675,547 Image pickup apparatus
41 7,675,532 Image-forming apparatus and control method thereof
42 7,675,523 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
43 7,675,425 Liquid discharge device capable of self-diagnosis of discharge functions
44 7,675,205 Driving apparatus
45 7,675,013 Image displaying apparatus with control over the output ratio of a plurality of light sources
46 7,674,573 Method for manufacturing layered periodic structures
47 7,674,541 Hydrogen gas supply device and fuel cell apparatus
48 7,674,395 Laser etching method and apparatus therefor
49 7,674,330 Ink and ink-jet recording apparatus
50 7,674,104 Mold and molding apparatus using the same
51 7,673,961 Inspection method for a recording head, inspection apparatus for a recording head, and recording apparatus
52 7,673,959 Inkjet printing apparatus, method for setting recovery operation in inkjet printing apparatus, and ink tank
53 7,673,868 Sheet processing system
54 7,673,862 Sheet processor and image-forming apparatus