Canon patents granted on 11 October 2016

68 US patents granted on 11 October 2016 and assigned to Canon

1 9,467,935 Communication apparatus and control method thereof
2 9,467,709 Data decoding device and process operating depending on selected modes
3 9,467,682 Information processing apparatus and method
4 9,467,672 Image processing device that performs white balance control, method of controlling the same, and image pickup apparatus
5 9,467,639 Video transmission apparatus and control method for video transmission apparatus
6 9,467,636 Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
7 9,467,635 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
8 9,467,631 Radiation imaging apparatus, method of driving the same, and radiation inspection apparatus
9 9,467,622 Image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus, and method of controlling image capturing apparatus to correct distortion
10 9,467,618 Image pickup apparatus and imaging method
11 9,467,613 Focusing apparatus and method of controlling focusing apparatus
12 9,467,594 Communication apparatus that specifies network, control method therefor and storage medium
13 9,467,586 Image forming apparatus
14 9,467,585 Print apparatus and method having control until that cancels print processing depending upon authentication mode
15 9,467,584 Image reading apparatus, control method thereof, image forming apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
16 9,467,581 Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and storage medium
17 9,467,550 Communication apparatus, external apparatus, and control method therefor
18 9,467,549 External apparatus, communication apparatus, and control method therefor
19 9,467,471 Encrypted communication apparatus and control method therefor
20 9,466,804 Organic light-emitting element
21 9,466,640 Method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
22 9,466,639 Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging apparatus
23 9,466,627 Solid-state image pickup device, image pickup system using solid-state image pickup device, and method of manufacturing solid-state image pickup device
24 9,466,485 Conductor pattern forming method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
25 9,466,113 Post-processed bokeh rendering using asymmetric recursive gaussian filters
26 9,466,017 Image processing device and image processing apparatus which process image data in correspondence with one or more image pixels of an image
27 9,466,015 Asynchronous group processing using z-banding
28 9,465,605 Image forming apparatus that performs updating of firmware, control method therefor, and storage medium
29 9,465,571 Apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
30 9,465,562 Information processing device, information processing system, control method, and storage medium
31 9,465,360 Fixing device
32 9,465,356 Image forming apparatus with opening for positioning or regulating a supporting member that supports an image bearing member
33 9,465,355 Image forming apparatus
34 9,465,353 Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
35 9,465,352 Developer container, developing device, process cartridge, method for forming developer container, method for forming developing device, and method for forming process cartridge
36 9,465,343 Device, system and method for detecting and managing toner bottle installation history
37 9,465,341 Image forming apparatus that detects variation in rotation period of rotating member and performs misregistration correction
38 9,465,338 Fixing member, method for manufacturing the same, fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
39 9,465,337 Image forming apparatus
40 9,465,336 Control device, image forming apparatus and fixing device
41 9,465,322 Cartridge and image forming apparatus
42 9,465,321 Remanufacturing method of developer accommodating unit
43 9,465,318 Developer accommodating container with toner seal member, unsealing member, and auxiliary unsealing member
44 9,465,312 Image forming apparatus and method for adjustment of light amount during weak light emission
45 9,465,308 Imprint apparatus, imprint method and method of manufacturing an article
46 9,465,303 Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
47 9,465,294 Optical apparatus, projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
48 9,465,279 Image pickup apparatus with movable locking member
49 9,465,277 Lens hood and lens apparatus including the same
50 9,465,224 Image display device and image display method
51 9,465,203 Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
52 9,465,190 Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
53 9,465,149 Diffraction element and method of manufacturing diffraction element
54 9,465,076 Slip ring and slip ring electrical system
55 9,464,924 Scale, displacement detection apparatus, lens apparatus, image pickup system, and assembling apparatus
56 9,463,941 Sheet skew feeding correction device and image forming apparatus
57 9,463,634 Liquid storage container
58 9,463,625 Method of manufacturing liquid ejection head and liquid ejection head
59 9,463,624 Liquid discharging head and method for producing the same
60 9,463,621 Element substrate and liquid discharging head
61 9,463,618 Liquid discharge substrate, liquid discharge head, and recording device
62 9,463,600 Method of producing composite optical element
63 9,463,259 Sterilizing apparatus and sterilizing method
64 9,462,997 Subject information acquisition apparatus and subject information acquisition method
65 9,462,992 Radiation imaging system, method for radiation imaging system, and computer-readable storage medium
66 9,462,989 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
67 9,462,946 Ophthalmologic apparatus and control method for the same
68 9,462,937 Ophthalmic device, and control method and program therefor