Canon patents granted on 09 October 2007

46 US patents granted on 09 October 2007 and assigned to Canon

1 7,281,209 Method and apparatus for managing numbering of print pages of sections within a document
2 7,281,205 Hash compact XML parser
3 7,281,064 System for setting print end notification either when data transmission ends or when printing ends based on print check ability of printing devices
4 7,281,033 Method and device for forming a reduced compressed digital signal
5 7,280,949 Aided design apparatus, aided design method, and recording medium for recording program for carrying out the method
6 7,280,798 Image forming apparatus with conveying device urging a recording material toward a charge eliminating member
7 7,280,797 Image forming apparatus with paper thickness detection unit for detecting overlap of regular and insertion sheets
8 7,280,785 Image forming apparatus
9 7,280,784 Image forming apparatus with conveyance guide member
10 7,280,778 Image forming apparatus with transfer material regulating members
11 7,280,777 Image forming apparatus with fixing control based on recording material type
12 7,280,775 Image-forming apparatus and recording-medium-temperature detector unit used in the same
13 7,280,753 Display apparatus, image processing apparatus, and image processing system
14 7,280,751 In-finder display device
15 7,280,671 Image processing to prevent forgery
16 7,280,641 Communication terminal apparatus and transfer method therefor
17 7,280,620 Electronic device including image forming apparatus
18 7,280,578 Near-field light source device, and optical head, optical device, exposure apparatus and microscope device having such a near-field light source device
19 7,280,291 Lens barrel
20 7,280,249 Image processing device having functions for detecting specified images
21 7,280,245 Data processing apparatus adaptable to plural environments and data processing method
22 7,280,243 Printer control apparatus and method
23 7,280,239 Communication system and communication apparatus building the system
24 7,280,237 Image processing system, information processing apparatus, control method of the information processing apparatus, and storage medium for storing program for implementing the control method
25 7,280,225 Stage apparatus and control method including first and second measurement systems for measuring a stage position and a switching unit for switching between the measurement systems
26 7,280,185 Stage system including fine-motion cable unit, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
27 7,280,184 Assembly and adjusting method of optical system, exposure apparatus having the optical system
28 7,280,148 Optical control system
29 7,280,146 Image pickup apparatus having its peripheral conversion elements shifted outwardly as compared to converging lenses
30 7,280,131 Image formation device
31 7,280,125 Image display apparatus
32 7,280,120 Compositing with a sub-pixel mask in graphic object rendering
33 7,280,106 Apparatus and method for generating texture maps for use in 3D computer graphics
34 7,279,874 Power supply device with dead-time control and printing apparatus having the same
35 7,279,846 Image display apparatus
36 7,279,845 Plasma processing method and apparatus
37 7,279,825 Dielectric thin film element, piezoelectric actuator and liquid discharge head, and method for manufacturing the same
38 7,279,776 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
39 7,279,650 Electronic apparatus having illumination button
40 7,279,641 Wiring board and wiring apparatus
41 7,279,262 Magnetic carrier and two-component developer
42 7,279,253 Near-field light generating structure, near-field exposure mask, and near-field generating method
43 7,279,233 Light-emitting material and light-emitting device
44 7,278,721 Liquid container
45 7,278,705 Power management control method and printing apparatus
46 7,278,700 Printing apparatus and printing method