Canon patents granted on 10 August 2010

58 US patents granted on 10 August 2010 and assigned to Canon

1 7,774,853 Document processing device, and document processing control method thereof
2 7,774,795 Printer with optional device control
3 7,774,704 Image processing apparatus
4 7,774,152 Method of manufacturing image display apparatus
5 7,773,934 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
6 7,773,923 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
7 7,773,922 Image forming apparatus
8 7,773,919 Developer supply container
9 7,773,917 Toner conveying apparatus for supplying toner to a developing apparatus
10 7,773,915 Image forming apparatus having an image bearing member and a transparent toner developer bearing member that rotates in the same direction
11 7,773,913 Image forming apparatus
12 7,773,911 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a drawing member positionable at mount and drawn positions for mounting plural process cartridges
13 7,773,907 Image forming apparatus with a cleaning member to remove toner from a transfer roller
14 7,773,905 Electrophotographic color image forming apparatus
15 7,773,902 Image forming apparatus with voltage control
16 7,773,900 Image forming apparatus and controlling feature for deviating toner stripes transferred to an intermediate transfer medium
17 7,773,898 Image forming apparatus and line width correction method therefor
18 7,773,897 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
19 7,773,895 Image forming apparatus and control method of the same
20 7,773,894 Image forming apparatus
21 7,773,888 Image forming apparatus maintenance via error transmission
22 7,773,873 Image-pickup apparatus and focus control method
23 7,773,872 Camera having a function of predicting a future image plane position from a change in a plurality of past image plane positions and of time detection, a photographic lens to be mounted on the same, and a camera system
24 7,773,830 Image processing apparatus and method
25 7,773,312 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
26 7,773,311 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
27 7,773,266 Image processing apparatus, method, and computer product for adding reference frame information used to detect position of image embedded information
28 7,773,260 Image forming apparatus, image forming method, computer program, and recording medium
29 7,773,258 Apparatus and method for performing a color separation process for determining an amount of a particular color recording material
30 7,773,244 Print apparatus, control method thereof, and print system
31 7,773,233 Method of measuring wavefront retardance aberration based on wavefront and birefringent characteristics
32 7,773,197 Illumination optical apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
33 7,773,146 Focus control apparatus and optical apparatus
34 7,773,129 Image pickup device, imaging apparatus containing the same, and control method thereof
35 7,773,128 Imaging apparatus
36 7,773,098 Virtual reality presentation apparatus and method
37 7,772,727 Planar pulse motor, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
38 7,772,606 Light-emitting photonic device
39 7,772,542 Imaging apparatus having photoelectric conversion unit with position adjustment plate
40 7,772,339 Electrophoretic particles and production process thereof
41 7,772,078 Germanium substrate-type materials and approach therefor
42 7,771,906 Exposure method
43 7,771,905 Method and program for calculating exposure dose and focus position in exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
44 7,771,898 Multilayer mirror, evaluation method, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method
45 7,771,832 Optical member, optical system using the optical member, and method of manufacturing an optical member
46 7,771,791 Production process of structured material
47 7,771,701 Hydrogen atom generation source in vacuum treatment apparatus, and hydrogen atom transportation method
48 7,771,570 Method and apparatus for depositing a magnetoresistive multilayer film
49 7,771,558 Adhesive and method of manufacturing image display apparatus using the same
50 7,771,526 Ink jet aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
51 7,771,134 Image recording apparatus including cutting unit and guide member with friction member
52 7,771,133 Print control apparatus connectable to a printing apparatus and information processing apparatus, and control method thereof, and computer program
53 7,771,065 Optical unit and exposure apparatus having the same
54 7,771,026 Ink jet recording head and liquid jetting method
55 7,771,020 Ink jet recording head
56 7,770,994 Image forming apparatus and its control method, and computer program and computer-readable storage medium
57 7,770,989 Element substrate, and printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus using the element substrate
58 7,770,714 Transfer apparatus