Canon patents granted on 10 June 2014

97 US patents granted on 10 June 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 RE44,938 Apparatus and method for controlling recording and sheet conveying based on recording scans and sheet position
2 8,752,120 Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus and method for controlling the same
3 8,752,050 Workflow processing system, and method for controlling same
4 8,751,923 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
5 8,751,692 Data transfer apparatus, data transfer method, and storage medium
6 8,751,678 Method of generating a web feed and an associated system
7 8,751,625 Notification apparatus and notification method
8 8,751,548 Data processing apparatus and method thereof, and information processing apparatus and method thereof
9 8,751,534 Method and apparatus for managing file
10 8,751,519 Image processing apparatus and method for controlling image processing apparatus
11 8,751,465 Document management apparatus, document management system, and document management method
12 8,750,780 Printing apparatus and sheet processing apparatus
13 8,750,772 Image forming apparatus
14 8,750,771 Image forming apparatus having a plurality of latent image indexes
15 8,750,762 Charging member with vulcanized rubber, and electrophotographic apparatus including the charging member
16 8,750,749 Cleaning unit and image forming apparatus
17 8,750,748 Toner conveying device or image forming apparatus having the toner conveying device
18 8,750,744 Technology for reducing circuit oscillations and ripple in a high-voltage power supply using a piezoelectric transformer
19 8,750,739 Image forming apparatus
20 8,750,738 Image forming system
21 8,750,729 Image forming apparatus
22 8,750,700 Camera
23 8,750,699 Image capture apparatus
24 8,750,689 Recording apparatus
25 8,750,685 Image processing apparatus
26 8,750,627 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
27 8,750,609 Image processing method and image processing apparatus which perform color correction of an image
28 8,750,457 X-ray generating apparatus and control method thereof
29 8,750,302 Picture control device and method of the same
30 8,750,130 Communication apparatus having network communication function, control method for the communication apparatus, and storage medium
31 8,750,001 Power supply device and image forming apparatus
32 8,749,903 Optical filter
33 8,749,895 Zoom lens barrel
34 8,749,864 Image reading optical system and image reading apparatus
35 8,749,860 Document reading apparatus and image processing method
36 8,749,859 Reading apparatus and printing apparatus
37 8,749,858 Reading apparatus and printing apparatus comprising a movable guide being able to switch attitudes for conveying sheets for reading and printing
38 8,749,852 Method of embedding a plurality of different two-dimensional codes in an image
39 8,749,851 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
40 8,749,850 Image reading apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
41 8,749,847 Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium
42 8,749,835 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
43 8,749,834 Information processing apparatus that perform margin reduction depending on the column group structure, method for controlling same, and storage medium on which computer program has been recorded
44 8,749,827 Image processing apparatus, server apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
45 8,749,826 Information processing apparatus, control method and recording medium
46 8,749,820 Image forming apparatus that stores plural print jobs, control method and program thereof
47 8,749,819 Information processing for controlling a printer
48 8,749,817 Information processing apparatus, method, medium, and system for print job transmission
49 8,749,816 Printing system, printing apparatus, and dolly designation method
50 8,749,815 Job processing method, image processing system and image processing apparatus
51 8,749,808 Printing apparatus and method of controlling same
52 8,749,803 Image copy device, image copy method, information processing device, and program for scanning and copying a double-sided manuscript without degrading the security level
53 8,749,795 Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
54 8,749,761 Displacement measurement device, exposure apparatus, and working device
55 8,749,758 Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
56 8,749,708 Moving image processing apparatus and moving image processing method
57 8,749,697 Image capturing apparatus and control method thereof
58 8,749,692 Image processing apparatus that corrects deterioration of image, image pickup apparatus, image processing method, and program
59 8,749,689 Detecting unit configured to detect temperature of image capturing unit
60 8,749,683 Driving method of solid-state imaging device
61 8,749,678 Solid-state imaging apparatus
62 8,749,676 Solid-state imaging apparatus
63 8,749,675 Solid state image pickup device and camera which can prevent color mixture
64 8,749,664 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
65 8,749,659 Image processing program, image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
66 8,749,655 Information processing apparatus and image processing parameter editing method with limiting of editing processing based on extracted creator information
67 8,749,654 Detecting objects from images of different resolutions
68 8,749,652 Imaging module having plural optical units in which each of at least two optical units include a polarization filter and at least one optical unit includes no polarization filter and image processing method and apparatus thereof
69 8,749,577 Information processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program
70 8,749,117 Vibrating body of vibratory drive unit and vibratory drive unit
71 8,748,924 Display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
72 8,748,842 Electrostatic lens array
73 8,748,841 Drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing article
74 8,748,213 Light transmission member, image pickup device, and method of manufacturing same
75 8,748,210 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having air gaps in multilayer wiring structure
76 8,747,968 Recording medium
77 8,747,778 Method of producing microfluidic device
78 8,747,745 Apparatus and method for biochemical analysis
79 8,747,318 Ultrasonic measurement apparatus
80 8,747,079 Liquid conveying apparatus and liquid conveying method using micro-fluid device
81 8,747,001 Printing apparatus
82 8,746,997 Recording apparatus and sheet processing method
83 8,746,890 Polarization beam splitting element and image projection apparatus
84 8,746,884 Optical image acquisition apparatus having adaptive optics and control method for the same
85 8,746,875 Printer
86 8,746,849 Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
87 8,746,847 Ink jet print head
88 8,746,845 Liquid ejection head, and recording method and suction method using the liquid ejection head
89 8,746,837 Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
90 8,746,828 Ink jet recording apparatus and discharge recovery method
91 8,746,825 Printing system, control method of printing system, and storage medium
92 8,746,822 Print control apparatus, print control method, and recording medium
93 8,746,693 Image forming apparatus
94 8,746,683 Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus
95 8,746,676 Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
96 8,746,672 Image forming apparatus capable of reducing time and effort for user in setting size of irregular-size sheet, control method therefor, and storage medium
97 8,745,870 Regenerated elastic roller manufacturing process, regenerated elastic roller, electropohotographic process cartridge, and electropohotographic image forming apparatus