Canon patents granted on 11 November 2014

77 US patents granted on 11 November 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 8,887,211 Electronic apparatus, method for controlling, and recording medium
2 8,886,978 Multiprocessor system and control method where a power saving mode control that safely stops/starts accesses to a shared memory
3 8,886,977 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium for communicating with external apparatus
4 8,886,961 Application installing method
5 8,886,949 Information processing apparatus and method therefor
6 8,886,815 Communication apparatus, timer control apparatus, and timer control method
7 8,886,618 Document management apparatus, method and medium storing program
8 8,886,109 Cleaning unit, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
9 8,886,107 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable medium
10 8,886,105 Pressure roller and fixing device equipped with the same
11 8,886,099 Heating apparatus
12 8,886,092 Electrophotographic apparatus and process cartridge
13 8,886,085 Image forming apparatus
14 8,886,081 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with light blocking member that functions to guide cartridge
15 8,886,077 Image forming apparatus
16 8,886,073 Image forming apparatus that carries out image formation using electrophotographic method
17 8,886,069 Image forming apparatus
18 8,886,068 Image forming apparatus with transfer voltage control
19 8,886,067 Image forming apparatus for adjusting image forming conditions
20 8,886,066 Image forming apparatus
21 8,886,060 Print apparatus and method of controlling the same, and storage medium and cartridge
22 8,885,971 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
23 8,885,970 Image processing apparatus, method, and medium for correcting pixel values using parameters corresponding to image spatial frequencies
24 8,885,939 Image processing apparatus configured to perform image processing for plural images and control method thereof
25 8,885,932 Image processing apparatus and profile generation method
26 8,885,930 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
27 8,885,683 Process for forming microstructure of nitride semiconductor, surface emitting laser using two-dimensional photonic crystal and production process thereof
28 8,885,546 Control station apparatus and control method thereof, communication apparatus and control method thereof, and wireless communication system
29 8,885,267 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
30 8,885,264 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
31 8,885,254 Laminated diffractive optical element and optical system
32 8,885,231 Illumination apparatus, image sensor unit, image reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
33 8,885,230 Image sensor unit and image reading apparartus
34 8,885,226 Image forming apparatus
35 8,885,221 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
36 8,885,220 Method of detecting floating amount of original for image reading apparatus, method of image processing using the same, and image reading apparatus
37 8,885,218 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium
38 8,885,214 Color image processing apparatus which reduces the amount of color materials consumed that are used to form a color image with reference to an index with high utility
39 8,885,210 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
40 8,885,199 Print system, relay server, processing device, print system control method, and storage medium for collectively setting print items
41 8,885,198 Image forming apparatus, control method for image forming apparatus, and storage medium for performing power-saving control
42 8,885,197 Information processing system, image forming apparatus, management apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium for deleting or retreating image forming apparatus data
43 8,885,191 Print control apparatus performing a finishing process after printing, print control method thereof, and computer-readable medium
44 8,885,189 Constraint print setting validation and resolution for cloud-aware print device
45 8,885,188 Communication system for transmitting multiple pulse signals, transmission circuit, reception circuit, and image forming apparatus
46 8,885,164 Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
47 8,885,100 Video display apparatus, video output apparatus, control methods thereof, and video display system
48 8,885,087 Lens system that is communicable wirelessly
49 8,885,082 Solid-state image sensor and camera
50 8,885,071 Image pickup apparatus and control method for flash distribution
51 8,885,060 Recording apparatus for at least recording movie data and still image data so as to be associated with each other
52 8,885,027 Stereoscopic display device and control method therefor
53 8,884,947 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
54 8,884,864 Imaging device
55 8,884,843 Image display system and control method therefor
56 8,884,737 Control device and communication control method
57 8,884,498 Piezoelectric material, piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, ultrasonic motor, and dust cleaning device
58 8,884,493 Vibration generating device, driving method therefor, foreign substance removing device, and optical device
59 8,884,471 Wireless power transfer system, control method of wireless power transfer system, wireless power transmitting apparatus, control method of wireless power transmitting apparatus, and storage medium
60 8,884,391 Photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric conversion system with boundary region
61 8,884,246 Charged particle optical system and scribing apparatus
62 8,884,204 Light-emitting element driving circuit having a potential control unit and an auxiliary potential control unit
63 8,884,192 Heater and image heating apparatus having the heater installed therein
64 8,883,526 Image pickup device, its control method, and camera
65 8,883,404 Process for producing a liquid ejection head
66 8,883,389 Developing apparatus and developing method
67 8,883,276 Recording medium
68 8,882,372 Conveying device utilizing suction unit to attract print medium and printing apparatus using same
69 8,882,260 Transfer type inkjet recording method
70 8,882,255 Ink jet ink and ink jet recording method
71 8,882,240 Inkjet printing apparatus and print head recovery method
72 8,882,232 Inkjet print apparatus and inkjet control method for removing ink from a receiving unit
73 8,882,228 Image processing apparatus, inkjet printing apparatus and image processing method
74 8,882,225 Printing apparatus, driving apparatus, and driving method
75 8,882,220 Printing apparatus having multiple control units to control driving of printhead
76 8,882,106 Post-processing apparatus having sheet alignment function and method of controlling the same
77 8,882,105 Sheet stacking apparatus and image forming apparatus