Canon patents granted on 09 May 2006

34 US patents granted on 09 May 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 7,043,573 Method of improving stability and communication efficiency of IrDA communication between host device and peripheral device
2 7,043,439 Machine interface
3 7,043,183 Image forming apparatus
4 7,043,175 Image forming method and apparatus
5 7,043,171 Image forming apparatus
6 7,043,170 Image forming apparatus having speed control of primary and secondary image transfers
7 7,043,155 Control apparatus for optical apparatus
8 7,043,082 Demodulation and phase estimation of two-dimensional patterns
9 7,042,980 Radiographic apparatus
10 7,042,976 Radiographic imaging apparatus
11 7,042,947 Decoding apparatus and method, and storage medium storing decoding processing program of the same
12 7,042,662 Light amount adjusting device, and optical device using the light amount adjusting device
13 7,042,660 Lens barrel holding apparatus, lens barrel and camera system
14 7,042,603 Information processing apparatus, image input apparatus, method of controlling image processing apparatus, method of controlling image input apparatus, image input system, and storage medium
15 7,042,599 Image sensor and image reading apparatus
16 7,042,597 Electric part, optical part, and processing apparatus
17 7,042,596 Multifunction apparatus and method of identifying device attached thereto
18 7,042,591 Image exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus
19 7,042,588 Information processing apparatus, information processing methods and print systems
20 7,042,576 Positioning stage device
21 7,042,510 Setting operation device and electronic apparatus
22 7,042,509 Image sensing apparatus and method of capable of merging function for obtaining high-precision image by synthesizing images and image stabilization function
23 7,042,503 Image sensing apparatus, method and program for distance measurement
24 7,042,481 Laser exposing apparatus
25 7,042,141 Method of producing lead zirconate titanate-based thin film, dielectric device and dielectric thin film
26 7,042,135 Current detection circuit and current detection method
27 7,041,988 Electron beam exposure apparatus and electron beam processing apparatus
28 7,041,958 Lens system and image-taking apparatus having the same
29 7,041,950 Image sensing element for sensing an image formed by an image sensing lens
30 7,041,391 Method for forming thin films
31 7,040,762 Projector and image projection system
32 7,040,761 Image display apparatus, image display system, and illumination system
33 7,040,614 Sheet feeding device and recording apparatus
34 D520,558 Printer