Canon patents granted on 11 August 2015

90 US patents granted on 11 August 2015 and assigned to Canon

1 9,107,108 Discriminating a function of another communication apparatus and executing a communication parameters setting procedure
2 9,106,931 Method and device for providing compensation offsets for a set of reconstructed samples of an image
3 9,106,898 Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof and recording medium
4 9,106,868 Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
5 9,106,863 Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
6 9,106,862 Print control device, inkjet recording apparatus, print control method, and printing system
7 9,106,836 Imaging apparatus, control method for the same, and recording medium, where continuous shooting or single shooting is performed based on touch
8 9,106,834 Image display controller capable of providing excellent visibility of display area frames, image pickup apparatus, method of controlling the image display controller, and storage medium
9 9,106,832 Stereoscopic image capturing system and lens device
10 9,106,830 Image capture apparatus and method for tracking a subject
11 9,106,827 Image capturing apparatus and method of controlling the same
12 9,106,825 Image capture apparatus, image capture method and storage medium
13 9,106,772 Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
14 9,106,653 Data processing system and data processing method
15 9,106,444 Method for transmitting of a multi-channel data stream on a multi-transport tunnel, corresponding computer-readable storage means and tunnel end-points
16 9,106,369 Method and apparatus for controlling the data rate of a data transmission between an emitter and a receiver
17 9,106,306 Communication apparatus and method for controlling the communication apparatus
18 9,106,148 Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
19 9,106,097 Connection device for connecting between electrical devices
20 9,106,079 Power supply apparatus, method, and recording medium
21 9,105,553 Solid-state imaging apparatus with plural current source circuits
22 9,105,540 Solid-state imaging device having main waveguide with first and second sub waveguides
23 9,105,441 Mobile X-ray image capturing apparatus
24 9,105,242 Image display system, image display apparatus and calibration method
25 9,105,222 Display control apparatus and display control method
26 9,105,122 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 9,104,946 Systems and methods for comparing images
28 9,104,912 Apparatus and method for measuring electromagnetic wave
29 9,104,909 Image processing apparatus and method of processing image
30 9,104,727 Search apparatus and method for controlling search apparatus
31 9,104,705 Image display method, image display apparatus, image recording apparatus, and image pickup apparatus
32 9,104,362 Image forming apparatus, control method, and control program
33 9,104,354 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium setting filter information for permitting communication with another information processing apparatus
34 9,104,352 Method, apparatus and system for rendering an object on a page
35 9,104,350 Information processing apparatus, and printing control method for displaying screen for setting values
36 9,104,348 Information processing device, information processing system, control method, and storage medium
37 9,104,346 Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
38 9,104,282 Electronic device, control method of electronic device, program, and storage medium
39 9,104,264 Information processing apparatus and control method of information processing apparatus
40 9,104,163 Image forming apparatus and post-processing apparatus
41 9,104,155 Image heating apparatus
42 9,104,148 Image heating apparatus and image forming apparatus
43 9,104,147 Image forming apparatus with controlled fixing temperature, control method and storage medium
44 9,104,142 Developing device and image forming apparatus
45 9,104,139 Developing device, process cartridge, remanufacturing method for developing device and process cartridge
46 9,104,132 Apparatus to form latent image using dither matrices having minute and normal exposure areas controlling toner adhesion
47 9,104,130 Image forming apparatus with control of charging voltage of photosensitive member
48 9,104,124 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
49 9,104,121 Exposure apparatus having a vibration suppressing feature and method of manufacturing device using the exposure apparatus
50 9,104,119 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method for reducing a change in aberration due to driving error
51 9,104,108 Holder, lithography apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
52 9,104,098 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
53 9,104,097 Radiographic apparatus
54 9,104,091 Imaging lens-exchangeable image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
55 9,104,088 Light amount adjusting apparatus, lens barrel, and imaging apparatus
56 9,104,021 Binoculars
57 9,104,018 Imaging apparatus having a curved image surface
58 9,104,017 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
59 9,103,923 X-ray imaging apparatus and X-ray imaging method
60 9,103,726 Stimulated raman scattering detection apparatus
61 9,103,699 Encoder and apparatus using the same
62 9,103,650 Optical tomographic image generation method and optical tomographic image generation apparatus
63 9,102,811 Pigment dispersion, ink composition including pigment dispersion, and color filter yellow resist composition including pigment dispersion
64 9,102,793 Polyester resin, method of producing the same, composition for molded article and molded article
65 9,102,561 Amorphous alloy, molding die, and method for producing optical element
66 9,102,497 Sheet stacking apparatus, sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
67 9,102,488 Image forming apparatus
68 9,102,485 Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus
69 9,102,483 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
70 9,102,472 Replacement belt unit and belt replacing method
71 9,102,179 Recording apparatus, detection method, and storage medium
72 9,102,173 Print processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
73 9,102,169 Image forming apparatus
74 9,102,164 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium for effecting recording on a recording medium by applying a plurality of recording agents with relative scanning between a recording unit for applying the recording agents and the recording medium
75 9,102,162 Inkjet printing apparatus
76 9,102,160 Ink filling apparatus and ink filling method
77 9,102,153 Processes for producing substrate for liquid ejection head
78 9,102,151 Liquid ejection head and method for producing the same
79 9,102,150 Liquid ejection head and method for manufacturing same
80 9,102,149 Liquid ejection head
81 9,102,146 Printhead substrate, printhead, and printing apparatus
82 9,102,145 Liquid ejecting head and method for producing the same
83 9,102,143 Method of setting maintenance regions posterior to unavailable printing regions in duplex printer
84 9,102,137 Transfer image forming method, transfer image forming apparatus, and intermediate transfer member to be used therein
85 9,102,053 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
86 9,102,022 Parts assembly system
87 9,101,958 Electromechanical transducer
88 9,101,331 Object information acquiring apparatus and calibration device
89 9,101,322 X-ray imaging apparatus and imaging method
90 9,101,317 X-ray imaging apparatus with handle unit