Canon patents granted on 11 March 2014

55 US patents granted on 11 March 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,671,358 Information-processing apparatus and control method thereof
2 8,671,297 Returning from power saving mode upon receiving a packet other than switch inhibiting packets classified as having interval shorter than switch waiting time to power saving mode
3 8,671,251 Information processing apparatus that executes response process to received information, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor
4 8,671,173 Information processing device, counting method, and computer program
5 8,670,702 Image forming apparatus
6 8,670,695 Image forming apparatus
7 8,670,693 Photosensitive drum, process cartridge and flange mounting method
8 8,670,688 Developing cartridge and process cartridge with grip portion of sealing member preventing mounting of cartridge
9 8,670,686 Image forming apparatus having registration designation for optional apparatus
10 8,670,658 Image capture apparatus and method of controlling the same
11 8,670,657 Ranging apparatus, lens system, and imaging apparatus
12 8,670,631 Image processing apparatus, control method and computer-readable medium storing a program
13 8,670,629 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for converting an m-value into an n-value image
14 8,670,609 Systems and methods for evaluating images
15 8,670,532 Information processing apparatus, property setting method, and storage medium
16 8,670,490 Signal transmission apparatus
17 8,670,287 Ultrasound apparatus
18 8,670,193 Optical system and optical apparatus using the same
19 8,670,185 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
20 8,670,169 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for selecting an image for monochromatic output
21 8,670,150 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and printing control method
22 8,670,143 System and method for updating firmware of an image forming apparatus
23 8,670,139 Printing device for transmitting print authentication token and electronic mail address in response to a request
24 8,670,138 Information processing apparatus, printing apparatus, and monitoring method
25 8,670,135 Information processing apparatus and control method when installing a printer driver
26 8,670,134 Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium
27 8,670,064 Image capturing apparatus and control method therefor
28 8,670,063 Focus detection apparatus and focus detection method
29 8,670,059 Photoelectric conversion device having an n-type buried layer, and camera
30 8,670,058 Solid-state imaging apparatus, imaging system, and driving method of imaging apparatus
31 8,670,056 Solid-state imaging apparatus
32 8,670,051 Solid-state image sensor and camera having improved sensitivity and color separation characteristics
33 8,670,049 Photoelectric conversion device and image capturing device
34 8,670,045 Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and computer readable storage medium
35 8,670,040 Image processing method and apparatus and X-ray imaging apparatus implementing image sharpening processing
36 8,670,026 Video display apparatus capable of viewing videos by a plurality of persons using a plurality of shutter eyeglasses and method for controlling same
37 8,670,015 Semiconductor member, semiconductor article manufacturing method, and LED array using the manufacturing method
38 8,670,014 Image forming apparatus
39 8,669,997 Display apparatus and method of controlling the same
40 8,669,723 Control apparatus of vibration-type actuator and control method of vibration-type actuator
41 8,669,701 Organic EL element array
42 8,669,624 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
43 8,669,559 Image display apparatus and image display apparatus manufacturing method
44 8,669,529 Radiation detection apparatus and radiation detection system
45 8,669,527 Scintillator having phase separation structure and radiation detector using the same
46 8,669,495 Heater having heat generating resistor on substrate and image heating apparatus mounting heater thereon
47 8,669,190 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor wafer
48 8,669,027 Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus, and method of manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive member
49 8,668,987 Electrophotographic electrically conductive member
50 8,668,484 Mold, imprint method, and process for producing a chip
51 8,668,321 Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
52 8,668,316 Liquid ejection head and recording apparatus
53 8,668,199 Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming system
54 8,668,198 Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
55 8,668,197 Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus