Canon patents granted on 10 January 2012

57 US patents granted on 10 January 2012 and assigned to Canon

1 8,095,791 Distributed processing system, distributed processing method and image processing apparatus
2 8,095,705 Wireless communicating apparatus and control method of the same
3 8,095,643 Communication apparatus and method providing robust service in the presence of deteriorated radio conditions
4 8,095,347 Apparatus and method for analyzing an electric field or discharge in a transfer process
5 8,095,228 Data distribution apparatus, its control method, program, and storage medium
6 8,095,058 Conveyor-belt apparatus and image heating apparatus changing the belt tension in accordance with the moving state of the belt
7 8,095,051 Image forming apparatus which achieves stability of a gap between an image bearing member and developer bearing member
8 8,095,050 Developer level control blade and process for manufacturing developer level control blade
9 8,095,044 Rotary member driving apparatus
10 8,095,036 Process cartridge
11 8,095,033 Winding member, cartridge, and cartridge assembling method
12 8,095,032 Image forming apparatus with cleaning member
13 8,095,029 Controlling fixing device temperature of an image forming apparatus based on target temperature
14 8,094,966 Image processing method and apparatus, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
15 8,094,946 Image processing system and image tampering assessment method and control program of the same
16 8,094,913 Image processing device for processing image having luminance information, and control method thereof
17 8,094,881 Action recognition apparatus and method, moving-object recognition apparatus and method, device control apparatus and method, and program
18 8,094,726 Image encoding apparatus and control method thereof
19 8,094,578 Method of predicting the transmission error rate in a communication network and server implementing such a method
20 8,094,561 Method and a device for acknowledging data received by a communication device in a communication network
21 8,094,536 Reproducing apparatus
22 8,094,394 Optical filter
23 8,094,349 Recording apparatus and method for controlling recording apparatus
24 8,094,342 Image processing device that retains a high resolution dithering matrix and image processing method therefor
25 8,094,334 Image forming apparatus for managing application and control method therefor
26 8,094,332 Print processing utilizing multiple printer drivers
27 8,094,326 Image processing apparatus, job processing method, storing medium, and program
28 8,094,289 Scanning exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
29 8,094,225 Solid-state imaging apparatus
30 8,094,220 Solid-state imaging apparatus and driving method of solid-state imaging apparatus
31 8,094,216 Image processing apparatus, method for controlling image processing apparatus, and storage medium
32 8,094,205 Imaging apparatus, image processing method and computer program for smoothing dynamic range of luminance of an image signal, color conversion process
33 8,094,202 Moving image capture apparatus and moving image capture method
34 8,094,180 Conveying apparatus and recording apparatus
35 8,093,865 Charging device with backflow prevention
36 8,093,796 Electron beam apparatus and image display apparatus
37 8,093,794 Anode cap, and voltage supply unit and image display apparatus utilizing the same
38 8,093,602 Stacked organic light-emitting device and imaging apparatus and image display apparatus having the same
39 8,093,562 Radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging system, and correction method
40 8,093,530 Laser cutting apparatus and laser cutting method
41 8,093,342 Polymer, charge control agent, and toner for developing electrostatic latent images
42 8,093,076 Organic light emitting apparatus and method of producing the same
43 8,093,060 Multisite phosphorylated peptide (protein) recognizing compound and detection method, imaging method, alzheimer’s disease diagnosing method and reagent kit using the same
44 8,092,929 Optical element and exposure apparatus
45 8,092,745 Magnetic sensor, production method of the same, and target substance detecting apparatus and biosensor kit using the same
46 8,092,700 Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
47 8,092,358 Charging member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
48 8,092,139 Inline-type wafer conveyance device
49 8,092,022 Opthalmology photographing apparatus
50 8,091,998 Liquid container and manufacturing method therefor
51 8,091,977 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
52 8,091,976 Inkjet printing apparatus and method of predicting
53 8,091,975 Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
54 8,091,886 Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
55 8,091,235 Method for manufacturing a substrate for a liquid ejection element
56 8,091,234 Manufacturing method for liquid discharge head substrate
57 8,091,233 Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head