Canon patents granted on 10 February 2015

82 US patents granted on 10 February 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 8,955,116 Information processing apparatus and control method of the same
2 8,955,061 Information processing apparatus, authentication system, authentication method, and program
3 8,954,970 Determining executable processes based on a size of detected release-forgotten memory area and selecting a next process that achieves a highest production quantity
4 8,954,845 Image processing device, method and storage medium for two-way linking between related graphics and text in an electronic document
5 8,954,843 Layout apparatus, layout method, and layout program
6 8,954,772 Data processing apparatus capable of controlling power supply, control method therefor, and storage medium
7 8,954,769 Image processing apparatus restricting shifting to power saving mode until the apparatus sends a notification indicating the location of a newly stored document
8 8,954,746 Communication apparatus, and method for controlling communication apparatus
9 8,954,633 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
10 8,954,508 Communication apparatus, control method of communication apparatus, communication system, and program
11 8,954,457 Method for processing a structured document to render, and corresponding processor
12 8,954,380 Application management method and information processing apparatus
13 8,954,305 Circuit simulation apparatus and circuit simulation method
14 8,954,286 Method and device for measuring electromagnetic wave
15 8,954,130 Apparatus and method for irradiating a medium
16 8,954,043 Communication terminal
17 8,954,002 Wireless communication apparatus including high-frequency coupler
18 8,953,985 Charging member and image forming apparatus
19 8,953,974 Image forming apparatus
20 8,953,973 Image forming apparatus with cleaning blade
21 8,953,962 Image forming apparatus to transfer toner
22 8,953,961 Toner adhesion measuring device, toner adhesion measuring method, and image forming apparatus
23 8,953,956 Image forming apparatus
24 8,953,694 Communication apparatus and control method therefor
25 8,953,614 Data communication system and address setting method for setting an IP address
26 8,953,589 Method to set setting information in device and device to set setting information
27 8,953,577 Communication apparatus, method and system
28 8,953,487 Communication apparatus, communication system, and network establishing method
29 8,953,414 Electromechanical transducer
30 8,953,251 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with zoom lens
31 8,953,234 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and printer
32 8,953,233 Image reading apparatus and image data processing method
33 8,953,231 Document reading apparatus and document reading method
34 8,953,230 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
35 8,953,223 Image processing apparatus for processing multi-values image data corresponding to a predetermined area of a recording medium
36 8,953,221 Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and control method for specifying color names of sheets
37 8,953,220 Image processing for rotation of compressed image data
38 8,953,216 Original reader capable of reading originals of various sizes and method of reading original
39 8,953,213 Image reading apparatus, control method thereof, and recording medium
40 8,953,206 Image forming apparatus, which is connected to a server that provides a service over a network and forms an image using a microblogging function provided by the server, control method and storage medium
41 8,953,203 Image forming apparatus that changes direction of image on display based on at least coordinate information and facing direction of a capturing unit
42 8,953,198 Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication control method
43 8,953,193 Management system, monitoring apparatus and management
44 8,953,191 Document management system
45 8,953,188 Image processing apparatus and control method for detecting heat source using pyroelectric sensor
46 8,953,180 Information processing apparatus, and printing control method with display unit displaying screen for setting values
47 8,953,179 Printing apparatus, method for controlling printing apparatus, and storage medium
48 8,953,175 Mark position detector, imprint apparatus, and article manufacturing method
49 8,953,174 Displacement measuring apparatus and apparatus that measure relative displacement between structure and sensor
50 8,953,089 Imaging apparatus and controlling method therefor, and lens unit and controlling method therefor, and imaging system
51 8,953,081 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium storing image processing program
52 8,953,080 Image display apparatus and image display method for switching a display mode
53 8,953,076 Photoelectric conversion device and camera having a photodiode cathode formed by an n-type buried layer
54 8,953,057 Display apparatus with image-capturing function, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image display system
55 8,953,055 Image pickup apparatus
56 8,953,053 Image processing apparatus, image pickup apparatus, and image processing method
57 8,953,048 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
58 8,953,046 Information processing apparatus for selecting a camera to be used to generate a virtual viewpoint video from images shot by a plurality of cameras
59 8,953,009 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and image forming method
60 8,952,972 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and storage medium
61 8,952,873 Fused polycyclic compound and organic light-emitting device using the compound
62 8,952,684 Magnetic force sensor sensing magnetic flux to calculate forces
63 8,952,433 Solid-state image sensor, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging system
64 8,952,428 Element isolation structure of a solid-state pickup device
65 8,952,367 Thioxanthone compound and organic light emitting element having the same
66 8,952,332 Radiation imaging apparatus and control method
67 8,952,306 Auto focus adjustment apparatus and image pickup apparatus
68 8,951,815 Method for producing liquid-discharge-head substrate
69 8,951,648 Diacenaphtho[1,2-b:1′,2′-k]chrysene derivative
70 8,951,340 Water-insoluble coloring matter compound, ink using the water-insoluble coloring matter compound, thermal transfer recording sheet and resist composition for color filter
71 8,951,031 Imprinting apparatus and article manufacturing method
72 8,950,960 Recording apparatus and medium storage device
73 8,950,863 Image photographing apparatus and image photographing method
74 8,950,850 Liquid ejection head and method of manufacturing the same
75 8,950,845 Printing apparatus
76 8,950,844 Inkjet printing apparatus
77 8,950,843 Printing apparatus and printing method
78 8,950,842 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
79 8,950,838 Inkjet recording apparatus
80 8,950,746 Sheet stacking apparatus and sheet processing apparatus as well as image forming apparatus
81 8,950,745 Image forming apparatus with alignment unit
82 8,950,072 Method of manufacturing a liquid ejection head by moving discharge members