Canon patents granted on 10 January 2006

46 US patents granted on 10 January 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 6,985,729 Wireless communication apparatus
2 6,985,692 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
3 6,985,689 Image heating apparatus having multiple rotatable members and temperature detecting element
4 6,985,686 Developer container including a developer movement suppression feature
5 6,985,680 Image forming apparatus
6 6,985,679 Image forming apparatus with cleaning operation for special sheets
7 6,985,678 Color image forming apparatus and control method therefor
8 6,985,677 Image formation apparatus
9 6,985,632 Image processing system, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
10 6,985,630 Image processing apparatus and method, program and storage medium
11 6,985,624 Image processing apparatus and its method
12 6,985,615 Image processing apparatus, method and memory medium
13 6,985,614 Image processing method, apparatus and program
14 6,985,555 Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and radiation imaging method
15 6,985,409 Recording method and apparatus of domain wall displacement type magneto-optical recording medium
16 6,985,269 Image reading apparatus
17 6,985,260 Apparatus and method for drawing a gradient fill object
18 6,985,259 Threshold matrix, and method and apparatus of reproducing gray levels using threshold matrix
19 6,985,257 Job processing apparatus
20 6,985,255 Image communication apparatus and its control method
21 6,985,247 Print apparatus, print control system, print control method, and storage medium
22 6,985,246 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
23 6,985,245 Image processing apparatus and system and control method therefor, image data processing method, image forming apparatus and control method therefor, controller therefor, and storage medium storing the control method for processing image data having different printing attributes
24 6,985,243 Print server apparatus, information processing apparatus as client, print managing method for these apparatuses, and storage medium
25 6,985,208 Apparatus and method for retaining mirror, and mirror exchange method
26 6,985,178 Camera control system, image pick-up server, client, control method and storage medium therefor
27 6,985,177 Image sensing system and its control method
28 6,985,176 Vibration correcting device, lens barrel, and optical device
29 6,985,161 Region based image compositing
30 6,985,154 Image processing for display of off-screen data
31 6,985,141 Display driving method and display apparatus utilizing the same
32 6,984,945 Linear motor apparatus
33 6,984,838 Surface position detection apparatus and method, and exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the exposure apparatus
34 6,984,813 Imaging apparatus
35 6,984,804 Non-contact treatment method
36 6,984,414 Process of forming a uniaxially oriented mesostructured film on a uniaxially oriented polymer compound
37 6,984,362 Processing apparatus, measuring apparatus, and device manufacturing method
38 6,984,346 Composite element manufacturing method
39 6,984,334 Method of manufacturing optical element
40 6,984,160 Electron beam apparatus using electron source, image-forming apparatus using the same and method of manufacturing members to be used in such electron beam apparatus
41 6,984,044 Projection optical system, projection type image display apparatus, and image display system
42 6,984,034 Recording medium discriminating method and recording apparatus
43 6,984,026 Ink jet record head
44 6,984,025 Ink jet head
45 6,984,018 Recording apparatus and recovery method
46 6,984,009 Ink jet printing apparatus and preliminary ink ejection method