Canon patents granted on 11 January 2011

51 US patents granted on 11 January 2011 and assigned to Canon

1 7,870,495 Method of offering a service provided by a server computer in a communication network
2 7,869,893 Exposure apparatus
3 7,869,741 Charging member including a conductive support and surface layer having protrusions formed on a surface thereof, a process cartridge including same for use in an image forming apparatus
4 7,869,740 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
5 7,869,704 Focus adjusting device, image pickup apparatus, and focus adjustment method
6 7,869,703 Optical apparatus
7 7,869,692 Imaging apparatus
8 7,869,568 Radiation imaging apparatus, and method and program for controlling radiation imaging apparatus
9 7,869,483 Surface emitting laser
10 7,869,135 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
11 7,869,096 Table creation method, table creation apparatus, storage medium, and program
12 7,869,092 Image processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and image processing method
13 7,869,075 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
14 7,869,045 Target substance detection system
15 7,869,036 Analysis apparatus for analyzing a specimen by obtaining electromagnetic spectrum information
16 7,868,963 Optical modulation element unit, projection optical unit, and image projection apparatus
17 7,868,944 Control unit for optical apparatus and image pickup apparatus
18 7,868,943 Image pickup apparatus and interchangeable lens
19 7,868,942 Driving device for removing foreign substance such as dust and image pickup apparatus
20 7,868,941 Data transfer apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and data transfer system
21 7,868,934 Image capturing apparatus, control method therefor, program, and storage medium for providing a limited extraction range of a video image
22 7,868,931 Data recording apparatus and control method
23 7,868,921 Image processing file setting system
24 7,868,904 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
25 7,868,895 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer program, and storage medium
26 7,868,793 Methods and devices for coding and decoding of SML type documents by similarities
27 7,868,544 Display apparatus
28 7,868,542 Light-emitting apparatus having periodic structure and sandwiched optical waveguide
29 7,868,326 Field effect transistor
30 7,868,142 Protein, method for immobilizing protein, structure, biosensor, nucleic acid, vector and kit for detecting target substance
31 7,868,121 Antioxidants and recording media by using the same
32 7,868,060 Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink jet recording apparatus, and image
33 7,867,847 Method of manufacturing dielectric film that has hafnium-containing and aluminum-containing oxynitride
34 7,867,711 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
35 7,867,586 Article having microporous body part, production method of ink medium, diffusion method of sulfur-containing organic acid into microporous layer, production method of article having meicroporous body part, and inkjet recording medium produced therefrom
36 7,867,561 Circuit pattern forming method and circuit pattern forming device
37 7,867,052 Method of manufacturing support member
38 7,866,901 Lens barrel and image-pickup apparatus
39 7,866,823 Image projection apparatus
40 7,866,809 Mailing ink, and ink tank for mailing, ink jet recording method for mailing and ink jet recording apparatus for mailing using the same
41 7,866,806 Liquid-composition set, and liquid-applying method and liquid-applying apparatus employing the set
42 7,866,799 Liquid discharge head
43 7,866,798 Head cartridge, printhead, and substrate having downsized level conversion elements that suppress power consumption
44 7,866,789 Inkjet printing apparatus and method of controlling an ink suction pump motor
45 7,866,652 Sheet processing apparatus
46 7,866,651 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
47 7,866,645 Bookbinding apparatus and image forming apparatus
48 7,866,568 Data recording apparatus and method for controlling the same, and data recording medium and method for controlling the same
49 7,866,483 Apparatus for discriminating sheet material
50 7,866,221 Method for storing pipette chip
51 7,866,039 Method for manufacturing wiring board for an image display