Canon patents granted on 10 October 2006

56 US patents granted on 10 October 2006 and assigned to Canon

1 D529,949 Developer supplying container
2 D529,948 Developer supplying container
3 D529,947 Toner supplying cartridge
4 7,120,910 Control method for image processing apparatus connectable to computer network
5 7,120,850 Low-cost methods and devices for the decoding of product cases
6 7,120,617 Operation circuit and operation control method thereof
7 7,120,583 Information presentation system, information presentation apparatus, control method thereof and computer readable memory
8 7,120,383 Sheet treating apparatus, method of mounting sheet treating apparatus, and image forming apparatus
9 7,120,382 Image forming apparatus and control method for rotating image data based on sheet type and orientation
10 7,120,376 Image forming apparatus featuring a four-step image bearing member controller
11 7,120,374 Process cartridge and electrophotographic image-forming apparatus
12 7,120,373 Sheet-processing system
13 7,120,371 Image forming apparatus with heating members having standby mode and low power mode
14 7,120,368 Image forming apparatus using two or more toners for ordinary paper or OHP sheet
15 7,120,366 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
16 7,120,365 Diagnostic device, diagnostic system, diagnostic method, program and storage medium
17 7,120,325 Two-dimensional optical waveguide apparatus, and opto-electronic hybrid circuit board using such optical waveguide apparatus
18 7,120,316 Image processing method and apparatus and storage medium
19 7,120,313 Image processing apparatus and method for producing a virtual space for walk-through
20 7,120,296 Information processing method
21 7,120,289 Image generation method and apparatus
22 7,120,229 Radiographic imaging control apparatus and method
23 7,120,010 Display unit
24 7,119,952 Optical instrument, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
25 7,119,946 Process for producing display device
26 7,119,933 Image reading apparatus
27 7,119,932 Image scanning system and method
28 7,119,926 Dust and dirt detection in image reading apparatus having original flow scanning function
29 7,119,921 Carriage scanning apparatus
30 7,119,920 Image formation system
31 7,119,915 Communication apparatus and method
32 7,119,914 Printer comprising detection device to detect whether a discharged-recording-medium tray or a cover member is at a position to obstruct conveyance of a recording medium
33 7,119,913 Image input/output apparatus, image input/output method and image processing system
34 7,119,880 Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
35 7,119,879 Stage alignment apparatus and its control method, exposure apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
36 7,119,878 Exposure apparatus and method of cleaning optical element of the same
37 7,119,851 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
38 7,119,849 Multi-screen synthesis apparatus, method of controlling the apparatus, and program for controlling the apparatus
39 7,119,841 Image processing apparatus method and storage medium therefor
40 7,119,824 Multi-beam optical scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus using the same
41 7,119,818 Image management apparatus and method, recording medium capable of being read by a computer, and computer program
42 7,119,807 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
43 7,119,805 Three-dimensional CAD attribute information presentation
44 7,119,482 Image display apparatus and production method thereof
45 7,119,367 Display apparatus
46 7,119,319 Solid-state image sensing element and its design support method, and image sensing device
47 7,118,625 Liquid phase growth method for silicon crystal, manufacturing method for solar cell and liquid phase growth apparatus for silicon crystal
48 7,118,295 Interchangeable lens, interchangeable lens system and camera system
49 7,118,231 Video projection apparatus
50 7,118,223 Projection displaying apparatus, image projecting system, and optical system for projection displaying apparatus
51 7,118,204 Liquid container having hollow tubular member for liquid agitation
52 7,118,199 Liquid jet recording head
53 7,118,194 Ink container and recording apparatus
54 7,118,193 Liquid ejecting recording head and liquid ejecting recording apparatus
55 7,118,190 Inkjet printing apparatus and cleaning control method therefor
56 7,117,597 Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head